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Golden Knights Carry Sterling Record In 2nd Game Of Home/Road Back-To-Backs

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

For the first time this season, the Golden Knights will face the dreaded back-to-back situation. This is the first of two in which Vegas travels from home to the road for the second game. The home/road pattern of games has been incredibly successful for the Golden Knights in the past.

They’ve done it 11 times in franchise history and have walked away with a win in the second of the two games in 10 of them. In fact, the Golden Knights have never lost the second game of a home/road back-to-back in regulation with the only loss coming in 2019 to the San Jose Sharks in overtime.

VGK have won seven consecutive games in this situation including two in a row when they dropped the home game before hitting the road.

Vegas have been pretty dominant in back-to-back situations across the board in their history too. They’ve played in a total of 62 back-to-backs and have won the second game 33 times. They’ve recorded at least a point 42 times and have a points percentage of .605, the third-best in the NHL since 2017.

Recently though, the results haven’t been as strong. Last year the Golden Knights went 2-2-3 in the second game of the back-to-back which was better than the year before when they went 3-5-2.

Tonight’s game in Los Angeles is the sixth time the Golden Knights have traveled to LA to play the latter half of a back-to-back. Vegas have come out on top in three of the previous five and have earned a point in four with an overall record of 3-1-1.

Add it all up, and while the situation looks pretty bad on paper, the Golden Knights have historically come out ahead in it more often than not. Throw in the fact that Bruce Cassidy challenged the team after last night’s game saying they “didn’t execute at an NHL level” and the expectation is we should see a much better version of VGK than we did at T-Mobile Arena on Nevada Day.






  1. TS

    Cassidy saw it. Fans saw it. The guys took a day off from NHL Hockey on Friday. They WILL be ready tonite in L.A.

    • TS – Let’s hope your right – it will take a 60-minute effort not like the 12 minutes yesterday then 48 minutes wondering around not knowing why they were there. Here’s to a win tonight.

  2. Pistol Pete

    Kings are going to be a test I hate to say.

  3. Jailbird

    Better come with our A game NHL effort tonight or the Kings will make it tuff on us. Howden tries, but the 4th line noticeably different without Roy.

  4. THE hockey GOD

    another jinx article

    first jason jinxed them with idiotic timing of games article

    and now this

    odds swing in one direction, then in another; like a pendulum

    Edgar Allan Poe

  5. TS

    Oh, snap
    .more JINX BS? Then why don’t you find a ” like- minded” site, then? Something like…
    Well, we all know what you like, and it AIN’T Hockey…

    • THE hockey GOD

      ts you don’t know what a mind is

      because you don’t have one !!

      Typical lib tard comment, can’t handle the truth and you want to
      gut first amendment. If you don’t like first amendment, why don’t you leave the country . I suggest Iran or Russia or CUBA. Take your hate elsewhere,

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