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Expecting Another Golden December

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Kelly McCrimmon spoke with the media yesterday to formally announce the Chandler Stephenson acquisition. He also mentioned his high expectations for the month of December.

We’re trying to get all little bit of traction. December has for one reason or another traditionally been a really good month for this organization. We’re hopeful we can get a solid footing and play good hockey. -McCrimmon

Vegas’ GM should feel optimistic about the next 13 games in December. A month his players annually shine.

Win Percentage in December
2017: .846 %
2018: .600 %
Overall: .714 %

Point Percentage in December
2017: .923 %
2018: .800 %
Overall: .857 %

Including last night’s game in New Jersey, the Golden Knights have an exceptional franchise record of 22-4-4 in the month of December. Beginning the month 2-0-0 is a good sign their holiday tradition will continue. Vegas plays 13 more games this month including seven at home and only three are against teams in the top 3 in their division.

Historical Breakdown

December 2017
13 Games: 8 Home/5 Road (11–1-1) Record

  • Goals For: 49 Total
  • Goals Against: 33 Total
  • Win Streak: 7 Games
  • OT/SO Games: (4-1)
  • 2+ Goal Wins: 5
  • Pacific Division Points: (8 points)
  • Wins vs Playoff Teams: 8 (Anaheim x 2, LA, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Toronto, Washington)
  • William Karlsson: 10 Points (7 Goals, 3 Assists) +9
  • Jonathan Marchessault: 14 Points (5 Goals, 9 Assists) + 9
  • Reilly Smith: 11 Points (3 Goals, 8 Assists) +10
  • Alex Tuch: 8 Points (3 Goals, 5 Assists) +3
  • Marc-Andre Fleury: (4-0-1) 1.56 GAA, .948 Save%, 8 Goals Allowed
  • Malcolm Subban: (6-0) 2.25 GAA, .920 Save%, 14 Goals Allowed

December 2018
15 Games: 7 Home/8 Road (9-3-3) Record

  • Goals For: 47 Total
  • Goals Against: 39 Total
  • Win Streak: 3 Games
  • OT/SO Games: (1-3)
  • 2+ Goal Wins: 5
  • Pacific Division Points: (4 points)
  • Wins vs Playoff Teams: 5 (Colorado, Dallas, NY Islanders x 2, Washington)
  • William Karlsson: 10 Points (7 Goals, 3 Assists) +3
  • Jonathan Marchessault: 9 Points (3 Goals, 6 Assists) + 3
  • Reilly Smith: 10 Points (5Goals, 5 Assists) +3
  • Alex Tuch: 10 Points (5 Goals, 5 Assists) +2
  • Paul Stastny: 9 Points (5 Goals, 4 Assists) +5
  • Cody Eakin: 5 Points (2 Goals, 3 Assists) +1
  • Max Pacioretty: 4 Points (4 Assists) -2
  • Marc-Andre Fleury: (8-2-3) 2.83 GAA, .908 Save %, Goals Allowed (37)
  • Malcolm Subban: (1-1) 1.01 GAA, .968 Save %, 2 Goals Allowed

Individual shot percentages also seem to soar in December. Three of the Golden Knights’ biggest offensive weapons have had their highest shot success in December. William Karlsson’s shot percentage peaked in both December of ’17 and ’18, and Alex Tuch and Shea Theodore were also in a groove.

December Shooting Percentage

William Karlsson
2017: 31.8 (Highest % of any month)
2018: 20.6% (Highest % of any month)

Alex Tuch
12/2018: 17.2 % (Second Highest % of any month)

Shea Theodore
12/2017: 10% (Highest % of any month)

There’s no doubt the Golden Knights have been overly festive the past two holiday seasons. Maybe, because the team seems to play in NYC this time of year, where the trees are lit with colored lights and the ground is covered in snow.

Either that or good ole’ Saint Nick is a Golden Knights fan. He and the Pope are friends, right?




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  1. DOC Williams

    After a month of campaigning for a 3rd line of Carrier-GLASS-Tuch, I now realize that coach Gallant IS reading and acting on my suggestions!!!!!! 🙂


    I think the December competition has been lower, especially last year

  3. schmitty 88

    nice 4 game streak best part about it Malcom played well new guy looks like he fit well like his size keep it up boys

  4. Nick R

    Ahhhh the December To Remember. Really fell in love with this team after going to my first few games in that period of time. Need another good run after the NOTvember they just had.

  5. Tim

    They keep saying it and I’m a believer they have a plan and they’ll stick to it. Kelly and George will always surprise us and I’m sure at the deadline we’ll have a new quality D-Man. I can’t get over this trade for Chandler Stephenson NHL ready second fastest skater on the Capitals and we pick him up for a 5th round draft pick in 2021. I’ll deal those deals all day again George and Kelly knowing their business. Lets beat the Islanders tonight for an east coast sweep would make for a sweet plane ride home.

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