Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website

Golden Knights Furlough Employees Due To Pandemic

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The economic downturn that has crippled the country has made its way to the Vegas Golden Knights organization.

A week before the Golden Knights are set to take the ice for the 2020-21 season, the Golden Knights furloughed a number of employees.

Sources tell that number is upwards of 10 and they are members of multiple departments within the organization.

The Golden Knights released this statement.

Since the NHL pause in March, we have implemented a series of measures in order to protect the long term viability of our business. While these measures did help, they were not entirely sufficient to meet the significant challenges that our business, our city and the sports and entertainment industry as a whole face today as a result of the pandemic crisis. On Thursday, we made the difficult decision to temporarily furlough a number of our employees for a 90-day furlough period. These employees will continue to receive their health benefits during the furlough period. Our hope is that we can return to our normal operations and staffing levels in the near future once business conditions improve. -Vegas Golden Knights


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  1. The Big Toilet


  2. DOC (sanity returns Jan 20th)

    Come ON Foley! You’re a friggin Billionaire. You shouldn’t be putting anyone in this position. It’s just sickening, that a man with SO much money, would do this to his employees. Totally uncalled for and very selfish! Losing a lot of respect for you pal!

    • Josh

      Love people that try to tell other people what to do with their money. You think, because he’s a “friggin Billionaire,” he should just write unlimited checks. He is running a business, not a charity. Maybe you should put your money where your mouth is and make a donation to the “furloughed VGK staff fund.”

      • Eh

        I do. It’s called the “Season Ticket Holder” fund. I own a ton of VGK gear. Average billionaire *gained* so far during COVID.

        I appreciate they are keeping health insurance. But… it’s weak. They’ve got no issue taking money from me all 2020 knowing damn well there’d be no fans. Then making it tough for me to get that money back without penalties and ticket costs increasing. So. Keep them on the payroll.

        • Daryl

          I have friends who are season ticket holders and they had absolutely no issue getting a refund and no penalty. Not sure what issues you are having or why. Owners are also losing money not gaining which is why they wanted a shorter season so it limits their loss

          • Eh

            The option was to take the money back, but have an increase in ticket prices next year (despite the contract saying x percentage increase per season)… It was abundantly clear by April/May that there would likely not be a “next season”. So the option was, allow VGK to keep thousands in interest-free money, or stop charging. Some organizations skipped their final payment altogether.

            End of the day, they have the season ticket money in hand. They can invest that money, or if we don’t allow them to, they can increase your ticket price an additional x percent, despite not getting any tickets at the initial season-to-season increase. That’s the penalty.

            This is the team that made it’s out of work gameday entertainment staff wait for weeks, months for the final 4 games to get canceled to pay them, rather than advance them that money immediately. Not saying they are evil. Just saying, they could do better.

    • DOC- please tell me you really don’t believe what you just posted l am sure your smarter than that. Sounds like an emotional responds with little thought. Consider they have been kept on for 10 months l am pretty sure they are thankful this didn’t happen sooner as they could see the hand writing on the wall. Whether you like the idea or not hockey is big business and at times like these if you want to remain in business tuff decisions have to be made regardless how m.uch money you think someone has. He didn’t accu.ulate that wealth being stupid. When income comes down expenses must be reduced. It’s simple math. That is the difference with those that have and those that don’t.

      • joeyvegas

        I love a guy who says ‘your smarter than that,’ while making about 10 mispellings, typos, etc.

    • Mark

      Big lefty DOC, big Democrat who is so generous with other people’s money. DOC loves Sisolak too, who has a boot in the neck of Nevada, destroying business’s, ruining lives and their’s DOC, with his Palm Palms, cheering Sisolak on. You see, the problem is that Socialists/Marxists like DOC are from a blue state, probably the Northeast, Chicago or California, their are hundreds of thousands of them in Las Vegas. They flee these States because of high taxes, regulations and high home prices then these dingleberrys like DOC vote for the same incompetent Democrats they fled from. That’s how we got Sisolak, Nevada was a once proud conservative, Red State, but know more. Politics is dead center in this conversation, its everything now, and freedom loving Patriots are losing to the Marxists, it makes me puke. Thankfully, I hope, Ken doesn’t censor free speech here, I don’t think he will but this point I made is important to many Nevadans.

