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Golden Knights In No Hurry To Hire Next Head Coach

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A big decision is coming for the Golden Knights as they look to hire their third head coach in six seasons. Most are focused on the “who” and that will clearly be the most important part of it all, but what about the “when.”

Going back through the history of the franchise, this is a unique situation for Vegas. Their first coach, Gerard Gallant, was hired in April of 2017, nearly 10 months after GM at the time George McPhee joined the team. The other coach hire happened simultaneously with the firing of Gallant. The Golden Knights didn’t even play a single game with an interim head coach. Gallant’s last game was on a Tuesday in Buffalo and Pete DeBoer was behind the bench in Ottawa on Thursday.

The Golden Knights announced they released DeBoer on Monday of last week. It was two weeks after their season officially came to a close and nearly five months until their next meaningful game.

It’ll be lengthier. That’s what the offseason allows you to do. We’ll be thorough. We’ll look at all the candidates we can identify. We’ll work with people in our organization that have past affiliations with coaches or ideas. We’ll solicit opinions from our pro staff and our amateur staff and people that are in the game at different levels. We’ll identify who the candidates are and go through an interview process. -Kelly McCrimmon

While McCrimmon is right that the offseason allows for plenty more patience in the search, there are still some time restraints based on the competitiveness of the coaching market and the NHL’s offseason calendar.

The biggest such date is the opening of the new league year on July 13th. It’s crucial because every contract set to expire this summer does so on that date. One would think the decisions on pending free agents in the Golden Knights’ system and ones soon to hit the open market from other teams would be something you’d want the new head coach in on.

Not important at all. You need to be reasonable. The person needs to move a family, the person needs to hire a staff and get set up. But in terms of preparation for the amateur draft or free agency, it’s not essential. It may well be (that we hire a coach before), but we’re not bound by any dates in the short term. -McCrimmon

So, buckle up, the Golden Knights could be coachless for a while.


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Golden Knights With The Most To Gain/Lose With The Coaching Change


  1. Skip

    So probably not Trotz.

  2. THE hockey GOD

    Andrei Vasilevskiy
    Conner McDavid
    Austin Mathews
    Nathan McKinnon
    or none of the above !
    pick your poison for which player you would want on your NHL team to win the Stanley Cup !

  3. Ken ‘ no worry if McCrimmons lips are moving he is lying as you know. He has zero credibility, but you know that in questioning him about any and all. When a guy looks in the mirror about some of his decisions and lies to himself he has no idea what truth is.

    • Tim

      Hdbiker, so true he could tell me the sun was shinning but until I saw it myself I wouldn’t believe him. He is a sleazy GM and here we go for another year. Were running out of draft picks so that will hamper him from some crazy trade he makes for the betterment of the team RIGHT. I still love this one as his biggest fuckup of all time. We trade with Detroit get Tomas Tatar give Detroit a first, second, and third and rarely playtime. Flash forward we trade Tatar and the three draft picks we gave for him along with Suzuki and another second round pick for Patch. At the same time we had David Perron who we could have signed for 4 million a year for four years gave up no one and had a player who plays every night and averages 60 points a year. Patch on the other hand our china doll gets bumped and he’s out again for who knows how long and he has also averaged 60 points a year at best. Tell me what GM with the interest of the team would make those insane moves and still be our GM? The good news is Patch is back for another year whats would we make the over under of the games he’ll play. You wonder why people have zero confidence in this front office.

      • Pistol Pete

        Tim, we can all agree the Tatar trade did not work out but it was done to improve the outcome of the first year, you know, the one where we made the Finals? And btw while you’re hating McCrimmon you’d might as well McPhee because he was GM for the Tatar trade. McCrimmon would not become GM for more than another year. McPhee’s reasoning was Tatar had averaged 21 G the last four years and was on pace for 20 in 2017-18. He stated he did not want to give up young players but you are correct he gave up a 1, 2 and 3 pick three different seasons. Don’t know what makes you think yourself and others here have better judgement than George McPhee. I’d like to see you and the others out there working the NHL marketplace in real time. What a joke that would be.

