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Golden Knights Building Dangerous Reputation Concerning Loyalty

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The Golden Knights are on the verge of landing the biggest fish in NHL free agency, Alex Pietrangelo. The former Stanley Cup-winning captain of the St. Louis Blues is expected to make his decision at any moment and it would come as a shock to the entire hockey world if he ends up anywhere but Las Vegas.

Like they did with Robin Lehner, Mark Stone, and Tomas Tatar at the last three deadlines, or Max Pacioretty and Paul Stastny in prior offseasons, the Golden Knights will have made a splash in the name of bringing Vegas one step closer to winning the Cup.

However, as Isaac Newton taught us, with every action comes an equal and opposite reaction.

I worry about the Vegas reputation now. They are trying to win, which is admirable, but if they are getting a reputation for being a place that talks you into coming, what do you think the free agents today that are watching these guys get shipped out are saying to themselves? ‘That can be me in two years if I go there.’ There’s a fine line between trying to win and having some organizational loyalty. –Brian Burke, former Stanley Cup winning NHL GM

That reputation might end up getting even stronger after the fallout from the Pietrangelo deal too.

As Burke said, it’s all done in the name of winning, which is great, but when dealing with highly-paid professional athletes with families, that loyalty piece has to be kept in mind.

Colin Miller was traded just one year into a four-year deal. He negotiated a no-trade clause in the contract, and the Golden Knights traded him four days before it kicked in.

Erik Haula signed a three-year deal on the day of the Expansion Draft. He was traded two years into the three-year contract and a few days before his wedding in Vegas which was attended by many teammates and the Golden Knights drumline.

Paul Stastny signed a three-year contract in the offseason between Years 1 and 2 and was traded after playing out two of the three seasons.

Oscar Lindberg signed a two-year deal a few weeks after the Expansion Draft. He was traded at the Trade Deadline of season two.

Vadim Shipachyov signed a two-year contract, the first one-way contract in team history. He didn’t make the NHL roster out of camp, played three games, then was essentially forced to retire.

Now, names like Nate Schmidt, Jonathan Marchessault, Max Pacioretty, and Marc-Andre Fleury are being tossed around as the next to go to clear the space to bring in Pietrangelo. All four of those players signed long-term deals with the Golden Knights and each has at least two years remaining.

Meanwhile, just three players have signed a multi-year NHL contract and seen it to the end with the Golden Knights.

Schmidt, who has been heavily linked to trade rumors over the weekend, was awarded a two-year deal through arbitration and re-upped for six more with almost a year left, Nick Holden who signed as a free agent and extended at the deadline (likely to avoid being traded that day), and Ryan Reaves who took more than $1 million less than his initial deal with the Golden Knights.

The Golden Knights front office is relentless. Relentless in their pursuit to win. Whatever it takes to make the team better, they are willing to do, which is exactly what any owner, fan, or even player would want out of his/her organization. But how are they walking that “fine line between trying to win and having some organizational loyalty.”

To this point, they seem to be toeing it to perfection. Sure there was that whole #Backstabbed situation, but even that had DeBoer’s name on it, not McPhee’s or McCrimmon’s.

Alex Pietrangelo appears ready to commit to seven years, Erik Haula has expressed an interest in returning, and Robin Lehner who admittedly valued stability above all else chose to sign for five years.

This organization is still young and they’ve seen nothing but success, even if not the ultimate success yet, but people are starting to take notice of the growing trend. At the moment it’s just a harmless bump, but they better keep an eye on it because it could turn cancerous at any moment.


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  1. THE hockey GOD

    it’s sports people, there is no SUCH THING AS LOYALTY !! Salary Cap is reason for that, among other things.

    • Nosey1

      Burke is way off in this comment. What team doesn’t trade players under contract? Vegas is no better or worse than anyone else in today’s sports business.

      • Josh

        Lol you’re a true idiot

      • Don’t feel sorry for athletes making a ton of money . This is part of the sport..and THEY KNOW THAT. The idea is to have a work ethic that pays off on the ice to the point where the organization doesn’t mention your name in trade talks.

      • chris

        I think the Red Wings did a pretty good job during their run of 25 years in a row making the playoffs. They committed to a lot of players and the seemed pretty loyal for the most part. Their record wasn’t bad either.

