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Golden Knights Have Been Unlucky In Finishing Rebound Chances

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Variance is a huge part of the game of hockey. It’s common for a team to have a week’s worth of games where they can’t buy a goal and then follow it up with a week where everything goes in.

One such place where variance can be extremely volatile from one game to the next is when examining rebounds. This season the Golden Knights lead the NHL in rebound shots with 59. They’ve allowed the 9th most in the league with 51. However, Vegas has scored just three goals on their 59 rebound shots while allowing six on the 51 they’ve given up. These numbers currently have the Golden Knights in the bottom five in the league for the fewest percentage of goals scored by rebound and the highest percentage of goals allowed.

It could be a good example of something that is likely to regress to the mean as the season goes on.

That being said, these numbers aren’t new for the Golden Knights. In their six completed seasons, Vegas has finished in the top five in rebound shots four times, but have only finished in the top five in rebound goals once. Also, Vegas has been in the bottom five for the highest percentage of goals allowed from rebounds in three of the six years.

Here are all the rebound shot numbers including ranks for that particular season.

ShotsShots AgainstGoalsGoals Against% of Goals For% of Goals Against
23-2459 (1st)51 (23rd)3 (26th)6 (16th)7.69% (27th)19.35% (26th)
22-23187 (12th)187 (20th)34 (4th)26 (18th)18.18% (7th)16.25% (22nd)
21-22179 (4th)157 (18th)24 (19th)32 (28th)13.11% (23rd)19.28% (29th)
20-21118 (4th)121 (30th)23 (3rd)24 (28th)17.04% (13th)24.74% (31st)
19-20165 (3rd)139 (23rd)25 (14th)30 (29th)16.45% (13th)20.69% (30th)
18-19182 (3rd)146 (15th)30 (6th)28 (19th)17.24% (11th)17.24% (21st)
17-18132 (21st)137 (14th)30 (9th)16 (1st)17.14% (14th)10.19% (1st)
2023 Playoffs465010415.15%12.12%
2018 Playoffs3651357.50%18.52%

It’s a bit of an odd stat as the numbers don’t always line up as you’d expect. In 21-22, the Golden Knights were +22 in rebound shots yet -8 in goal differential. In 18-19, they were +36 in shots but just +2 in goals. 19-20 is the weirdest year with a +36 shot differential and saw VGK allow five more goals than they scored.

Where the regression seems inevitable though is in the percentage of goals scored from rebounds. VGK’s current 7.69% would be the lowest in team history by a wide margin. The previous low was 13.11% while the other five years all saw them over 16%. Vegas has finished in the top half of the league in five of their six seasons yet sit in 27th right now.

Finally, we can really see the impact of these numbers when looking at the playoffs last season. In their 22 playoff games, the Golden Knights were outshot on rebounds 50-46, but they went on to outscore their opponents 10-4. Just 12.12% of goals allowed by Vegas in the postseason en route to the Stanley Cup were on rebound goals. It’s the lowest number we’ve seen since the inaugural season team that finished the regular season at 10.19% (and that team was pretty effing great too).

The moral of the story here is that the Golden Knights have been quite unlucky so far with their finishing on rebound shots. Three goals on 59 rebound shots is by far the worst shooting percentage in the NHL and history tells us it will improve as the season progresses.


Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. Pistol Pete

    I’m pretty enthralled by the prospect of the VGK acquiring Patrick Kane. According to my calculations they’d have to waive Dorofeyev or Cotter either of whom would clear enough space to sign Kane for $1.5m to finish this season. Cotter has two more seasons after this one @ $775k vs. Dorofeyev just this season @$825k. Obviously Cotter would be a more attractive pickup with two more seasons locked in at entry level. I think Dorofeyev has a higher ceiling than Cotter, perhaps he would clear waivers, if not Denisenko and Brisson are waiting in the wings. Amadio-Karlsson-Kane would be a major upgrade assuming Kane recovers from his hip resurfacing procedure.

      • Emmanuel

        Why? Is that an upgrade?

