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Golden Knights In Much Better Place Than Previous Two Game Deficits

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The Golden Knights have been in many different situations in their 56 game playoff history, but down 0-2 is not one they’ve ever seen before.

After being mauled in Game 1, Vegas responded with an excellent Game 2 that slipped away due to a bunch of unhappy red iron, a soft penalty in overtime, and an array of missed opportunities. Quite simply, the Golden Knights outplayed the Avalanche over the course of the 60+ minutes at Ball Arena in Game 2, but they return home without the rewards that usually come with it.

You can’t stress too much until you lose at home, so we need to take care of business in Vegas. -Mark Stone

He’s probably underselling the stress level, but Stone and his teammates absolutely should not feel down in the dumps after Game 2.

This series marks the 6th time in 10 playoff series in which the Golden Knights have trailed at some point on the series scoreboard. It’s the 1st time they’ve ever been down 0-2, but it’s not the first time they’ve trailed by multiple games. The previous pair of series they faced that, VGK went out with a whimper, losing in five to both the Capitals and the Stars.

However, this one feels much different, mainly because of the way the Golden Knights responded after being taken to the woodshed in Game 1.

In the Cup Final, Game 1 was a wacky one in which neither team played particularly well. Vegas responded with a dud for most of Game 2 and Game 3 was a low-event style game that much more suited the Caps style than Vegas. Last year, the Golden Knights were overwhelmed in Game 1 against Dallas, and despite responding with a win in Game 2, the series always felt under control for the Stars. Dallas played the same way in Games 3 and 4 and won them both putting Vegas in the two-game hole.

Those two times, once the series was beyond a one-game deficit, the Golden Knights were cooked. They simply hadn’t played well enough for long enough to make anyone feel comfortable they had a shot of coming back. This series, it’s the complete opposite.

Here, Game 1 looks like the anomaly. The style Vegas played in Game 2 makes the result look like a poster child for why the NHL playoffs are played in seven-game series as opposed to the one-and-done format used by the NFL or college hoops.

It’s not easy to take when you lose in the playoffs. I thought we deserved better, I liked a lot of the things we did. They held serve at home, we’ve got to do the same.

We feel good about our game. After Game 1 we were out to prove that we can play with this team and I think we did that tonight. We’ve got to come out in Game 3 and do the same thing. One game at a time, this series is a long way from over. -Pete DeBoer

The numbers suggest the Golden Knights are in trouble. 87% of teams to go out to a 2-0 series lead go on to win it. But the hockey suggests the team coming back to an arena that will be at 100% capacity for the first time in 458 days has a real shot of being part of the minority group that has recovered.

The Golden Knights limited Colorado’s top line, they held an Avalanche team that averages 35 shots a game to 25, and they created 28 even-strength chances to the Avs 9 in 2nd and 3rd periods.

Plus, Vegas did this all on the road, where they do not control the matchups. Mark Stone, Chandler Stephenson, and Max Pacioretty have made life incredibly difficult on Colorado’s big three, and it’s only going to get harder for Nathan MacKinnon, Mikko Rantanen, and Gabriel Landeskog at T-Mobile Arena where DeBoer has last change.

Marc-Andre Fleury had one fluky goal slip through him and admitted to letting his team down on the shot in overtime. We’ve seen enough of Fleury this year, and over his career, to know he’ll be even better as the series goes on. In the other net, Philip Grubauer played about as well as a goalie can play in a playoff game, and the Golden Knights still put two past him and hit five posts.

A lot is going to have to go right for the Golden Knights to win four of the next five games in this series. But this is the best position Vegas has ever been in when trailing by two games in a series. They’re going to have to play four nearly perfect games to do it. We’ve already seen one, which should give plenty of hope that more are on the horizon.

This isn’t the Dallas series, nor is it the Washington one. The Golden Knights are down, but they are definitely not out.




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  1. Richard Santomauro

    One game at a time. Win Friday and VGK get an opportunity to tie this series back up and setting up a final best of 3 scenario.

    Putrid should absolutely be moved down and off the PK altogether. After game 1 VGK cannot afford to send in the Panda. Round 2 is completely on the shoulders of MAF. I feel more comfortable with Logan Thompson backing up right now.

    Keeping CO off of the PP is key. When on the PK time and space has to be limited by aggressively closing and challenging.

