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Golden Knights Find Their Late Frame Scoring In Edmonton

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Last night the Golden Knights did something they hadn’t in their previous four games, they scored in the 2nd and 3rd periods. In fact, they did it twice in each. The reigning champs may have lost but they certainly rediscovered their offense in the final 40 minutes in Edmonton.

When you look at an 82-game season, whether we win the division by one or two points, these points matter. Even when you’re not playing your best hockey, you have to bank these points. -Mark Stone

Inevitably the Golden Knights were going to bump into some scoring slumps. Until last night’s four goal flurry, the Cup champions have had trouble finding the back of the net. Previously, the local squad was averaging as little as 0.75 goals per game.

VGK’s Late Frame Follies: 11/19 – 11/27

  • 0.75 Goals Scored Per Game
  • 2.00 Goals Allowed Per Game
  • (1-2-1) .375 Points %
  • 2 First Period Goals
  • 0 Second Period Goals
  • 0 Third Period Goals

Some have mentioned the lack of scoring in the opening 20 minutes. The Golden Knights are 22nd in the NHL in 1st period scoring, whereas they rank sixth with 25 middle frame goals. Since November 8th, Vegas has been below average in middle-20 scoring. Even worse, they’re 21st in 3rd period tallies. Up until last night, late game scoring this month has cost the Golden Knights attainable points in the standings.

However, after a 11-0-1 start coach Bruce Cassidy can live with a late autumn scoring slumber.

How we tied it was exciting for me because it was our third and fourth line that went out and scored the goals that we need to start scoring. It can’t always be your top guys. That’s why it feels like no matter who won the shootout, we still feel pretty good about leaving here. -Bruce Cassidy

For whatever reason, when offenses go belly-up the timing of the drought always seems to stand out. The two 2nd period goals Vegas scored put them in a position to force overtime and pick up a point. Most likely the reigning champions will find consistent success in all three periods like they did throughout October. More matchups with Edmonton will help with that.

This might be far fetched but there’s a strong chance Vegas would have won in regulation last night had they scored one more 2nd period goal. Time and time we’ve seen it happen, the Golden Knights are built to overcome a deficit whereas the Oilers are built for late game meltdowns.




Golden Knights Will Be Without Shea Theodore For A Few Weeks At The Least


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  3. ThG

    this is not good news, as VGK do not have any D man to replace his high skill level

    Shea Theodore had successful surgery for an upper-body injury, the Golden Knights announced Wednesday.

    The defenseman is listed as week-to-week.

    I get news from real sources , not fake ones, like Madcow and lsdNBC which ^^ poster above tunes in 24/7

  4. Emmanuel

    Maybe a minor trade is in order…..the Team needs a shake-up. I wonder if winning the Cup blunted the “win at all costs” front office spirit.

    Bear in mind I dont care about the current slump, im concerned about the playoffs.

    I think the missing piece is a scoring LW, but that would certainly entail a BIG trade.

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      • ThG

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    • ThG

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  8. Jailbird

    F*ck me! Can’t we talk about hockey? Big 4 point game tonight for first place! Two top goalies going head to head. My money is on Hilly!

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    • TS

      GOD can’t/ won’t FIX the mess Humanity caused, dude. Remember, the Bible tells us God destroyed the earth to punish Humanity. That makes God a destroyer, doesn’t it?? If you believe God will save us here, your Good Book says otherwise. The Earth is sick, and the ONLY way out of this is for HUMANITY to REVERSE this deadly trajectory. DENIAL is NOT an option. Paralysis is NOT an option. GOD will NOT SAVE us, we MUST save ourselves and our ailing EARTH!!

    • TS

      I don’t want to be ” Preached to”. I want to do my OWN thinking, and not be force-fed Others’ beliefs at church on Sunday.. We ALL have the ability to think for ourselves, make our OWN decisions, based on our OWN knowledge and understanding
      . I have faith OWN abilities to navigate life, make decisions that impact MY life. I do not need to follow others.

  10. ThG


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    Consumer enthusiasm for EVs, their letter warned, has stalled.

    • ThG

      aha rethink, meaning hey genocide Joe you are full of shit

      They are not selling nearly as fast as they are arriving at our dealerships, even with deep price cuts, manufacturer incentives and generous government incentives,” the letter said.

      The Consumer Reports survey also concluded that plug-in hybrids, which can travel on battery power before a gas-electric powertrain kicks in, are more problem-prone than fully electric vehicles. Plug-ins, Fisher pointed out, contain two separate and complex power systems in which glitches can arise. He also noted that brands that over time have proved less reliable, in general, such as Jeep and Volvo, have started mass-producing plug-in hybrids.