  3. D. Moran

    As long as Sisolaks daughter was one of them. Probably not though.

  4. DOC (sanity returns Jan 20th)

    Ya know HD …. I’m fed up with your bullshit. While I was off comments, many e-mailed and told me of your idiotic posts. You are laughed at. You try and make yourself seem so knowledgeable about everything. You can’t just disagree, you try and bully and criticize others opinions. It’s obvious what type of person you are and many know it. You are a fraud. A wanna be bully. An idiot. I’ve tried for months to ignore your crap, but I’m not going to let it slide anymore.

    • DOC , Obviously you haven’t changed. When all else fails call names like a spoiled child. If the truth hurts ( your reference bull shit) just except the fact like a man not a kid.

      • DOC (sanity returns Jan 20th)

        No names ….. simply facts pal. My original post was about Foley and not paying those people. YOU were not mentioned in that. Then you go off on this hockey is business, blah, blah, blah. This is not about hockey. This is about doing what is right by people, from a guy that is a billionaire. You had no need to call me out! Your problem is you just don’t know how to disagree without trying to bully somebody. Quit doing it and all is well!

    • Ricardo

      Sounds like Doc has some issues with people who disagree with him. Maybe a Marxist?

      • Mark

        Of course, loves how to tell other people how to spend their money. You see Ricardo, he despises Foley, who risked hundreds of millions of dollars, gave us The Golden Knights but loves Democrats/Marxists who destroy businesses and loot tax payers and hand out freebies all to insure their election. It’s enough to turn my stomach.


          Why is anyone making this about politics ? Wthell is wrong with everyone ? Debate all you want but please keep this to hockey opinions .Thanks

          • Let's Play

            Well, maybe you didn’t notice, but COVid-19 has been politicized and is affecting hockey, so…

  5. Julie

    Well, I recall the last time VGK workers were told to stay home, Fleury donated $100k. I don’t know what other players donated. It was a nice gesture whoever donated (although season ticket holders were basically forced to donate).

    I’m sure when you spend a multi-million wad on new players and can’t generate any new revenue you have to cut back somewhere. Probably easier than messing with a contract. It’s also for 90 days, so I wonder if they will get it back at some point. Seems like a good idea.

    VGK must think that in 90 days, things will turn around.

  6. Daryl

    Hockey is a business and just like any other business if it’s not making money layoffs happen. Just because a rich person owns the business doesn’t mean he should continue to pay his employees if they are jot working. Yeah it sucks and we all get it but this is still a business. Like I told bar owners where I live, you voted for the Governor who you knew was going to put more restrictions in place so you have no room to bitch now that it’s happening.

    • Coyote

      More restrictions were necessary. The problem was the president so many voted for screwed up the pandemic so badly those restrictions were needed.

      • Mark

        Yeah, and senile Sleepy Joe Biden called Trump a racist for shutting down the border, remember????? Don’t be a stooge here, its unbecoming.

      • Julie

        More restrictions? Really? Would that be for more Americans deemed “non-essential” by government officials who not only weren’t forced to give up a paycheck in all this chaos but actually gave themselves a raise? Clearly, you have never had to support anyone, probably not even yourself. Sure, let’s all lockdown and live like cave people because we’re never going to die that way. If you are scared, stay home with your mask and believe you are non-essential.

        The flu has been all but eradicated because every sneeze is counted as covid-19. CDC can’t get its numbers straight counting every other disease as covid-19.

        Here’s a restriction for you – go get your vaccine and refrain from making ill-informed comments.

        • Coyote

          You’re delusional, and your arguments are unintelligent.

          • Julie

            And yet you have no real argument. You are ok with looting and rioting based on misinformation, an insatiable appetite for entitlement, and the audacity to try and tell people how to live. You are proof that you can’t fix stupid.

          • Daryl

            What did she say that was so delusional??? Fact is you didn’t have an argument so you just wanted to call her names. Look at how many businesses have shut down thanks to governors who have forced them to close. Look at how high the suicide rate has jumped since governors have shut down businesses. I have no problem with restrictions, but shutting down the city was never the right move. Governors have basically shut down so many mom and pop stores they will never recover. People have lost homes and will continue to lose homes. The unemployment rate skyrocketed thanks to businesses closing and not needing personnel anymore.