        • Pistol Pete

          Assuming his recovery from the procedure is full I would predict even at his age his points production would easily eclipse Amadio and Cotter combined. Health permitting he should have 2-3 more decent years even if past his prime. Look at 39 year-old Joe Pavelski. Maybe not worth waving Dorofeyev to make the deal work. That is true.

      • Jim

        Backstrom of the Wash Caps had the same surgery, and he was never the same again, and he now is sitting home contemplating retirement.

        also, Kane was mediocre in his short stint with NYR last season. Points mean nothing, wins mean everything. iow, checking is most important in the playoffs and Kane is not defensively reliable. You can make a 200 foot player out of Eichel, but not Kane, that is obvious watching him for the last 18 years.

        just 2 things to consider besides the obvious cap and young player issues involved.

    • TS

      Pp, at 35, isn’t Kane nearly beyond his shelf life as a player? Short- term aquisition ONLY?

      • Pistol Pete

        If you are willing to risk waiving Dorofeyev (for example) to sign Kane you would do the deal. Assuming Kane’s hip is fully recovered he should produce points for another 2-3 years, more than Amadio and Cotter combined I would say (he is a north of career point a game). Amadio-Karlsson-Kane…a healthy Kane turns that into an awesome 3rd line!

  2. Ken – Your article should be named – lack of net presence – that is how rebounds turn into goals. I great deal of o – zone time for Vegas is skating around, passing the puck, a shot on goal with no one available to hammer in the rebound then heading for the bench or retreat to n-zone and d- zone. Your playoff numbers pretty well support that 2023 vs 2018.

    • ThG

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      • ThG

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        • ThG

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          • ThG

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          • Jailbird

            Thg, the copy and paste dude. Must have a lonely life .

          • TS

            Holly shit, man!! If we want a sermon on Sunday, we’ll go to our OWN church! For God’s sake, Man, ENOUGH. STIFLE, EDITH!!

          • knights fan in minny

            more fucking bull shit from a nut job

        • Pik

          This is about hockey. Go to church if you
          Want to preach

  3. JV

    The the defense needs to do a better job of being in position and clearing the area near the net. They tend to drift away from the net front quite often. This is not something new for this season either.

    • Dodger Blue

      Apparently, the hockey god is not the problem, we are, and he is stooping to our level. Shame on all of us. At least that’s what HD biker said.

  4. TS

    Sidenote: Bravo to Buffalo for the comeback tonight–Tuch with the winning game!

  5. Sorvino

    I am copying and pasting Alex’ post on November 21st. It is as follows…….


    I will only post on hard core VGK and hockey topics here if the sermons and other political and religious posts stop. I will be waiting…it’s not a free speech’s a context and “time and place” matter….

    For those of you who think Alex is the problem consider that he took the mature route and extended the olive branch to the hockey god.

  6. Sorvino

    The politics and religion don’t belong here and nobody wants to see it posted.

    Everyone tries to enjoy this website but he doesn’t care.

    If he had a choice to stop that crap or potentially destroy this site by stubbornly posting things that don’t belong on this forum then he would choose option B.

    It’s complete selfishness.

    I own an electrical company but I am not going to tell you my life story on becoming an electrician.

    As someone who has republican / conservative beliefs I can still manage to have civil conversations with TS and Jailbird.

    Nobody cares that Melissa Scott made a living having sex with hundreds of men on camera and I’m sure that Alex would never have posted it if the hockey God just stuck to hockey on a hockey website.

    Just my opinion and some food for thought.

    • knights fan in minny

      save your breath it will not stop the king of the site who thinks he is enjoys being nauseating

    • TS

      Sorvino, beautifully said!! I, for one, have always gotten along with everyone! Btw: color of ANY kind should be totally irrelevant here– color of Party, or otherwise. It is incomprehensible to me that another person, a total stranger to others, can act in such hateful, angry ways. I believe we fans are good, decent, hockey- loving people, just trying to enjoy the comraderie of other fans. WHY would anyone want to sabotage THAT??
      GO KNIGHTS!!

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