      But tried-and-true integrated gas-electric hybrid systems are more reliable than gasoline vehicles, largely because they have been in use for about a quarter-century and the bugs have mostly been worked out, Fisher said.

      Consumer Reports derived its survey data from subscribers who owned EVs from the 2021 through 2023 model years and compared them with other vehicle types. In calculating a vehicle’s average problem rate, the organization assigned extra weight to serious problems such as battery or engine failures.

      EVs from the 2021 and 2022 model years overall had more than twice the problem rates of internal combustion vehicles. The rates were more closely aligned in the 2023 model year: Those EVs had only 21% more problems than gasoline vehicles, Fisher said.

      Among the EV owners who have had problems with their vehicles is Michael Coram of Lockport, N.Y., near Buffalo. In July, intent on reducing his commuting costs, Coram bought a 2023 Chevrolet Bolt electric SUV, attracted by its sporty handling. Coram, 44, a heating and air conditioning technician, said he ran into one annoying problem: On a chilly day in mid-November, his Bolt wouldn’t shift into drive.

      Eventually, after Coram had turned the car on and off 10 or 12 times, the problem fixed itself, and he hasn’t experienced it since. Other owners on a Bolt social media forum told Coram that he might have shifted into drive before the SUV’s computer had finished its startup sequence.

      “It kind of is a bit too much for the car to handle,” he said.

      Now, Coram waits for all of the dashboard lights to go out before pushing the drive button. He said his dealer told him that mechanics will check the Bolt when a loaner car is available for him.

      In 2021, General Motors recalled its popular electric Bolt from the 2017 through 2022 model years to replace the batteries because of manufacturing defects that could cause fires. Fisher said Bolt owners had to limit how much they charged the batteries and had to park them outdoors until replacement batteries became available. Repairs were still being made this year, Fisher said, causing some Bolt owners to report problems in the Consumer Reports survey.

      In addition, owners of Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 EV reported battery and charging issues related to a charging control computer, which, in some cases, caused the vehicles to stall.

      Rivian, an upstart manufacturer of electric pickup trucks and SUVs, had trouble getting body panels to line up correctly and with broken interior parts, Fisher said.

      Tesla, the EV sales leader, which now has years of experience building vehicles, showed improvement in reliability, Fisher said. This was largely because a high proportion of Tesla’s sales involve the relatively small and less-expensive Model Y SUV and Model 3 cars. Those are simpler to build and lack the glitch-prone new technology that Tesla offers in its more expensive vehicles, the Models S and X.

      Tesla ranked 14th out of 30 automotive brands in the 2023 survey, up from 19th in 2022.

      Lexus, Toyota’s luxury brand, was the most reliable in the survey, followed by Toyota, Mini, Acura and Honda. The five lowest-ranking brands were Jeep, Volkswagen, Rivian, Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler.

      The most reliable segment of the market was compact cars, followed by sports cars, small pickups, midsize and large cars, luxury midsize and large cars. Electric cars, electric SUVs, full-size pickups, midsize pickups, and electric pickups had the worst reliability.

      Consumer Reports says its survey of subscribers, representing 330,000 vehicles, took place last spring and summer. It asked owners of vehicles from the 2000 through 2023 model years, with a smattering of 2024 models, about problems they had experienced in the previous 12 months.

      • TS

        Thg, calling Biden ” Genocide Joe” is about the most VILE thing you could say about a man. Pretty SICK , even from YOU. I could easily say the SAME about TRUMP, whose Dereliction of Duty as Potus during early COVID resulted in the deaths of THOUSANDS OF AMERICANS.!!TRUMP sat on his ASS for MONTHS, , DENYING Covid was a problem in America, while THOUSANDS DIED A HORRIBLE DEATH. T–H-A-T WAS GENOCIDE BY TRUMP, BUDDY. He LOST the ’20 election BECAUSE of it!
        I’M SO FRIGGING OFFENDED BY YOU, calling Biden the UNFORGIVABLE– THE very thing TRUMP was guilty of—- GENOCIDE!#!#! YOU ARE A VILE SOB, THG!!

        • Alex

          He’s a sad and lonely little man, TS…a scared bully, a superstitious nut afraid of his own shadow and the future. Clearly a closet homosexual, he gives legitimate gays a bad name. I both laugh at him and feel sorry for him…he is the worst of the worst posters on this or any other site.

