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Golden Knights In Need Of New Alternate Captain

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Reilly Smith served as an alternate in all 22 playoff games and each of the 78 regular season games he suited up last season. His time as an alternate dates back as far as the Golden Knights’ very first home game on October 10th, 2017 against Arizona (“and we beat the shit out of them”) and he’s worn the “A” more than 300 times while donning steel grey and gold.

But, with Smith set to wear a different shade of gold next season in Pittsburgh, Vegas will need a permanent replacement.

Last year, Alex Pietrangelo and Smith were the alternates for just about every game each participated in. Pietrangelo will likely continue to serve as an alternate as he plays into year four of his seven-year contract with the Golden Knights. The other spot is up for grabs.

There are a host of candidates who could potentially take over for Smith.

William Karlsson

Wild Bill leads the list because he served as the alternate to the alternates in the only game missed by Pietrangelo or Smith in the postseason. Game 5 against the Edmonton Oilers saw Pietrangelo sidelined serving his one-game suspension for slashing Leon Draisaitl. Wearing the “A,” Karlsson posted a sweet assist to Smith for the go-ahead goal in the 2nd period and led the team with 24 shifts on that night.

As an original Misfit, Karlsson makes perfect sense to take over for Smith. He’s played more than 500 games as a Golden Knight, rarely missing a game, and is a perfect example of how Cassidy likes his forwards to play. Plus, after the “You Guys Were Greater” speech, it’s hard to argue he’s not a natural leader.

Alec Martinez

The elder statesman of the Golden Knights now boasts three Stanley Cups and is as clear a leader both in the room and on the ice as they come. Martinez is already, in many ways, the captain of the penalty kill as he’s one of the few VGK killers who does not play on the power play. So, when the team runs power play practice, Martinez leads the band of penalty killing misfits, and he’s extremely loud in doing so.

Martinez served as an alternate many times during the course of the 2022-23 season as the team often iced three alternates with Mark Stone unavailable.

Jack Eichel

The former captain of the Buffalo Sabres is clearly a leader for the Golden Knights. After a bit of a rocky tenure in western New York, Eichel seemed content taking a bit of a back seat as he settled into his new team in Vegas. But, over the course of his first full season and especially into the playoffs, there’s no doubt Eichel started to step to the forefront.

The creator of the Elvis wig tradition, one of the team DJs, and arguably the most talented player in franchise history, Eichel makes perfect sense to reassume a leadership position.

Chandler Stephenson

Much more of the “lead by example” type, Stephenson was one of the few other Golden Knights to don the “A” last year. His chemistry with Mark Stone on the ice is undeniable so it would make natural sense for him to serve as the captain’s #2. One of his strongest qualities has been somewhat diminished though. Previously Stephenson stood as one of just a handful of players to have ever lifted the Cup. Now, they all have. Granted, Stephenson has now done it twice, which is what most of the roster is now striving to do.

Zach Whitecloud

It still may be a bit too early for the 26-year-old defenseman to assume the role of full-time alternate captain, but his time will come eventually. Whitecloud has proven himself time and time again as the consummate professional through the ups and downs of the NHL. With so many strong candidates in front of him and a slightly older team as a whole, Whitecloud is a bit of a longshot to don an “A” in 2023-24, but before his time is up in Las Vegas, he’s a shoo-in to do it at some point.


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  1. Jailbird

    You can’t go wrong with any of those guys.

    • THE hockey GOD

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          • THE hockey GOD

            enlighten the less informed and feeble minded people that they are constantly being bombarded by sick, twisted, left wing garbage; even in world of hockey.

            Thank you for the opportunity to answer a highly intelligent question from a poster who actually had something to contribute here.

          • fred

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          • knightsfan87

            I’m convinced that this is all one guy talking to himself with different handles.

          • knightsfan87

            @fred what books can’t you buy off Amazon?

        • Howard

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  2. Emmanuel

    Alec for now, WK down the line.


  4. Robert Twidwell

    It will be Jack or Whitey.

  5. THE hockey GOD

    My only choice is the Lord Jesus Christ to replace Riley Smith as assistant captain.

    I think it’s a great idea and there’s no rule against it. Let’s go Foley and make the announcement. I will never feel more proud than to open up a Vegas Golden Knights media guide and see it listing Mark Stone as captain and Alex, Pietrangelo, and Jesus Christ as assistant captains.

    • THE hockey GOD

      what position does he play
      what is his number ?