      • Daryl

        You give the President way too much power. He can’t control what individual states do and he can’t force States to lock down. Funny thing is, Democratic led states, like NY, have a higher death rate than Republican led states. You can hate Trump all you want but the economy and unemployment rate would disagree with you

        • Coyote

          What an ignorant response. Wow. Trump had all the power to deal with this. That’s why he banned people from China entering the US and bragged about it. You know why NY had so many early deaths? First of all population density in NYC and hospitals quickly being overrun with too many cases to handle. The virus came to NY from European visitors, btw.
          And your wrong about death rates in states. TX is high. SD alone has over 1.5k deaths with a tiny population.
          I can hate Trump, and I don’t understand the people who don’t. The economy and unemployment rates were improving steadily from The Great Recession, all through Obama’s term as well. And for the record, I’m a person who routinely votes both parties, or “none of the above.”

          Look up case numbers and death numbers for other countries. Italy was really bad when covid broke out. China’s numbers are far lower than ours. (I know those numbers may not be accurate coming from China, but I also know people from China who told me China locked down cities early last year, and therefore stemmed the spread of covid much better than the US did.) Our governor did what basically every other governor did last spring. Try to stop the spread of covid and people dying until a vaccine was produced.

          • SW

            Don’t waste your time or breath trying to educate the Trumplicans. They only hear what comes out of Trump’s huge disgusting face and repeat it ad nauseum. They couldn’t possibly do their own research to find the truth or have an original thought. And they call us “sheep”. It is so completely disgusting that after what happened on Wednesday these morons are still defending him! Stop blaming Sisolak . Shit rolls downhill and it started with the Trumplicans’ god.

          • Daryl

            You really don’t know how our Government works do you??? When this all started the only information the US had came from China and the US was told it wasn’t that bad and several other lies. That is what he had to go on. Almost EVERY physician had their own opinion on how to slow the spread with several saying simple masks won’t work. They are still saying that since masks that most people wear don’t stop fluid exchange (FACTS).

            Yes Trump banned people coming over from China and he was crucified by the liberals! Why wouldn’t he have banned them since that is where the spread was coming from???

            Yes the economy was slowly rising since the recession but it was best and had the highest improvement under Trump, but I guess that was none of his doing. Same for the unemployment rate. Go ahead and give us some more BS as to why Trump wasn’t responsible for that.

            As for people form China, there are 3 people in my agency who have relatives who still live in China and they call BS on the lockdowns. His family was free to move about the country same as before COVID hit.

          • Daryl

            SW…. what is the truth then??? Show me where Trump told people to storm the Capital, which is you actually did your own research you would see that a majority of the people didn’t “storm” the Capital as CNN would like for you to believe. I watched the local ABC channel online and they showed groups of people walking into the Capital not causing an issue other than going into the Capital. And please do a little more research as pictures of at least 5 people I found from different articles online showed people causing an issue that were not registered at Republicans nor have they voted in the past 4 elections. Yet they had Trump hats on so they much be Trump supporters right???

          • Daryl

            And again, you NO KNOWING about government. Trump had all the power???? The power to do what? Unless he declares martial law and brings in the military he CANNOT shut down states. He can’t, nor can the governors, force people to wear masks on public streets/sidewalks. What exactly do you think the President can do? What powers do you think the President has???

            He tries to close the borders and liberals like yourself call him racist!! It’s a joke!

  7. Skeeter Thompson

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned from reading SinBin and following the VGK-related Twittersphere it’s that Doc makes Donald Trump look like a thoughtful, restrained, empathetic, reasonable person. Doc is a selfish, know-it-all buffoon who must spend 4 hours a day telling people how to spend their money, why they’re idiots if they don’t think the world should be locked down forever, who they should vote for and anything else that pops into the dopey little rat brain stuck in his fat hippo head. Just. Shut. Up.

  8. DOC (sanity returns Jan 20th)

    Ha ha ha ……. You koolaid drinkers are all pissed the orange fat ass wanna be King got his ass whipped. SORRY!!!!!! And as expected just lashing out at anyone who believes in common sense and not a cult who attacks our capital building. You lost, you lost, YOU LOST!!!! And just like mentally ill orange man, you can’t except it. Say anything you want about ME. It doesn’t change the fact WE got his ass out of the WH! Ha ha ha ha ha ha !

