Big money, big money, no whammies. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

It’s the age-old question that just about everyone who writes a story about the Golden Knights is trying to figure out; why the heck is this team not awful? The same reasons are tossed around by just about everyone who writes the story. Team dinners, revenge against old teams, no pressure, Vegas flu, we’ve heard them all.

But a new one popped up today, and it’s one that’s kind of surprising everyone else has overlooked. Gambling.

The Golden Knights players have embraced a huge part of the culture of their new hometown and brought it to the ice.

Another fun tradition, albeit a standard in the hockey world, is putting money on the board. Essentially used by players when they want to motivate their boys to beat a former team, writing down a cash prize for the winning goal on the whiteboard has been a constant in Vegas, since everybody has a former team. ‘We had a lot of money on the board, especially early on,’ Sbisa said. ‘And we got the wins.’-Ryan Kennedy, The Hockey News

Plenty of teams do it, but it seems all the more fitting for it to be working for the Golden Knights.

The house always wins, right?

Editor’s Note: No, I did not write this article for the sole purpose of pointing you back to the shirts we are selling. I legitimately found it interesting. However, I would like you to buy a shirt, and it does fit the story, so leave me alone.