      PS brings a whole new meaning to Jesus Saves
      and Esposito scores on the rebound.

      the original T hG

    • knights fan in minny

      more nut job

  6. THE hockey GOD

    Karlson wore A the least of above, Eichel only a few times. Marty is best suited as is Petro, McNab also wore it. Karls son hardly speaks up though. I think even Kessel wore it one time if I am not mistaken,

    Petro or Marty are my top picks. Karls son or Eichel next .

    • Jp

      This “GOD” LMFAO!!!!

      I’ve learned people who preach so hard typically are hiding what they preach against. He’s a hateful monger hiding his own inter tendencies that he hates about himself, so he bashes others to make himself feel better. He doesn’t line he attracted to the same sex, so he’s a hater. Plain and simple.


  7. Pistol Pete

    Nice rundown Ken. I’ll let Cassidy decide though or whoever it is that does it. Great read though. Excellent points throughout.

    • Pistol Pete

      I will not nominate Eichel, however I am very pleased of what I have seen of him in the locker room. He’s well liked and for good reason imo. Sone of the bad rumors about what he was like in Buffalo do not apply.

      • THE hockey GOD

        jack eichel ran a very successful kid’s hockey camp at city national rink that lasted four days, he had four age groups and each group had 40 to 50 kids at 500 dollars a pop. It was huge. While other players were off doing their summer vacation things Eichel was volunteering his time.

        All the Eichel haters can go fuck themselves

  8. Tim

    karlsson hands down a Misfit with balls what’s not to like.

  9. Skip

    Karlsson feels right, but it would be good for Eichel to eventually be lettered.

  10. Jailbird

    Like I said earlier, any would be fine, but I think it probably between Wild Bill and Jack.

  11. TS

    Eichel is a NEWBEE to the VGK. He hasn’t played in Vegas but what, 1 1/2 seasons?? The “A” Honor should always go to a more veteran VGK player. EICHEL is still relatively new to the team. He’s still quite young. I don’t feel he has EARNED it. YET. Give him a couple more years of success, and he very well could be worthy of it. For now, give that “A” to one of our more veteran players…Stephenson is my pick.

    • TS

      Pietrangelo us also a great pick
      A true veteran, been in Vegas long enough to have earned that “A”…

    • THE hockey GOD

      “Eichel is a NEWBEE to the VGK. ” so what, so was Stone, and they gave him C almost from day 1 .

      A lot of short term memory loss going on here.

      • fred

        lord u just seek negative attention don’t you always running ur mouth stirring the pot. I’m sorry mommy and daddy didn’t give you any attention growing up so now u seek the only kind u can get.

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  12. TS

    Difference is, : Stone was ALREADY a seasoned veteran when he came to Vegas. Eichel is still young, still not considered the veteran that STONE WAS, AND IS… again, thank you, thg, for being the sensible, rational MODERATOR that you are. WHAT WOULD WE ALL DO WITHOUT YOU???

    • TS

      Oh, I know the answer to that: we would ALL CELEBRATE !!

    • THE hockey GOD

      “Eichel is a NEWBEE to the VGK. ” twist and spin your response as usual.

  13. THE hockey GOD

    I pick the lord Jesus Christ as an assistant captain.

    Mark Stone – Captain
    Jesus Christ – Assistant
    Alex Pietrangelo – Assistant

    It’s a beautiful symbol and I would like it published in the team media literature.

    • THE hockey GOD

      what about John the Baptist ?

      BTW nice suggestion, however Gary pantyhose pervert bettman the anti GOD person that he is, who runs the NHL will never allow it. Because him and his ilk would be “offended”

    • knights fan in minny

      just stop whack job

    • Howard

      Vile scum – No reverence at all.

  14. Satan

    This is Satan.

    I would be fine with Jesus Christ as an assistant captain with the Vegas Golden Knights.

    Satan has spoken

  15. M G

    Wild Bill. Enough said.

  16. Trip

    Why not Marchy? He’s an OG, leading goal scorer, Con Smyth winner. Butch says he always the most competitive player on ice in practice, hates to lose any competition. He chirps a lot and can get players attention. We have enough quiet types. I say Marchy 100%

  17. Bobby

    Stone C, Pietrangelo A, Eichel A. Done.

  18. Lisa B

    Shocked that marchessault wasn’t on the list

  19. Why is Marchy missing from this list? He’s subbed the A on many occasions. Agree with Whitecloud being on the list though. He’s destined for a leadership role in his future for sure.

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