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Golden Knights Fend Off Doubt In Toronto As Guentzel Rumors Heat Up

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Until last night the Golden Knights hadn’t been on the right side of a lopsided result (against an NHL team, San Jose doesn’t count) since the All-Star break. Over that period the reigning champions were 3-4-1 and failed to win four of five home games. Yesterday’s offensive outpouring from Vegas wasn’t entirely unexpected but it came at the right time of the season.

Pretty good game for us, to be honest. I still think the leaders and the guys who have been in the league for a while have to step up in this little stretch, especially with Stoney and Jack out. Hopefully today was a turnaround for us. -Ivan Barbashev

When healthy, there’s no question the Golden Knights could put up five against a team as iffy on defense as the Maple Leafs. Doing it on the road, without several key players was reminiscent of last season’s extended results without captain Mark Stone.

Vegas received six goals from five different players, two from depth forwards. Along with their abundance of offense, the Golden Knights sturdy defense frustrated some of hockey’s most lethal weapons. The same formula catapulted Vegas to their first Stanley Cup championship.

They’re good enough to win. If you think you’re good enough to win then you go for it. There’s not a feeling of being easily satisfied. Last year was last year. I do believe they’re one of the teams in and around Jake Guentzel. The Penguins want guys that can help them now. If Pittsburgh is looking for young pros, (Vegas) have that in their organization. I find it very hard that Vegas is not going to take a swing at the biggest player available. – Elliotte Friedman on The Jeff Marek Show

Another reason for Tuesday’s scoring parade is the seamless reintroduction of Shea Theodore to the lineup. Since his return on February 20th, the recuperated point-per-game defenseman has registered five assists in nine periods. Adding an offensive player like Guentzel would only hand Theodore more options in the offensive zone. No matter who they trade for, #27 would find him in front of the net.

Even without Stone, Theodore’s seamless return to the lineup, the eventual activation of Jack Eichel, and the looming trade deadline should put fear in all Western Conference contenders.




Golden Knight Leading Candidate For Most Important Position In World Hockey


  1. Ken – “If you think you’re good enough to win then you go for it. There’s not a feeling of being easily satisfied. Last year was last year.” EF. It’s all in the state of mind.- if you think you can you will – if you think you can’t you won’t – Yes – there is a great deal to accept “it’s all in the state of mine. Ask Cassidy when you see him if he recalls receiving an article regarding this subject – “its all in the state of mind”

  2. Ken – You may like this –
    If YOU think you are beaten, you are;
    If you think you dare not, you don’t:
    If you think you’d like to win, but
    You can’t
    It’s almost a “cinch” you won’t:
    If you think you’ll lose, you’ve lost:
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    You an ever win a prize.
    Life’s battle doesn’t always go
    To the stronger or faster man;
    But sooner or later, the man who wins:
    Is the fellow who thinks he can -.
    It’s all in the state of Mind
    Author Unknown

  3. Richie-Rich

    Guentzel or Buchnevich?

    Which one is preferable, and which would cost the VGK more in terms of picks and prospects?

    • knights fan in minny

      you could probably get buchnvich and vatrano instead of guentzel will probably want 8 mill a year

    • Rashaad

      That’s a great question. Guentzel is a better scorer and has been amazing in the playoffs. Buchnevich can do everything Guentzel does but is also a great penalty killer. That’s a great thing to have especially if Stone doesn’t come back at all this year. I like the Buchnevich is signed for 5.8 million next year as well. Guentzel will be a UFA that could command around 9.5 million x 7 years.

      They are both great players, but I would prefer Buchnevich, because at least then you would still have a chance to bring back Marchessault.

    • VGK Fan

      I don’t think the Pens are going to be sellers. From what I’ve read the Flyers are looking to be sellers which gives the Penguins a great chance to make the playoffs.

      The Pens have so many ageing veterans I don’t think they are going to be sellers.

      If the Pens decide to sell, I’m all in on Guentzel and Reilly Smith.

    • sb

      Guentzel will cost more, but in the long run, Buchnevich is the better player for the VGK’s – two years younger with one more year of term at $5.9 mil. Guentzel’s next contract will eventually get him $8-plus million at 8 years and he’ll be nearly 39 when the contract ends.

  4. Jake

    I like Buchnevich

    Foley doesn’t have that many years left to “go for it”

    So, Go For It

  5. ThG

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    • Jerry

      I think you are lost. This is a hockey site. Take your politics elsewhere.

      • ThG

        hockey is politics Jerry, wake up

        ever go to hockey game and a political agenda breaks out , Like jersey day this
        or jersey day that promoting some woke broke agenda???

        some posters here just don’t get it

  6. vgk21

    Last year Vgk traded for a Russian winger from St Louis and won the cup.

    can lightning strike twice?

    • vgk21

      “can lightning strike twice?”

      answer—-in Tampa Bay it did

    • sb

      Yes ……. but the key will be extraordinary goaltending from Hill and Thompson, like 2023. A .935 save average will almost always win a Cup.

  7. JB

    The McGMs will do the right thing. They have proven themselves to normally be very smart and savvy in their moves.

  8. Emmanuel

    Guentzels health is in question. Why not another scoring LW & a checking C for the same cap space?

  9. Andy Kelleher

    Ranger’s J. Trouba elbows Dorofeyev in head; Dorofeyev out for over a month,
    Trouba suspended for 2 games. NHL should revisit their suspension criteria.

    • ThG

      Andy gets it

    • NAM

      I think at some point Doro just needs to man up. MMA fighters get elbowed, punched, and kicked in the head for 15 min straight and miss less time. Maybe a little less rainbow shit and a little more grit is what the league needs.

  10. B-Rad-Lee
    Golden Knights and Blues mock trade

    Vegas Golden Knights receive LW Pavel Buchnevich
    St. Louis Blues receive 2024 first-rounder, 2025 second-rounder, C Brendan Brisson, D Lukas Cormier — by Wyshynski

    • B-Rad-Lee

      I think this is short-sighted and way too expensive to lose yet another two good prospects and a first-rounder.

      • ThG

        vgk can’t compete with other teams’ offers on table

        wait for it

      • MikeLangeLV

        That’s way too step a price. The cost will be more because he has another year of term, but still… that’s a lot.

        I’d feel comfortable giving up a 1st and one of those guys. Brisson is closer to being NHL-ready (he might be now), but I think his ceiling is probably lower than Cormier’s. That being said, organizationally we are deeper at D.

        • Rashaad

          MikeLangeLV, I think I make that deal if I’m Vegas.

          Buchnevich is a great player that does everything. Scores well, passes well, great penalty killer, great on the power play, perfect age as he is in the prime of his career and you get him for next year.

          What are they giving up? Cormier is anything from career AHLer to bottom pairing NHL defencemen. Brisson could be another year away before he really establishes himself as an NHL or and what is his ceiling? Third liner? The first round pick will be about 22nd overall and what is supposed to be a weaker draft.

      • NAM

        That would be an awful trade. Like really really bad. Like twice as much as it should take. You would lose a ton of future equity and still have to find money to pay him (5.8 million) next year or lose one/ two of Marchy, Ammo, or Stephenson etc etc. I like Buch, but not enough to tank a couple of years.

  11. ThG

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    • ThG

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      • ThG

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