    • Julie

      Way to deflect, Doc! Try being accountable for your position that Foley should give out money just because he has it. Oh, that’s right, you can’t. Not one argument of substance or intelligence in demanding Foley give up his hard-earned money. How entitled of you.

      Who knows what the next 11 days holds.

      • DOC (sanity returns Jan 20th)

        Oh, to the person who said: “Who knows what the next 11 days holds”.

        I’m interested. Just what do YOU hope, happens?????

      • Coyote

        Foley has no problem donating his money to Trump’s, and other Republican campaigns. It’s his money and he can do with it as he wishes, but it’s a bad look to donate so much to political entities while his employees are cut loose.

        • Daryl

          Rich people donate to campaigns as well as charities because they are considered tax donations. Why would anyone just give money away as you suggest??? That is the dumbest thing I’ve heard, you sound just like Doc and so many other liberals who want to give others money to those who don’t have as much instead of making those people work for their own money!!!

          What about all those business who had layoffs yet contributed to Biden’s campaign??? I guess since it was for their liberal cause its ok

          • Coyote

            You’re triggered. One problem I have with any Republican is what you’re doing. I’ve tried to point out in other posts – I’m more center. I don’t like cancel culture or extreme liberal views at all. You make assumptions and allegations like they must be the truth. I don’t like Trump, therefore I am a socialist, etc., etc. Don’t do that. That’s what Fox News does.

            I agree with many points you made in earlier posts in this thread. But you’re on full blown tilt now. Relax.

            Reading this thread from the right wingers is just reading regurgitated Fox News B.S. Or Facebook posts, etc. I live surrounded by extreme right wing thinkers. If Obama sneezed, he was trying to kill Americans with biological weapons. If he golfed, he hated America. When Trump golfs, he deserves to relax. It’s the hypocrisy and at times ignorance I can’t let go. (I couldn’t respond to some earlier posts because no “reply” option was there, not because I didn’t have arguments.)
            I won’t post anymore about politics. If we were in the same room and discussing this, I would hope we treat each other more civilly, and hear each other out. Agreeing to disagree. We all are here because we love and root for the Golden Knights.


        • Daryl

          I don’t understand why some posts have the option to reply and some don’t.

          While I lean more toward the conservative side, I do not vote strictly Republican. And as I stated earlier, I did vote for Obama in his first election. I did vote for Trump more because I think Clinton would be a HUGE mistake. People don’t like Trump (I don’t personally) but he did a lot of good for this Country that liberals just refuse to see. I voted for Trump again b/c Biden is clueless and I think he will destroy this country. Add to it that he has what’s considered one of the far fetching liberal as a running.

          I can’t stand the far end of either spectrum. My issue is the comment you made that said reading posts from right wingers is regurgitating straight from Foxnews. Well, the same can be said for what most liberals on this site (or anywhere) say about Trump. Just like the comments about Trump supporters crashing the Capitol, that is not accurate at all. Yes they were there illegally but 99% of the people were not causing destruction. And as I also pointed out, at least 5 people identified are not even registered republicans and haven’t even voted in the past so many elections. BUT if you watch CNN, you would never know that. In fact, if you watched Foxnews, you still wouldn’t know that. A local news source is the one who found that information out.

          And yeah, I might go a little overboard when someone calls me out and they don’t have all the facts. As I stated to you above, the President can only do so much. People think he has all this power when in fact he doesn’t. He can’t just do anything he wants. I also have an issue with someone like SW who is completely clueless when it comes to certain things, like facts regarding race and law enforcement…. maybe it’s because I work in LE and we have training on this matter and in that training we use actual facts and not facts that liberal news sources or BLM gives. If people would actually do their own research they might be surprised at what they see. But that is too much trouble for some. Some find it easier to follow their political views in stead of finding out the truth and facts

          • SW

            I am most certainly NOT clueless and I definitely do my own research but you can believe what you want. First off, I never said anything about law enforcement so I don’t know why you think you know my thoughts on that. Second, I am probably a lot older than you and growing up, some of my family members were very racist. I made the choice to not be like them but the US still has a huge problem with racism whether you want to admit it or not. Many people still believe that black lives don’t matter as much as white lives and that is sickening. My tone in my earlier comment was in response to your tone and for that I apologize. But I don’t apologize for despising Trump. He is truly an awful person and you have to know in your heart that he instigated that riot last week. And you’re right, I will never see the “good “ he’s done for this country because I don’t believe he’s done any. I am someone who believes in science. I worked in the medical field for many years. And not to seem conceited, I am quite intelligent. I know that the good economy Trump takes credit for was largely a result of what Obama did in office. I know that Trump knows nothing about climate change and doesn’t care to know. He would rather insist it isn’t real. I can even see a big difference in the climate now from when I was little. Trump undid all the good Obama did along those lines. To Trump the ONLY thing that matters is money. None of it matters. There is too much divide in our country now.

