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Golden Knights Going To The Best Area To Score Goals, Fueling 3 Game Win Streak

Want to win in the NHL? There’s one specific place on the ice where you must be better than your opponent.

These last three games for the Golden Knights, they’ve dominated there.

Early in the year, there were some games where we played well but we ran into a hot goalie. But the Winter Classic and some of the other recent ones I think we could have been better at generating offense with a little more will and second effort. Usually that requires an inside presence and that’s how we got back in the game, we got inside. -Bruce Cassidy

The Golden Knights erased a two-goal 3rd period deficit on Saturday night because they killed the Penguins directly in front of the goal. In fact, Vegas has been excellent in the low slot for the last three games, and it’s why despite the depleted roster, they’ve been winning.

Here’s a look at where each goal was scored from in the last three games against Nashville, New York, and Pittsburgh.

Not only are all the goals bunched between the circles and below the dots but there are a handful of different players scoring from that area. Jonathan Marchessault, Pavel Dorofeyev, Nic Roy, Ivan Barbashev, Mark Stone, and Keegan Kolesar have all scored goals in the most dangerous area on the ice. (Brett Howden’s and Marchessault’s from the goal line were into an empty net.)

It’s been a welcome change from what has been the root cause of VGK’s offense struggles over the last 20 games.

Our rebound game, our slot battle, over the month of December was not good, the analytics prove that. -Cassidy

Now, it’s about taking that same show on the road. The Golden Knights have struggled away from home this season and it’s been particularly bad against Eastern Conference teams. This trip starts out a bit differently than a few of the others though.

We go on the road on a positive note with a lot of hockey in front of us. We should be feeling good about ourselves and we’ll see, we’ll see in Jersey. -Cassidy

Devils, Islanders, Rangers, and Red Wings. Four difficult games.

If the Golden Knights can continue getting to the front of the net, they’ll have a great chance to win each and every one of them.

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  1. It’s no surprise net presences produces goals – as you recall year after year lack thereof was always an issue. Some teams are better at it than others, but it is where you score goals. Hopefully Vegas can commit to that going forward it will help their game to no end. No time like tonight to continue on and put it into action.

  2. Jake

    Barbashev Country

  3. JB

    Ok, with our lineup problems , I am hoping we can get four points out of these four games. We have two back to backs. I don’t think LT is going to be able to lay all those? If not, who will? It’s going to be tuff but let’s take ‘em one at a time. Tonight may be a good time to win one as NJ is struggling a bit. Go play hard boys!

    • knights fan in minny

      jb would you have signed perry he was cheap 700 thousand

      • JB

        Don’t particularly like the guy, but he is one tuff dude, especially working in front of the net. Not sure if he would have fit in with our bunch?

        • knights fan in minny

          I THINK HE COULD SCORE 10 goals her the rest of th year and b a hell of a disrupter out front

        • I don’t particularly like Perry but am a little surprised Vegas didn’t take a shot at getting him – maybe they did who knows I am not an insider like some who post here suggest they are – they could use the Help. He and Tkachuk are two of a kind in many regards – everyone hates them unless they are on their team. Given the importance of net presence he is a guy who is always there. Edmonton with Kane and Perry will be a hand full – guess we will see them 2/6/2024 at T-Mobile.

  4. NAM

    Cassidy alluded to this a couple of games ago, but I think with the duct taped together line up, and no ability it control the match-ups (away games), it could be tough. The 2 much weaker lines will be exposed to the top lines of the opponents. Bruce used the term “hiding” the weaker lines when he had control (home games). So it will be interesting to see what happens now. I do like where the team is at going in. It is about the best you can hope for given the circumstances. A split on points for the trip would be a win, IMO.

  5. ThG

    Injured: Michael Amadio (upper body), Tobias Bjornfot (undisclosed), William Carrier (upper body), Jack Eichel (lower body), Adin Hill (lower body), Ben Hutton (upper body) William Karlsson (lower body), Jiri Patera (undisclosed), Shea Theodore (upper body)

  6. Tim

    I think the kids have lite a fire under the veterans and it seems to be working. Dorefeyev, Korczak, Cotter, Brisson, Rondbjerg, Pachal, Rempal, Froese, have all contributed along with Thompson to give us the depth we need to whether the storm, I looked in my crystal ball and am predicting we trade for Sean Monahan less then 3 million cap hit 29 years old would give us another winger with experience.

    • ThG

      that is not a crystal, it fell out of your hallway closet and rolled under
      your lazy boy; when you picked it up your realized it was a Storm bowling ball.

  7. I would be remiss to not thank the FO during this time of tumult with our injuries…that they did not go down the rabbit hole…the rabbit hole i am referring to would be the Kessel hole…thank you for not entertaining the thought..and if it was entertained..thank you for not acting on it!!

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