        • Tim

          Pistol Pete, Lets clear this up right now number one what George and Kelly did in the initial draft was pure genius no doubt but since then it’s been mostly stupidity. Around hockey when they first made the Tatar trade the hockey world in general said they way overpaid if you recall. As far as Kelly not being GM yet please the Splash Brothers which I named them by the way did everything together so please don’t tell me Kelly didn’t have input into the trade. I understand your a homer and they’ll right the ship and we’ll get younger and better and be fighting for the Stanley Cup I also believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa, and the Easter Bunny. As far as being a GM anyone with a brain and research and resources could do the job. Where they made there big mistake is they panicked and didn’t let the game come to them. There’s always deals to be made if your patient but to go Gong Ho with no regards to cost because you think your going to miss out is stupidity. Yes George and Kelly got caught in that game and now they have no idea how to get out. Do you really think anyone wants a 33 year old broken down Patch for 7 million, or a 33 year old 5 Million Dadonov, or a 33 year old 5 million Martinez, and does anyone in there right mind think Petro is worth 9 million a year for 6 more years. Let’s through in Lehner the voice of reason for another 5 million a year. Sorry but these are moves a monkey could make as GM. Good luck fixing this mess.

          • Pistol Pete


            Bear in mind Tatar was acquired exactly one calendar month before they clinched a playoff berth. Clearly their strategy was to bolster the roster down the stretch. Now Tatar was not the difference maker under Gallant on that special first year roster they were hoping for— no disagreement there. I have never been in an NHL organization but imo you sell short the experience required for the job of GM. McPhee acquired a great deal of experience with WSH and knew the game extremely well as a player—all experience few fans have. I get your point about patience in the marketplace but safe to say players working on their fifth consecutive 20 goal season do not grow on trees. Tatar became available so they pulled the trigger. As it turned out Tatar lacked chemistry on the roster. His next two seasons in MTL were the best of his career so the VGK’s call on him was not far off the mark. Perhaps you are not being realistic in your criticism of the FO—this was a team that came that close to pulling off the impossible and Tatar even if he was somewhat overpriced was yet one more decent move that could have paid made the difference in the end. Would you rather this team went the SEA route? Had they, they might just have gone belly up here in the desert which probably many thought would happen. Instead here we are today with the makings of a good roster. Go to CapFriendly and sit down with a pencil and paper. Coaches will come knocking on account of the talent.

  4. Tim

    I just posted a very long post about the coaching situation that for some reason didn’t get posted a little frustrating to say the least. So here we go again. Trotz has been fired from three other jobs so step right up your going to turn the Knights around I don’t think so. If you like boring defensive hockey Trotz is your man myself I’d rather try to duplicate our first season and play fast and loose. Hockey can be very boring but teams like Colorado, Tampa, Florida, Edmonton, and Calgary make it interesting they score at will and as a fan you feel your never out of a game. It all comes back when months ago I was the only one advocating getting Joel Quenneville now it seems like he’s the popular choice for obvious reasons he’s the best and only choice can I make it any clearer then that. The way Foley throws money around what ever it takes to hire Quenneville.

    • THE hockey GOD

      trotz had crazy russian in WAshington, that was not boring or “defensive” . Stop trying to marginalize him when you know fully well he’s more than qualified and highly unlikely to come to Vegas.

    • Pistol Pete

      Tim, I do recall you being the first to post on Q and actually I always thought it was an interesting idea. I just tore you apart for bashing McCrimmon for a trade made when McPhee was GM lol, wanted to let you know I agree on Q and other points you make from time to time.

      • Pistol Pete

        Tim I meant to add if Q does not want the job Tocchet is my second choice. I agree Trotz looks like another rigid DeBoer type defensive system which possibly hogties a player like Karlsson. Q and Tocchet are player’s type coaches (both were strong NHL players) and play more wide open hockey—my best guess anyways (I try not to pretend to be an expert). Tocchet might just be a gem in the rough. His two head coaching jobs he lacked players is my understanding—he was a great assistant at PIT when they won twice.

        • Original 6 ✅

          & Pistol. Pete & Tim. sorry Guys.I been on Quenneville since they hired De Boer when Q. left Chicago they immediately could of gotten him but sat on there hands till he went to florida & 2 weeks later they hired a guy that was fired by a div rival & never won a Cup. and when knights lost 7 straight. I was pushing it cuz that was the amount of games Gallard lost & was fired. Trotz when with nash couldn’t beat Q. cooper couldn’t do it in 2015 Boudreau. with both Ducks & Blues. and it took Sutter Kings GM 7 OT. . shot off leddy arm by Martinez to beat crawford. & then won easy in 5 over rangers for cup which everyone. knew that semi finals between Hawks kings was like the cup finals knowing they be able to walk thru Rangers Q was also coach with Avs. before the Blues. For the Record. Scotty Bowman 1244 win. Quenneville 900. wins when he started this year with florida was 7-0. Before he resigned and you see what they did. this year and he was only there 2 years. Now why would anyone think He’s not first on the list i say your from florida ! I’m also going to be the first to say Dale Tallon needs to be the GM. and if Foley cowards away from doing what is clearly a mess is dump Mc Crimmon. then Q got to have say on that which i’m sure Mc Phee would welcome Ok guys fire away

          • Pistol Pete

            Q would have been the way to go instead of DeBoer. I like that call.