    • Daryl

      So, it was Trump supporters who stormed the WH but it was Antifa and not BLM who looted, burned and destroyed America. Talk about drinking the Kool-Aid!!!! If you watched anything besides CNN or NBC you would have seen majority of the people walking, not storming the Capital. Your democratic led news feeds have you wrapped.

      • Coyote

        After hundreds of years of systematic racism toward black people and several incidents where law officers murdered black people of the past few years, I can understand BLM protesting all over the country. (The looting and destruction of property is never acceptable, and on that point we agree.)
        As far as news goes – FoxNews is just horrible, bordering on laughable. And NewsMax is worse. I do not watch CNN or NBC news, either. But right leaning news is just propaganda, spewing junk.

        • DOC (sanity returns Jan 20th)

          Finally, another on here speaking the TRUTH! Not some conspiracy crap! Thanks COYOTE!

        • Daryl

          This whole systematic racism shit is laughable!!!! Not saying it didn’t happen, it did, but it isn’t going on now nor has it been for awhile now. You talk about black people being killed by officers, exactly how often has that happened??? You can bring up Floyd but please use all the facts, like he he was resisting officers and refusing to get in the police car. Let’s not forget his was high on drugs at the time. He also had a heart condition as well as asthma, and oh yeah, he had COVID. But I bet you want to say race was a factor in that also even though 4 of the 5 officers on scheme were minorities and the main officer involved was married to a minority. And please don’t bring up his past history because you can go to any fact checking website and they will debunk EVERYTHING that has been said about him. Now don’t get me wrong, that officer was wrong and he’s been charged, just like he should.

          So, who are these others that have been killed by police? Just curious, do you even know what the chances are of being killed by the police if you are black per incident involving police??? FACT is, it is less than a white person but I bet your news won’t tell you that!!!

          • SW

            Actually the systemic racism thing is not one bit laughable! It still runs rampant! But I “NO” nothing. Or would it be “KNOW” nothing? You typical Trump lover!

          • Daryl

            SW systematic racism is not laughable but people like trying to use it and say its such a huge problem today is laughable. From someone who works in the criminal justice field, so say it is an issue with law enforcement is complete BS. I do believe there are problems within the court system but none of these protests have anything to do with the courts which is where the problem actually is. But you keep believing the BS the rest of the retarded liberals tell everyone (sorry if not political correct).

            If you think systematic racism still exists please show me proof of it. You CAN’T!!!!

          • Daryl

            I was using Speech-to-Text so sorry it autocorrect incorrectly. But that’s the best you got obviously. Good try

        • Daryl

          I don’t watch CNN, NBC or FoxNews I think they are all a joke. But don’t kid yourself, CNN is no different than any right leaning news.

          • Daryl

            Sry but disagree with you completely on Obama. I voted for him in the first election but his view of Law Enforcement and inclrwsing my medical destroy any good thoughts I had for him. As for the economy, sry but that was all Trump. I don’t see how can you say otherwise and would love to read proof you have of it.

            Yes I know racism still exists but we will never get rid of you. And all the BS BLM does nothing but make race relations even worse. They blame every incident on race and claim blacks are being targeted when the facts do not support it in the slightest.

            As for climate change, too many scientists have differing opinions for us to really know what is accurate and what is not. I worked for a hospital for 10 years before switching over to LE so I also have a little knowledge of what I’m talking about… I’m also 47y/o. I am also not a huge supporter of Trump but I did agree with most of his policies. I am dreading what Biden will do to this country

          • SW

            Well, Daryl, you keep saying you want proof but you haven’t offered any proof. As far as scientists having differing opinions…ok! They may differ on certain aspects but they all agree climate change is definitely real and problematic. Working as a nurse for 25 years I saw doctors routinely have different approaches for treating the same patient. That didn’t mean they disagreed on the fact the patient was sick, just on how to treat them. I like that you said you’re “also 47 y/o”. I passed that 10 years ago. There is something to be said for life experience.