        I would rather see Vegas put together and franchise that was not acting so desperate and that would take the good foundation they had and make it work for 25 years rather than get one cup and then be horrible, assuming they get a cup soon, which I think it less likely now that it was in season 2.

    • Rich here ,, I m a CBJ AND CANE FAN. “As the World Turns”
      It all depends on the Locker Room. Torts and Brny out coach the entire League. Live in Wilmington NC by the Sea

  2. Kodiak

    I can assure you there is no such thing as loyalty with this group. Your only important when they need you and then it’s a knife in the back. I’ve had a front row seat to the ways of this management team and I can tell you they have no idea what loyalty means.

    • AJ

      What position do you play?

    • You must be a member of the front office………if so then maybe you should help make a change if your so worried about it…….

    • Chris

      I agree with you. I actually think the GM spent too much time owning and running the Wheat Kings Junior team. It reminds me of a good college coach coming to the NFL or NBA and can’t ever get it together. The kinds in junior don’t care where they are and the don’t have families or kids. Professional sports is business, but chemistry matters and when you pitch a guy so hard to get him here, then decide to do a 180, it doesn’t do a lot for the team.
      I have a hard time believing they would hire the sharks coach after such a heated rivalry during our first two seasons. IMO this is the perfect way to ruin team chemistry. I didn’t think they would make the finals this year after that and I think they may have been ousted sooner if it wasn’t for the bubble.
      I think they blew the team up with DeBoer. I thought it was stupid to fire Gallant but if you do fire him why in the world would your hire Deboer. He definitely was not a good fit for the team atmosphere. I think they still need to move more players and get rid of most of the players from first two years before they get chemistry back.

      I know I probably am wrong but I thought the deboer hire was the end of any of the magic we had left from the misfits. I think it will go down as one of the worst moves in NHL history.
      I think the Lehner/flower situation was perfect example of the wrong kind of coach coming in and at the wrong time. Maybe if he had come in after the season there might be a chance that benching Flower could have be tolerable but Deboer saying that Lehner earned the number one spot during the bubble training camp is BS, and it was so tone deaf of him.
      We had momentum from the magical first year but this year they ruined it all. Also it isn’t necessarily good business to do your most loved player wrong.. People love flower and I can’t imagine anyone thought he should have been done wrong by the outsider coach.
      Didn’t like any of it. I agree with Ken, but i think they have already crossed the threshold of ruining their reputation as the greatest organization ever.

      • Well said i feel same way once VGK are done paying out GG contract it will be interesting to hear what he has to say . Maybe an NBA team with lot of talent but no success Rockets for example on paper excellent results poor. No team chemistry.
        Hopefully next year is better.

  3. If Schmidt goes so will alot of fans and good will. Alex P. Is not Bobby O. Someone. (Brad) has inflated
    value to Alex one person does not make team. Were looking more like San Jose perinally losers.

    • How are they looking like perennially losers? That makes a whole lot of sense?!!?

    • EK

      If a “fan” gives up on their team because they traded a popular player then they weren’t a real fan to begin with. Good riddance to them.

      • Coyote

        So fans are the only ones that must have loyalty in the sports world?

        • Daryl

          Exactly… That’s like someone telling me I can’t be a Pens fan because I wasmt born in Pittsburgh!!! Why should inhabe to be loyal if teams aren’t? I became a VGK fan because of Engo and MAF. I’ll still be an avid fan after they both leave but to tell me I can’t be a fan of a player is just stupid!

    • Jinklu

      And who was the coach of those perennial losers? None other than Pete DeBoer who unaccountably replaced Gerard Gallant the coach who shocked the sporting world by taking Marvelous Misfits to the Stanley Cup Finals in the first year of their existence. GG would have done it again if not for that bogus call in San Jose that defeated Vegas and caused the League to not only apologize but throw all the offending officials out of the subsequent playoff games last year.

      • Debooor looked stupid then and looks stupid now. He admitted he had a better team then Dallas but could not bring it home. This hire was a favor from Kelly McC. To bad we run front office like politics ability does not count.

  4. Tyler Durden

    Poor babies, their little fee-fees are hurt.
    Haven’t you ever heard shape up or ship out?
    They better perform, or they will play some place else.

  5. James

    Really ? Its a business, thank God WE HAVE A owner THAT says go WIN ! How many times has schimdt let the puck get by him at the blueline ? He’s weak around the net defensively. Opposing teams park big players in front and schimdt isn’t capable of moving them.