          • Pistol Pete

            Actually Original 6, Q was fired by CHI early the 2018-19 season just the start of Gallant’s second season here. Q started with FLA 2019-20, That would have required firing Gallant after he lost the SJ series. I wonder if they considered that move to get Q.

          • Tim

            Original 6, factual article about Q and GG which I’m happy to say GG is alive and well in New York. I’ve posted regular on Sin Bin since the start and I don’t recall your handle on Sin Bin post very often maybe under a different handle. Anyway as of today Joel Quenneville is our best option lets hope management can see that.

  5. Wanderer

    Has any thought been given to the idea that Ryan Craig may be promoted to head coach? He may be “the good soldier” that management would embrace, while bringing some continuity for the team.

    • THE hockey GOD

      John Tortolla would be a better choice.

      They will probably pick someone under the radar and try to micro manage him like they did with GG.

    • Wanderer

      Of course! Leave it to SinBin. I just listened to your most recent podcast and, indeed, you have given it thought. You guys never disappoint. Nice to get perspectives from journalists that are not being paid by VGK. Keep up the great work!

  6. THE hockey GOD

    who knew that “build back better” would lead to “there will be food shortages”, high gasoline prices, and 10% inflation and firing of two of the best NHL coaches in league right now ?


      • THE hockey GOD

        leftists can’t handle the truth or the first amendment

        we all know why

        • Does the 1st amendment mention that political bullhorns like you need to take it where it BELONGS?? Your absurd views of ” liberals” are just more garbage. Stop embarrassing yourself!

          • knights fan in minny

            ts he has nothing better to do then annoy people with all his off the wall crap he spews it must have been a lonely childhood

          • Tim

            I never talk politics but in this case THG is right since the new administration have you notices the price of gas, food, housing three things essential to life and they’ve priced us where for the average family is having a hard time making it. That’s just a fact no matter what side of the isle your on.

          • Daryl

            While I almost completely agree with the on this aspect, how can you not when you look at what is happening in this country, I don’t Comme t on it since this is a sports site. Just like I have no use for anyone who takes a knee, his isn’t the place for that nonsense

    • THE hockey GOD

      the wind took it, the sun got in his eyes, the glare on ice blinded him, he was distracted by fan in stands, he tripped in his own crease, a piece of ice got in his helmet,


    • knights fan in minny

      that was quite funny

    • knights fan in minny

      who do you have daryl for the cup my one pick is out florida i have the flames left i think it will be a 3 peat they look to good they have been there and know how to win the experts say valesky is the best they are not wrong

  7. THE hockey GOD

    Flyers are really pushing for new coach, trotz and now

    Tortorella interviews to be next Flyers coach
    63-year-old has 673 wins in career, is currently working as television analyst for ESPN

  8. THE hockey GOD

    The Flyers are one of six teams searching for a coach, along with the Dallas Stars, Vegas Golden Knights, Detroit Red Wings, Winnipeg Jets and Chicago Blackhawks. The Jets announced on May 2 that Dave Lowry, who replaced Paul Maurice as coach on Dec. 17, could be interviewed for the job during their coaching search. The Blackhawks’ coaching search will include Derek King, who replaced Jeremy Colliton as coach on Nov. 6.

    The New York Isl

  9. THE hockey GOD

    i figure the VGK are waiting until the SC finals are done, and make have a coach to pick from one of the teams that let their coach go
    for not winning the SC. And VGK will interview that coach.

  10. knights fan in minny

    who do you have daryl for the cup my one pick is out florida i have the flames left i think it will be a 3 peat they look to good they have been there and know how to win the experts say valesky is the best they are not wrong

    • Daryl

      Sorry so late…. I have COL beating TB. I thought CAR would have beaten the Rangers but just like the Pens, they were down to their 3rd string goalie so that made it an uphill battle.

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