          • Daryl

            I never said (at least I don’t I have) climate change wasn’t real. What I was saying is that scientist differ on how much affect we are having on it. And while Trump may have said it isn’t real, nothing he has done has affected it than any other President.

            Again you haven’t provided any proof, instead you try to turn things around and tell me to provide proof. That’s usually don’t when someone doesn’t have any proof.

            As for life experiences, you being 10 years older than me when I’m almost 50 doesn’t give you more life experiences. Maybe if I was a young teenager, but that would be about it

    • Skeeter Thompson

      I think Trump sucks. And I think you suck, Doc. You seem to be similar people, actually.

  9. DOC (sanity returns Jan 20th)

    Bye bye fat ass …. bye bye fat ass ….. bye bye fat ass, so happy to see you GO!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha

    • Daryl

      And there goes our economy….

      • SW

        Daryl, I have looked up information on how much humans exacerbate climate change as well as what Trump has done to worsen it. There are articles from very reputable sites. I am not going to list them here. But there is tons of proof easily found. What I was saying is that you demand proof but YOU don’t provide any, either. So does that mean there is none?

        • Daryl

          I’m more than happy to provide proof of my comments but when I ask for proof of something and that person comes back with show me your proof, well, that tells me they don’t have any. Now, if you were to say here is the proof I have now show me proof to back up your statement, then I’m happy to oblige.

          As for the articles you are referring to, there are just as many articles that state the opposite. I have read several articles that contradict one another so exactly who are we to believe. Why do you insist on believing one side while giving the other side no consideration. And as for Trump, I’m not exactly sure what protocols he’s changed that would have effected climate control. I know there were several “ideas” he had but nothing to put into law that would change anything so I’m not sure how any article you read could say Trump has done bad for climate control. I have also read that cows cause more harm to climate change than anything so I’m waiting for the government to ban cows… and we both know how the US government is, they think they control the world. So pretty soon, the whole world will be without cows

  10. DOC (sanity returns Jan 20th)

    Hey SW & Coyote, The koolaid drinkers comments on here just show how far down the rabbit hole this despicable lying “wanna -be-king” has dragged down some in our country. They are all pissed off that he is gone on the 20th, maybe before even. Now they have to find another cult leader’s lies to listen to. Actually have a lot of pity for these people that have surrendered all rational thoughts, of their own, to simply repeat orange man’s lies.

    • Daryl

      You really are a funny old man, even very close to someone who is senile! Do you really think anyone on here is upset or more so pissed off that Trump isn’t getting re-elected??? That’s pretty bold of you. From someone who voted for Obama in the first election (definitely not the 2nd) nobody with any common sense get’s pissed over the elections. Yes I’m upset b/c I know exactly what Biden is going to try to do and especially his VP. They will try to give as much from the rich to the poor as they can. Since I’m not rich, it doesn’t affect me much but it’s something I will have to get used to. I will also have to get used to slower economic growth or and higher unemployment rate. But what can we do? Absolutely nothing.

      The funniest thing is you think the comments from republicans are different with Trump leaving than they were with liberals when Obama left. Do you not remember any riots that took place when Trump became President over that twat Clinton??? If not, go back and do a little research. There were plenty of issues. And listen to Obama and the comments he said before, during, and especially after the transition

      • SW

        The comments are all together different! When Trump won, it was so depressing but we all moved on gracefully. We didn’t spread lies about the election being fraudulent. We acted like adults not spoiled children! And to your earlier point about the rioters walking calmly into the Capitol and not storming it; THEY WERE NOT AUTHORIZED TO BE THERE AT ALL!!!

        • Daryl

          Gracefully???? Holy shit I don’t even know what to say that complete BS!!!! I guess if you only watch CNN you wouldn’t see the other acts of terrorism that took place when Trump took over for Obama.

          How many lies to Clinton AND Obama say about Trump when he took office. What about the old senile Pelosi??? Yeah, keep believing liberals acted like adults.