    • Peter

      Don’t hold your breath the knights do not have a chance they got to win four out of the next five games against the best team in hockey right now

      • MM

        Nbcsn, all we here is how great the Avs are, Oh, the avs, Oh, the Avs. Why don’t the commentators just go down to the locker room and blow all of them!

    • Bryce Alberts

      If we really believe that we were the better team and should be the true division champ, now is the time to put up or shut up!! Talk is cheap and its go time, no let up, play our game in our fortress and show them how its done, Vegas Strong!!

  2. A VGK Fan

    any word on McNabb or Nosek coming back? both or either coming back to the lineup would be a huge boost. I feel Nosek more so because he has the speed and is a two way forward that also plays on the PK. Can help the overall team better with his return

  3. Billy

    The sooner we realize we caint beat the AVS in a 7 game series the better

    • knights fan in minny

      go watch corn hole bitter billt

    • Billy – without any serious thought at all you are without a doubt the biggest or smallest ass to post to this site and believe me if your purpose is, if you have one, to demonstrate just how stupid you are you have accomplished your goal. I guess your parents never taught you better – a real shame.

    • Bily

      Knights fan in minny,

      Bitter Billy ha ha! I’m just a realist

      • knights fan in minny

        you better apply for the gm job since you know it all pin head

  4. Tim

    Here’s an interesting thought. As I’ve said before I’m a baseball guy played and coached all my life and through the years you become better at figuring out how to beat teams. Hockey no different and what happened last night in overtime got the coach in me thinking. Did he drop the stick to draw a penalty not sure but from what Stone says his stick gets slashed 30 times in a game which got me thinking. When your down a goal in the last 2 minutes you pull your goalie instead of that on a face-off at 2 minutes let go of your stick will they call a slashing who knows my self I have no faith in the refs from game to game team to team how and what they call and don’t call changes. Back to my logic you get the slashing call your 5 on 4 and you still have your goalie in net to me I’d try that on a regular basis these refs at times don’t have a clue. What can we call this I got it ( The Mountain High ) move.

    • Tim – my man interesting – couldn’t be any worse than some of the things overlooked. That said it would only be beneficial in Vegas’s case if they had a power play that was worth anything. I am sure you recall last night they had a PP in the last 3 minutes for not. I have said from the beginning of the season you need an effective PP to raise the Cup which if by any luck at all they get by Colorado they will be in the same boat. I think they are at something like 11% pp Colorado is something in the high 40s maybe you identified their strategy. LOL

  5. Stay out of penalty box , play games 3 and 4 like period 2 and 3 of game 2 and they can even the series. Will it be easy NO, possible Yes, will they win the series that’s down the road. thinking and worrying about that is as useless as thinking about the game 1 and 2 losses. As I remember goalies use to use their stick to cover the 5 hole apparently that is a forgotten art. Here’ s to a game 3 win.

    • Julie

      Hey, HD! I saw Fleury’s post game interview and he came out and said that last goal was on him. Is that what you were referring to about not using the stick? He looked pretty irritated in that interview with Stone. I am sure part of that is with himself and the lack of thinking by Petro on the first goal and Roy was slow on covering Jost on the second. I’m with you on Game 3!

      • Julie – I was actually referring to Colorado’s first goal that slipped thru his pads. The winning goal I thought was a tough shot to stop.

    • Yes! The cursed penalties just made the VGK goal of WINNING the game out of reach. They can’t expend that much energy on penalty kills and hope to get the W! Otherwise, their play in game 2 was competitive. Good luck Friday, VGK!!

  6. knights fan in minny

    go watch corn hole bitter billt

  7. knights fan in minny

    how many damm pipes did the squad hit

  8. THE hockey GOD

    I think it’s time for reflection on the year the boys have had, and some inspirational thought is in order. They now stand at the abyss with a four out of five win scenario facing them square in their faces. Is it impossible , no. But as Mr. Spock would say :
    Kirk : What would you say the odds are on our getting out of here? Mr. Spock : Difficult to be precise, Captain. I should say, approximately 7,824.7 to 1.” well the vgk odds are 1300 to 1600 to win Lord Stanley’s trophy.

    Now a moment of reflection, this may be my final post prior to summer vacation. Here are some words for us all to reflect upon, gain inner peace /guidance, and perhaps a miracle.