    • Daryl

      I agree with you on Schmidt…. but what exactly has VGK won??? I think they have done great and you can say this management will do what they need to do to win, but really, what have they won? If they had won the Cup then you have a point but until then you are just throwing bodies around

      • 2 Pacific division titles and 1 Western Conference championship.
        It’s not the cup, but it’s not nothing either.

        • Daryl

          Oh, I completely agree its not nothing…. but that Cup finals had nothing to do with trades. And the team hasn’t improved, or barely improved, with all these trades, including the coaching firing/hiring

      • Flyguy

        People like you are what gives our fanbase a bad name (entitled, spoiled, etc..). Our team has been incredibly successful during its first 3 seasons while playing competitive, meaningful hockey. Many teams haven’t had this luxury.

      • sb

        The Knights are the most successful third year team in the history of North American sports.

        • Daryl

          I get that and again I’m not taking away from what they’ve accomplished. But look at what’s happened… They go to the Cup then trade some good players away and the team took a step back. They trade again and while the team went further from the previous year I don’t think they were as good of a team from the previous year.

    • James Scouten

      Shouldn’t VGK have thought about that, though, when they signed Schmidt to a Gigantic long term deal while suspended from the NHL for PED?

      Thats the point……they lure these players here with long term stability and then when the next flavor of the month is out there they pull the rug out from under their feet and ship them off.

      If you make a commitment to a player and don’t even get 2 years into that contract before shopping them elsewhere, thats a GM issue. They made a mistake

  6. Dean

    Lehner signed for 5 years because no else would give him a contract of that length or money. Pietrangelo is likely coming because there really is no other market left for him (we are negotiating with ourselves and will likely pay too much). Players will go where the deal and the money is but what we are destroying is the days of hometown discounts. When players know there is no loyalty to them, they have no loyalty to the organization.

    • Stephanie

      This aged bad cuz AP so far was def overpaid .We’ve been scammed.

  7. Thank you i agree 100 percent

  8. Daryl

    People keep saying this is a business and to get over it, but that’s easy to say as a fan. Think about this from a players perspective. These players have families who are in school. Some have spouses who also work. It’s easy to say suck it up when you aren’t the ones having to move your families every other year. It gets hard. And to say players don’t think about those things, do you really think Lehner would stay in VGK if they only offered him a year deal while another team offered him a 5 year deal? Players want stability.

    • THE hockey GOD

      happens every day in AMerica, people quit jobs, and companies fire people, get over it.

      Just a bunch of “writers” trying to make a story and issue out of something, that is nothing.

      • Daryl

        Are you really trying to compare hockey players and the business to the general public and regular jobs??? And it’s not just writers trying to make a story as there have been several journalists and broadcasters make similar comments. Lehner himself even stated he was looking for stability. If it wasn’t an issue, then players wouldn’t care about it

        • THE hockey GOD

          stop whining Daryl, welcome to real world. Lehner got his long term contract, that is what stability is, not staying some place for a long time. Boy are you clueless.

          • Daryl

            The OLD man has spoken!!! I think you should see a doctor before you get another heart attack with all this stress. Heaven forbid someone doesn’t agree with you, the all knowing

            As for your beloved Lehner, he’ll be gone within 2 years of his stable contract

  9. Jake

    Meh, hockey in general is like that. Every team is constantly dealing players in contracts. It’s why I’ll never buy a hockey jersey with a name on the back. I don’t really think Vegas is an outlier here…

  10. I agree with a lot of the comments I’ve read about hockey being a business AND also about loyalty. Sometimes it’s hard to do both, but what bothers me is some of the players being talked about for possible trades have been and still are better than a helluva lot of players at their positions on most other teams. Pacioretty and Fleury are still playing at high levels and while Marchessault didn’t play that well in the playoffs, if we were trading for a better forward it might make sense. Nate Schmidt however has a pleasant and fun personality, but he is overrated. In the playoffs, especially in the last 2-3 games I though he must have had a bad cold because he coughed the puck up countless times in our zone. In my opinion, trading him to secure enough money to sign Pietrangelo makes sense. Foley just came out today and said he would like to see Fleury remain with the team. I hope McPhee has enough sense to listen to his boss!