          You are right, they weren’t authorized to be there but the majority were not storming and causing destruction… Just like BLM is not authorized to block intersections like they did all over the country. Or like they were authorized to loot and set fire and damage buildings. Let me guess, that was ALL Antifa and had nothing to do with BLM. You can’t say I’m wrong because it was brought up in an interview just yesterday. When it was asked of a democratic leader the difference between the two he actually said this was done by Trump supporters while the other was done by Antifa. You can’t make this dumb shit up!!!

        • Daryl

          And you can’t stop with the Trump loving BS…. its pathetic! You are talking to someone who voted for Obama in his first election but when Obamacare went into place and almost quadrupled my insurance, I chose to vote for someone else the next time around. Just curious, what did Obama accomplish while in office??? Absolutely NOTHING!!!!

  11. Ricardo

    I think Doc has hostility issues. Very angry man

    • DOC (sanity returns Jan 20th)

      YES I have issues, that we had to endure 4 years of a leader of our country spewing hate & racism! Then when the people said enough and voted his ass out, in a landslide proclamation, the whining and lies just kept going! Im angry that we have such ignorance and cult following in our country!

      Covid is fake: (nearly 400,000 dead already).
      Election was rigged: (No evidence shown in over 60 lawsuits)

      How do you expect any of us to take anything you say seriously, with this kind of garbage coming from most of you.

      So, keep bashing me, as this is what happens when the cult mob has no rational argument. 70% of our people KNOW the truth and are just laughing at you cult followers. In a few days it’s simply:

      Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, GOODBYE!!!!!!!!

      • Daryl

        Wonder what you have to say about your hero Obama? You talk about lies and racism. No President has divided this country as much as Obama has. Every police shooting Obama came out and crucifide the police before any investigation was conducted then NEVER apologized when everything he said ended up not being true or accurate. He send members of his Office to the funerals of thugs like Brown and NEVER send anyone to any officer who was killed (minus the Dallas officers after that ambush). Obama continued to blame police for everything and gave excuses for the black community. If Obama had never done that and didn’t screw me with Obamacare I just might have voted for him a second time!

        As for COVID, initially we didn’t know anything and what we did know came from China which we found out lied to the US about almost all of it. But let’s not forget that Trump closed to borders to China and Biden and the rest of the liberals trashed him and called him a racist. We also know for a fact that numbers for COVID are not accurate as any person who died that had COVID the cause of death was listed as COVID, including if you died in a car wreck. That is a fact. Liberals will say its not but there have been interviews with hospital workers and coroners who have validated those claims.

        I don’t believe elections are rigged but there is voter fraud and Democrats have admitted to as much. Difference is, they say it doesn’t happen often and wouldn’t change the outcome of an election. Whether it changes the outcome or not, something should be done to prevent it as much as possible. Hell, you even had political leaders in Florida bond out minorities for trying to get their votes. The Florida SC said there is nothing illegal about it but if you honestly believe that, well I don’t know what to tell you. It might not be illegal, but ethically???

        Now for the next 4 years… none of us really know what will happen but as long as Biden doesn’t increase my health insurance, increase my taxes and try to take my money to give to the poor, I’ll be happy. I don’t trust any President or politician and who we vote for really doesn’t make much of a difference anyway.

    • Julie

      Ricardo, it goes further with him. When I started on this board, I actually got a nasty post from him that he took it easy on me because I’m a woman. Yet, nothing he says about hockey ever seems to make sense or is backed up with any logic – all emotion. So, I agree, he’s very angry. Usually, it’s not worth a response. But it can get annoying.

      Still, I would not want to silence him or his brother Coyote like we’re seeing now with Twitter, FB, etc. banning Trump. I would hope that type of censorship stops immediately. I am not offended by Doc & Coyote, but I will say that the dismissive attitude consistently conveyed here by Doc & Coyote is way worse than any 10 yr old locker-room talk about women by Trump.

      Daryl, as an Independent, I agree with you 100% and appreciate your effort here incredibly. There is no doubt Trump accelerated the slumpy recession recovery immensely. He did it all – including being nominated several times for the Nobel Peace Prize – while handling the onslaught of fake accusations (that tape of him talking about women is the only evidence I’ve seen on Trump). That doesn’t register with the “orange man bad” philosophy. While entitled to their own opinions, they are not entitled to their own set of facts.