    I Wanna Know – (a country Gospel song)
    by The Statesmen Quartet

    Here they are from Atlanta, Georgia, those fellas that everybody loves: The Statesmen Quartet and Hovie Lister.

    I want to know that my Jesus (He) will welcome me there
    I do not want to be denied
    I want to live in that city so fair
    That’s enough for me to know

    I want to know that my Jesus (He) will welcome me there
    I do not want to be denied
    Let me live in that city so fair
    That’s enough for me to know

    {Verse: Big Chief}
    I do not know the day my Savior will call
    I must be prepared to go
    Here from earth I know he’ll call me, o Lord
    That’s enough for me to know

    I want to know that my Jesus (He) will welcome me there
    I do not want to be denied
    Let me live in that city so fair
    That’s enough for me to know
    I want to know that He will welcome me there
    I do not want to be denied
    I want to live in that city so fair
    That’s enough for me to know

    I want to know that my Jesus (He) will welcome me there
    I do not want to be denied
    I want to live in that city so fair
    That’s enough for me to know
    I want to know that He will welcome me there
    I do not want to be denied
    I want to live in that city so fair
    That’s enough for me to know


  9. Jeff

    Hey Ken… What’s up with Lehner? Rumors floating around are that he had a breakdown and may not be available for the rest of the round. Has him angry that he was set up to fail by PDB. Also rumors that FO is going through his contract for loopholes. Do you know the real story?
    PS Understand they really like Thompson and need to find a place for him.

    • I do not have any clue what’s going on there. I’m doing my best to find out.

      • Howard

        What do you think is going on? Lehner is a clear headcase. He fabricated some story about NHL “lying to him” about COVID in which NO OTHER PLAYER confirmed to be true. The same Lehner publicly aired his contract discussions with BH’s last year. Yet another idiotic signing by this arrogant and ignorant VGK front office.

        Just to give you an idea how bad this contract is/was. If not for this contract, VGK could have easily have traded for Jeff Carter, a hugely NEEDED center to bump up to line 2, sending Karlsson down to line 3 to provide better scoring chances for Tuch.

        But, VGK had to ‘prove’ they’re smarter (and/or more woke) than every other NHL front office who WOULD NOT offer Robin any type of term contract.

        • It never ceases to amaze how fickaled fans are. No Howard I am not preferring to you as far as l recall you were never a big fan of the walrus. There was so much posted by a number of folks who protest to be k knowledgeable hockey people what an elite and great prize signing the walrus was. So great no other team wanted him badly enough to give him his retirement package other than these morons here in vegas. I can’t even imagine they seriously thought about what they were doing. I guess they were just upset with MAF for whatever reason and grasping for straws. Thick headed and stupid and to do it twice just shows how ignorant they truly are. 8.8 mil and 5 mil per yr down the drain. Foley didn’t get rich making decisions like that. I guess that’s what happens when you depend on other people spending your money. Pretty expensive lesson ,- education is costly at times. Blinded by the light – Cup is not on sale.

    • Jeff – Why even worry about whether or not the walrus is available for the rest of the round or ever for that matter. He got his retirement package thanks to the stupidity of the FO and should be laughing all the way to the bank. Rumors are very poisonous and probably better off kept to yourself. I did notice you didn’t refer to them as coming from good authority that’s a plus but doesn’t change the poisonous aspect.

      • THE hockey GOD

        Vintery, mintery , cutery, corn,
        Apple seed and apple thorn;

        Wire, briar, limber lock,
        Three geese in a flock.

        One flew east, And one flew west,
        And one flew over the cuckoo’s nest.

  10. DOC (Go Knights Go)



    FORTRESS !!!

    Use the weapon we have.

    Starts tomorrow!

  11. DOC (Go Knights Go)


    So, I started my first ever “playoff beard” as the POs started’

    I have it on good authority, ha ha, my beard is actually starting to look like one.

    It’s filling in nicely, says my wife. Although she still hates it! 🙂

  12. If Vegas wins tonight, the odds and mood and pressure on Colorado all change.

  13. Bryce Alberts

    If we really believe that we were the better team and should be the true division champ, now is the time to put up or shut up!! Talk is cheap and its go time, no let up, play our game in our fortress and show them how its done, Vegas Strong!!

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