    • THE hockey GOD

      not only that Stan he was eating the ice a lot in front of his own net

  11. Josh

    Everytime I see a “Woe is the athlete…” story, I always remind myself how much they make for their “sacrifice.” Jon Merrill, who I have met multiple times and seems to be a great person with a beautiful family, who couldn’t crack the VGK lineup, just moved to the shithole that is Detroit…to make $925,000. Now Detroit is a dumpster fire, but how many people would move to Detroit to make $925k…or $825k…or even $225k? These players make a lot of money to go where they are told and play for those teams. If Schmidt gets traded to Florida, then for $6mil/year I guarantee he is roughing it with a condo on South Beach and laying out every day (his girlfriend is the one who should be worried). We can all send our condolence cards. I agree that VGK has zero loyalty and doesn’t give a shit what the fans think, but the players are similar as they want to make as much as they can in the short window they can make it, and it doesn’t really matter where. Sorry to all the fans that see a favorite player leave…but that player has absolutely no idea who you are and frankly doesn’t care.

    • Steve D.

      And everyone is making it sound like it’s a VGK issue. Or even a hockey issue. But the reality is, it is every sport, every team and every player. Loyalty only last for as long as you are on that team. Whether that is a game, a season or a career. That is just how it is. You can look at ever sport and every team and every player and see that’s truth. So fans need to either pick a team or pick your favorite players, but you can’t have both.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Detroit may be a shit hole of a city, but it is a hot bed of hockey, aka HOCKEYTOWN. And they are re building now, and likely to win a Stanley Cup before the VGK does. Why? They hired GM Stevie Y, who just built the TAMPA BAY LBOLTS a Stanley Cup winner this past season.


  12. jason mason

    It’s a business and if you buy a jersey with “your guy’s” name on it be prepared for a let down at some point. Even Gretzky got traded.

    That being said, the team was put together with management talking a lot about character people in addition to talent, and while talent comes first, in a town like Vegas a little character could keep you out of trouble. Management might be wise to remember character goes both ways in being honest about a few things. Winning early screwed with their mind and their 3 year plan to be a playoff competitive team. So much so they fired a winning coach and have basically shelved the “face of the franchise.” Good luck to anyone that gets that title once Fleury is gone. Maybe they should retire it, Vegas is a transient town after all. Will we get donuts for every Lehner shut out….that’s the real question here.

    Team chemistry will take a hit next season, so beware of high expectations. Just as the article states, players see what’s happening, so don’t expect a player to be loyal when he decides to shop himself around the league. You get what you give.

  13. Capology

    wake up Knight snowflakes… the REASON that your name is being bandied about in trade talks is because of the LOYALTY of the owner to your teammate, Marc-Andre Fleury. …..and the SALARY CAP.

    where is the loyalty of the players who demand big contracts that by definition cause the cap problems that cause your teammates to get traded. UNDERSTAND it NOW????

    • Daryl

      Exactly which players are demanding big contracts and are causing the cap problems? I think Stone is overpaid but was that b/c he demanded that much or was it VGK trying to secure him? Same with MAF? Do you really think Reaves demanded his salary which he is being overpaid. And I think the same with Holden and his salary. Not saying they didn’t ask for the money, but I don’t think those players are demanding anything. Now, if you have someone like Crosby or Ovi, then yeah, they are making demands but your mid level players aren’t

      • Capology

        bs. the PLAYERS UNION, over the years, in negotiations with the owners, demanded FREE AGENCY, both UFA and RFA….. the PLAYERS voted to toss team LOYALTY out the window and go to free agent status. That means that the mid level and lower level players also participate in moving from one team to another to increase their pay. Nothing wrong with that, but be honest about it and call it what it is, lack of team loyalty, that works both ways.

        • Capology

          these VGK players’ names are in trade talks BECAUSE their newest teammate-to-be, Pietrangelo, walked away from the Blues because he was a free agent, and did not like the raise they offered him. now he puts the Knights core players into possible trade status, so any resentment by vgk players about trades should be directed to him.

          let’s be honest, the only loyalty, on both sides, owner and player, mgmt and player, is to the almighty dollar.

          • Daryl

            How much was Pietra being offered by his former team? What will be the difference between their offer and VGK offer?

