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Golden Knights Even The Series Down The Middle In Game 2

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Last night the Golden Knights received three season-changing goals from centers William Karlsson, Jack Eichel, and Chandler Stephenson. All three tallies fueled Vegas’ 5-2 Game 2 victory over the Winnipeg Jets. With the assistance of an emotional Mark Stone, the Golden Knights split the series and get back on track before Games 3 and 4 in Winnipeg.

If you look at the scoresheet our best guys were all over the sheet, their guys were all over the sheet the other night… Their top guys had an easier night the other night and now it was a little tough on them. That’s the way it goes in the playoffs. I’m sure they’ll have that mindset up in Winnipeg in Game 3 that they’ll want to be hard on Stone and Stephenson. -Bruce Cassidy

Karlsson’s game-tying goal 5:54 into the 2nd period immediately changed the flow of the game. The Jets felt confident after a strong 1st period, but the two-way center’s goal mellowed their vibe and gave life to VGK’s bench and fans. At that moment, the visitors knew they would be dealing with a different team than the one they faced in Game 1.

It got their fans back in it. Gave them something to cheer about. I think we controlled the first, they controlled the second. A couple of bounces here and there, it was a tight game. Give them credit they played better than they did Game 1. They were a little more aggressive, I think our execution could be better. I don’t think we played poorly by any means. -Adam Lowry, Jets forward

Given the severity of traveling up to Manitoba down two games, Eichel, Karlsson, Stephenson, and Stone finished off Game 2 like it was a must-win.

We weren’t happy with the last game. We wanted to be better going into this game. We focused on that part, and we contributed. We felt more confident. -William Karlsson

To go along with his goal, Karlsson added an assist on Stone’s second goal and had a significant impact on the Golden Knights’ penalty kill. On VGK’s second PK, the two-way center singlehandedly controlled and possessed the puck inside the Jets zone for ten seconds. In 18:43 TOI, Karlsson attacked the Jets defense and shut down their offensive weapons. Over the first two games, no forward has been more impactful on either side than Karlsson.

(Karlsson’s) motor is impressive, right? You think it’s a 3-on-2 for them and then he just appears. He plays the middle of the ice as good as anyone, he can skate, he can finesse plays, and his shot has been great. His line has been carrying a lot of the momentum when they are on the ice and I think it kind of bled into the other lines. -Mark Stone

After Eichel’s deflected go-ahead goal, the Jets spoiled the evening with an equalizer before the second intermission. Vegas needed a repeat performance in the final period from Karlsson and company and they got it. Stephenson stepped up and regained Vegas’ lead with a 3rd period go-ahead goal. Not only was it the game-winning goal, it came off a crucial offensive zone draw, a place VGK struggled a bit in Game 1. Stephenson was nearly unbeatable from the circle (81.3%) and his efforts resulted in a rebound that landed on his stick and in the back of the net. That combination led to Stone’s heroics and a tied-up seven-game series.

I’m sure he took notes on Kuznetzov and Backstrom. He’s elevated his game into that level. Our team is good down the middle. He’s on the power play, penalty killer, plays in all situations and we rely on him in key draws. You can see him, and Mark Stone have real good chemistry together. When Mark’s in the lineup they bring out the best in each other. -Cassidy

If the Golden Knights mirror Game 2’s performance in Winnipeg, expect the same type of result. Both teams are satisfied with the series split but the Golden Knights are built down the middle for a reason. Centers are versatile and invaluable in the postseason.

In Game 1, Winnipeg’s top centers took over and Vegas’ stud centers did in Game 2.

There will be times where their top guys look really good. Now we’re going to rely on and going home that our top end guys look really good. -Rick Bowness, WPG coach

Which team’s centermen will take over Game 3? The answer to that question will likely answer the question of who will win as well.




One Major Momentum Swing Has The Series Tied


  1. Roberto

    Karlsson is often called a 200 foot player, but he’s really a 200 x 85 foot guy. There is no square inch on the ice he doesn’t impact. The inaugural season’s 40 goals were great, but they also shifted focus from his complete game to just his scoring, and earned him a lot of uninformed criticism. When you see him live, and can follow him rather than the puck, what he does is super impressive.

  2. Steve

    Is there any update on McNabb ?

  3. Jailbird

    Yes, Wild bill has been the most complete player the Knights have ever had. That first year scoring level could have ruined him, but it did not. Even when facing all the bad shit said about him regarding scoring, he remained a hard working player all over the ice. We are lucky to have him. One of my favorite players!

  4. THE hockey GOD

    the tbs/sn coverage with shane was tremendous, most enjoyable with the wokeVERSITY female color commentators who are grossly unqualified bringing only endless droning (sounds like nagging) and one cliche after another. Totally useless hosebags.

    Speaking of totally useless the panty hose wearing BETTMAN NHL playoff brand was on full display last night as the “under order” REFS tossed over half the team roasters by the end of the game. The pussification of NHL is clearly in full force.

    When VGK started gooning it up, last nite, that is when their game turned around. No one can deny the gooning factor. NO ONE. IT belongs in the game.

    Sez ME

    • Sarah

      hockey god, When women speak it doesn’t sound like nagging they just have higher pitched voices then men.

  5. Satan

    This is Satan

    Sissy hockey god boy, If you hate the “woke” NHL so much, then shut the fuck up and go watch another sport. You clearly hate women unless they are a tranny with a dick. Anytime a woman is affiliated with the game you call them unqualified, hosebags, lib tars dems, etc….. I could see why you constantly attack and harass TS.