          • TS

            Yes he is. His Projection skills are masterful, I have to say. He’s been doing it a LONG time, probably his entire life. The ” Genocide Joe” comments are DESPICABLE, INEXCUSABLE, REPREHENSIBLE, VILE. PUTIN is the GENOCIDAL MMURDERER…yet Thg calls BIDEN the SAME? I’m totally convinced he’s a RUSSIAN OPERATIVE. Trump thinks Putin is a genius, and I think they are A-L-L MADMEN, THG INCLUDED!!

          • knights fan in minny

            fuck you loser alex

        • Alex

          Agree except you don’t have to worry about the poster… He is like most trump minions – a scared powerless coward…his lashing out proves it – “reported to the authorities/your IP reported” nonsense – he says he’s about free speech until other speak in ways that offend his trumpism. Is Biden a great president ? No, he’s about average, like both Bushes …was trump a great president? He was the single worst one yet. Clinton and Obama were pretty good ones ….

          This poster uses.these bogus tv fake.preachers to battle is internal.struggle with his latent homosexual urges – its obvious in his passive aggressive posts. He doesn’t have the courage to be a decent gay member of society. But his latest angst over the same DOB, same parents same ex husband of his fake ex whore “preacher” is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a.long time.

          At least the VGK looked like the VGK last night, by the way!

          • knights fan in minny

            fuck you alex

          • TS

            I have serious concerns about Biden’s longevity. I do. But the ALTERNATIVE, in Trump, is the certain death of America as we know it. It would devolve into a Dictatorship, just as TRUMP has promised with his VENGENCE AND RETRIBUTION.
            Honestly, both.options are questionable. .
            One due to AGE, and ONE due to CORRUPTION, CRIME, DERELICTION OF DUTY, MASS DEATH BY COVID, ELECTION TAMPERING, ATTEMPTS TO OVERTURN THE ELECTION, INCITEMENT TO INSURRECTION (recall trump saying ” You have to FIGHT LIKE HELL, OR WE WILL LOSE THIS COUNTRY!”) TRUMP may have trouble campaigning from a jail cell, or sequestered in HIS basement ( big mouth fucks himself every time). HOW on earth can voters even CONSIDER this crook?? If a QUALIFIED candidate were to emerge in this next year, I, for one, would be open to him/ her. TRUMP sure fucked up this country, with his ” others are the enemy” mentality!! IDK, it’s a Fucking MESS!!

    • TS

      As with ANY new technology, just as Electric lights were, there will be bugs, issues to improve upon. That monster rocket trying to return to the Moon, has BLOWN up more than once. But does that stop us from achieving space travel? It happens with new technology.
      The Global Climate Initiative has put an unrealistic timeline on countries, in my view, which has resulted in pushing the envelope re:these initial issues.
      Remember when gasoline- powered cars were introduced— were there gas stations at every stop at first? The world adapted to new Tech, sometimes after the fact.
      I totally see the problems with EV tech at this point, and will kerp on driving my 4- cylinder.
      My ENTIRE point of this convo is that we, as humans who live off the bounty of our rich planet,should ALL care about the health of our Earth. Appreciate the efforts that the world is trying out, to try to save our planet for the future.

      • knights fan in minny

        the sky is falling

        • TS

          Not YET, minny. Not YET. Give Humanity another 50 years, then we’ll review. DEAL??

      • alex

        You are right, TS… Uncle Joe has issues…but trump won’t win ….he’s heading for jail in the insurrection case…just yesterday the judge denied him immunity… He’s done and thank goodness…and while these mega morons are loud, they are not that powerful… Never have they yelled louder over abortion, yet it remains available everywhere… Is the fight over? No! We have to stay on it to secure a woman’s right to choose.

        Trumpers are neo Nazis… They will fail

        • TS

          I truly HOPE so, Alex. AS a Repub- turned Dem, I am open to options. I even will say I like Nicki Haley. She’s a tough, no- nonsense, intelligent, well-informed woman. I don’t see RED or BLUE, I see GOOD and BAD. I would consider Chris Christie, as he is a straight- shooter, no BULL, no Trump- sucking Delusion—NO False Prophet here! I am.willing to explore ALL options, including Repub or Independent. That is the beauty of the General Election. We have choices!

        • TS

          Alex, Btw: CUDOS for supporting a woman ‘s right to her OWN body!!

  11. Alex

    Thanks TS…its the right thing

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