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Golden Knights Didn’t Solve Problems Like They Normally Do

When the Golden Knights have lost in the playoffs, and it hasn’t been often, they’ve always found a way to correct their wrongs. They’ve learned from their mistakes, fixed them, and have not fallen into the same traps that saw them on the wrong end of the scoreboard the previous game. Many times in the postseason they’ve even won games, still realized their errors, and cleaned them up the next time out.

Another new problem was Shea Theodore’s ineffectiveness. A bad time for his worst game. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Tonight, they did not.

They fell into a hole, they didn’t get enough traffic in front, they didn’t forecheck as a unit, they couldn’t break through the clogged up neutral zone, and they didn’t finish the chances when they were there. Problems in Game 2 were problems in Game 3 and that is not normal for the Western Conference Champions.

They’re winning a lot of the battles, blocking a lot of the shots and we haven’t been good enough at finding a way to be successful against it. Just go home, evaluate and get better. -Cody Eakin

In addition to the “old” problems of Game 2, there were a few new ones as well.

We aren’t getting enough shots at all. It doesn’t cut it, it’s not good enough. -Alex Tuch

They’re battling hard and we weren’t. -Derk Engelland

We’re not used to seeing this with this group. It’s not just the back-to-back losses, it’s the similarities in them. Once again the Golden Knights did not play like the Golden Knights, and once again they fell victim to the same issues that hanted them in Game 2.

We gave them some chances again, we’ve got to fix it… As offensive guys, we’ve got to make plays. -David Perron

Falling behind didn’t help either.

They came out in the 1st period and set the tone real good and again we were chasing them all night. -Gerard Gallant

Game 4 is about finding a way to correct these issues. They’ve done it all year, they’ve got to do it again.

We’ve got to be better and we will be better for Game 4. -Tuch

The “must-win” Golden Knights need to show up to Capital One Arena on Monday.




Vegas’ 2nd Line Not Producing On Either End Of The Ice


  1. Carmine

    You can’t control the game without the puck and if you don’t win faceoffs you don’t have the puck. There were a lot of screens in front of the net but VGK didn’t move the puck enough to get through the shot blocking caps. Passes that have gone tape to tape all season have not happened all series. Getting your game back to the way it’s been all season doesn’t look like it’s going to be enough in the championship series. Elevating to at least the level of the caps gives us a chance, but does this team have that in them? Our will has been great all playoffs, now we will see if it can go up to the highest level. GoKNIGHTSGo.

  2. Thomas Simpson

    I expect Tatar for Perron, and Carrier for Reeves next game. Perron has been awful. At least dump it in if you don’t have a play, don’t turn it over!

    • Vgk4life

      Carrier for Reaves would be a poor choice. Reaves I’d the big body allowing Nosek and Bellmare to push like they have. Tatar for Carpenter is a better idea. Ryan has disappeared this whole series.

  3. Vgk4life

    They’re getting forchecked into a foot note of history. With exception of our 4th line, the rest are way behind the play or getting blown off the puck. Our blue liners are getting pushed into the corners and giving it away. Caps are a good team but we have played better.

    • VGK4Lyfe

      I don’t know man. The Caps are a very good team and they have outplayed the Knights in all three games.

  4. Brian


    Knights will come back STRONG in game 4, right ?? Right !!!! VGK can do this, as they have done time and time again. Bring it back home 2-2. We’re good with that.

    go knights go


  5. Caps look sharper and more talented in all 3 games. Some VGKs are coming back down to earth at worst possible time.

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