    Satan has spoken.

    • Minion of Satan

      My sentiments exactly. The so-called “hockey god” has to be gay, but can’t find the door knob to come out of the closet. LOL

    • knights fan in minny

      woke does not belong in the nhl so you shut the fuck up Physco boy

      • THE hockey GOD

        TS ALEX aka “satan’ aka ‘obvious’ aka minnie’ aka a dozen other personalities here attacks TS relentlessly and is clueless on harassment. I never harassed anyone. REad my posts very carefully. Hard to harass a person who makes up fake statements about themselves. CAll themselves this that or other thing on the internet.

        Multiple personality Alex is clueless about how the internet works and is in need of serious psychiatric help. Pray for Alex he needs prayers or his soul will be forever lost in eternal damnation. Judgement day is coming. It will come like a thief in the night. No one knows when. Are you prepared ?

        • TS

          Thg, btw: I NEVER ONCE implied or claimed to be anything or anyone other than who I really am. Don’t know who you were referring to, but I am an honest person. I have no reason to lie about myself.

          • THE hockey GOD

            did I mention your name ?

            no never

            paranoid much ?

            and sure , you say you are ! ha ha ha ha . No one believes people posting personal information on internet.

            my bread is done and done !

  6. Craig

    Now if we can get the Bud Light lounge changed to the Crown Royal lounge that would be awesome

  7. Vic

    No mention of Brossoit when talking about down the middle? Just rewatch period one. There would have been no victory to discuss without LB.

  8. THE hockey GOD

    hen Morgan Barron took a skate to his face, which required more than 75 stitches, his opponent was the first one to help out. Golden Knights’ Chandler Stephenson didn’t care about anything else once he saw blood streaming down Barron’s face, and he helped him get up and pushed him in the right direction toward the bench. Respect!

    no. 20 is a good, decent person; bless him.

    • TS

      Stephenson is a CLASS ACT. 1st player to react and lend help…shows his integrity. Our team will never be a dirty team….we are better than that!!

  9. Rashaad

    Brossoit has been great but every Vegas goalie seems pretty brittle and you don’t want to play them every single game so it seems as though Adin Hill should get worked in to a game eventually.

  10. Richie-Rich

    There’s no doubt that at some point in this game the light came on, the sun rose, a great awakening occurred. It clearly was an absolute effing miracle on ice for sure. I was 12 rows behind Hellybuck when the magic happened. The question one has to ask is, “exactly where the fuck was this team and Mark Stone prior to this?”. It was quite like watching the dead rise, the crippled walk and the blind see. It was truly that much of a turnaround. I am happy, but let’s not forget that the Jets kicked our asses for 4 of the total 6 periods played the past two games, and that ass kicking was a true beat down in every aspect of hockey. The fact that we’re tied at 1-1 gives us hope. Now, let’s carry this momentum on!

    • TS

      Rr, not sure if you’re happy they turned it around and won, or effing pissed at them for it!! We all know the team has ” dead zones”, when they seem to forget how to play—but we should be relieved they woke up and are playing like they should now!! GO KNIGHTS!!

  11. Jailbird

    Could we possibly now have the best group of centers in the league? Tuff games coming in north country. Our goal is at least one win to get back home ice advantage.

  12. Rashaad

    I am super stoked for today’s game and already having a blast watching the playoffs. I love the positivity of some of our posters like TS, Jailbird and Roberto.

    I have to say this though, and it could be construed as negativity or what Richie Rich would call realism. The VGK power play is SHIT! That’s a real damn problem and it scares me. Edmonton lost yesterday because they couldn’t muster any secondary scoring, or any even strength scoring whatsoever. They are like the opposite of us in that way. I don’t know if any team in the league is as good as us five on five when we have our A game going. I wish we had a balance of both strong five on five and power play. I guess there is not any perfect teams in the league. Let’s hope our 0% power play starts producing. It may never be a true weapon for us but we can’t keep putting up goose eggs.

    Lets Go Knights

  13. Jailbird

    Yea, the PP continues to be a frustration. Perhaps we will get one in, when we need it most!

  14. TS

    Rashaad, I’ve been convinced Cassidy should either hire a Jedi Master or a Hypnotist for the PP. Idk, though…can they do that legally?

  15. Rashaad

    It’s crazy TS. Hopefully something works.

  16. THE hockey GOD

    where’s sour wine ?

  17. THE hockey GOD

    every time the other team scores
    pan in on butch behind the bench, and

    he looks like some drunk guy at bar that is either disgusted with life or clueless what
    just happened.

    Then he writes something down in his black book.

  18. Rashaad

    Well Butch better figure it out

  19. Richie-Rich

    I am not upset that they turned it around. Exactly the opposite.

    Reality. We are the #1 seed playing an #8th seeded team that we have beaten three times in the regular season. Yet, the 8th seeded team dominated the VGK for 4 straight periods out of the 6 played so far in this series.

    Thus the analysis of the dead coming to life. It’s not a stretch phrase, it is exactly what happened and yes I am thrilled about it because as a Season Ticket Holder I would love to see us in the Cup Finals and win it all. Both Stone and Eichel were terrific in periods 2 and 3 and it shows in the result!

  20. Richie-Rich


    I would switch up the PP and put the following out there……

    PP option 1
    Eichel FO option 1
    Karlsson FO option 2

    PP option 2
    Eichel FO option 1
    Roy FO option 2

    PP option 3
    Eichel FO option 2
    Bleuger FO option 1

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