  12. ML

    This comment thread is super toxic…

    • DOC (sanity returns Jan 20th)

      You’re right ML ….. This thread started on something else altogether. I gave my opinion on it, then was attacked for my thoughts …. then off it went. Full cult minion attack. It’s a sad thing on state of the division in our country. Those of us who quote and know the facts and those who quote and believe the conspiracy theories, with NO PROOF what-so-ever. My point has been made here about reality, and nothing an oracle worshiper, and pie-baker (you know who you are) says is going to change that. So I’m back onto hockey! bye bye haha

      • Daryl

        You really are delusional!!! You might want to see about getting help. Some of us on here are really starting to worry about you.

  13. Daryl

    Unfortunately that’s what happens when politics are concerned… People can’t have a civilized conversation

  14. Honeybadger2

    Hey DOC. The only people that Lost in this election were Americans ! When they open the borders and give away all the money, and let China steal all our ideas and business away and oh yea allow Russia to control the Middle East and while they are at it piss off Israel by letting Iran get their nukes up and running again, which causes oil prices to skyrocket but it’s ok cause we will all be buried under a green new deal. Then maybe just maybe as you are standing in the food line for you daily rations because your job and retirement went over to China. I hope you remember the day you voted for all those Demon-craps .

    • DOC (sanity returns Jan 20th)

      I WILL remember the day I voted, the most despicable man to ever be an American President, out of office!

  15. Daryl

    And as bad as he was Doc…. He got elected over Clinton and did more for the US than Obama

    • Julie

      Daryl, I don’t understand how the people here vehemently decry racism yet vote for the party with a history of racism. The Democrat party gave birth to the KKK and kept black people down for decades promising whatever for a vote. A vote, by the way, that Democrats voted against when the time came many years ago. It was Republicans who voted for black people to vote and to have the same rights as white people. Lincoln, the first Republican, ended slavery. The sins of our ancestors were washed away by the lives lost in the Civil War. LBJ is notorious for his view on black people and he marks a new era of suppression of black people. Trump delivered on prison reform – not Obama – and cut regulations and red tape. Now black-owned businesses are up at last glance 400%. Because many black people said they don’t want handouts as promised by Dems, but a better opportunity to make things happen for themselves. Trump actually saved failing black colleges. Obama had 8 years and did nothing for black people. Ask Candace Owens, Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, etc. It’s all fact and this election, support for Trump from this community increased tremendously. The BLM is run by self-avowed Marxists. If one wanted to donate to BLM, they couldn’t because the money went to Biden via ActBlue, a pac setup for Democrats. BLM never saw that money, and it’s been reported that Biden-Harris wouldn’t even sit down with BLM leaders after the election. The BLM got used by Democrats and Biden who is on record demeaning black people several times. Antifa used as well. All that looting and rioting encouraged by Democrats and what did it get them? Nothing. But killed innocent people -including black people – and businesses in their wake like it’s nothing. This is why when liberals speak of all the hate and racism in the world, the rest of us know they are hypocrites because they support the party that breeds racism.

      Trump got us out of TPP because like UN, the US was footing the bill and other countries weren’t ponying up. That’s just business.

      On COVid-19, of course it exists. But the restrictions and executive order by Gov Cuomo that killed hundreds of elderly people was unconscionable. Now, he is saying lockdowns are too costly and wants to open up again. He decimated the economy in NY and needs the income. If the pandemic was as bad as they say, how come all those politicians and Dr.Birx got caught with their large family groups after restricting ordinary Americans? How come hospitals get paid 3k for each case labeled as COVid-19? How come the CDC counts other health issues in the COVid-19 numbers? How come the creator of the PCR test says not to use it to detect COVid-19 because it’s not meant for that? How come Pelosi said there was no virus problem in Feb 2020 criticizing Trump for stopping flights from China? How come she held up the stimulus bill that was to help Americans from covid-19 shutdowns? How come Americans get $600 when 70m goes to Pakistan for studies, and multi-millions more to other countries and even the Smithsonian – while hurting Americans wait for a pittance forced by leaders? Trump asked for the $600 to be increased to $2000, but Mcconnell said “no”. You’d think liberals would be all over that, but not a peep. Because it was Trump who suggested it, I guess. I get why these people are angry. They have been lied to their whole lives and can’t see the forest through the trees.

      On a brighter note, I see the goalies will be 50/50 until one of them has trouble. It must have killed PDB to say that, but I bet he was coached that the only revenue coming in is NHL subscribers, and Fleury is still the fan favorite, people want to see him.

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