            You are right about one thing… It’s about the money

        • Daryl

          Players wanted money because owners and upper management were getting filthy rich off the players. They simply wanted more of the money being brought in instead of it going to old men in suits. Why should management make millions while players who bust their ass every day play for pennies (compared)? If owners weren’t so stingy there wouldn’t be a as big of a problem as there is now

  14. Bent Hermit

    VGK owner made billions buying and selling assets. Is it that hard to believe that he only views players as assets to be bought, sold or traded and not as people. I’m not saying that there doesn’t need to be changes but the management’s philosophy starts at the top. I do think a team always has to be making moves every year they just need to think how they handle it.

  15. Its about Winning, They should never give some of these guys long term contracts. Some of those players should kiss the knights ass because they got more money then they are worth. Vegas wants to win, other teams do it and nobody says nothing.

  16. sb

    Something is wrong here with the so-called logic. Commentors are complaining that players won’t want to come to Vegas. Is that so? That’s not the case with Petrangelo who apparently has Vegas at the top of his list. That’s not the case with Haula …… he wants to come back. Stone and Pac wanted to come to Vegas. Martinez was happy to land here. Chandler resigned. Players are gonna get the money either here or some place else and they fully realize trades are part of the business. What do players really want? To win. To be on a winning team. A team that is capable of winning the Cup. I honestly don’t believe Vegas is scaring any players away. And other top names like Petrangelo would gladly sign here.

    • THE hockey GOD

      the Russian, Neal and Perron didn’t like it here, among others, and the big St Louis D man just left without signing a contract…..more to come

  17. This article is kind of absurd. The NHL is a business like any other. If these players Vegas traded had a no-trade clause in their contract, they would not have either be signed or traded – simple.

    • Daryl

      It’s not so easy to just say I want a no trade clause. As much as they thought of MAF even he couldn’t get a full no trade clause. That goes to show the no loyalty issue

      • THE hockey GOD

        no it does not, you are clueless , as usual.

        • Daryl

          I’m clueless because you say so… good to know. I sometimes forget that you are the all knowing and anyone that doesn’t agree with you is clueless. I’ll try to remember that

  18. GAPPER

    Schmidt is a great guy as are most of the players. Gallant was fired BECAUSE of the PLAYERS who kept cashing their paychecks despite playing poorly. Where is THE LEADERSHIP!!!! Does Fleury offer a $2.5m discount in an effort to stay in Vegas and help pay for Pietrangelo’s contract to make the team better??? No. He would rather be traded and keep the $7.5m. His agent prefers the sinister tweet to gain sympathy for his client and create discord among the team during the playoffs.

    McCrimmon, McPhee and Foley have the Fans, The City and the Team as their priority. It was Foley who laid down $500m for us to have a team (and who was told hockey would never sell in the desert and that he was a crackpot). It’s McCrimmon and McPhee who are having daily, hourly conversations to improve the team and bring a Championship to Vegas. Let’s celebrate them. Why is Vegas considered a great place to come. The City, The Fans, The Ownership, The Weather, The Taxes. The Success. Not settling is something fans in other cities wish they had. Let’s support that.

  19. Capology

    Brian Burke has traded numerous players over his many years in mgmt, but now he is a blowhard media hack on Canadian TV, so he has to try to stir up trouble, and also feed the phony resentment against Vegas because they did more in one year than Toronto Maple Loafs have done since 1967.

  20. Herby Widmer

    TEAM BEATS TALENT. The front office will destroy the team spirit if they trade Schmidt or Fleury for Pietrangelo.

  21. Rob

    Playing with talented players who are good guys. A first class organization with regard to facilities and being set up for success. Playing in the best arena experience in the NHL. So many fans want to see you practice that many get turned away. Living in a city that worships you, while offering the ultimate lifestyle for young men of means. Golf with short sleeves = year round.

    Imagine having that taken away from you forcibly. Feel bad for the players and their families when they get the rug pulled out from under them, but also it’s great that the entire experience of playing for VGK is so special for them.

  22. Capology

    hey VGK players. Did you see who was in the trade rumors after winning the Stanley Cup? that’s right, Steven Stamkos, the captain of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

    and center Tyler Johnson was put on waivers.

    why? because there is a salary cap, that’s why.

    so, get over yourselves, and welcome to reality. There will be changes, even to popular team members, such as the firing of coach Gallant, the trade of dman Brad Hunt, one of the most popular players in the dressing room that the Knights have ever had, as other players have stated. and the involuntary parting of veteran dman Deryk Engelland, another popular leader in the room.

  23. Jeff

    This is the stupidest piece of crap article written in the history of sports journalism. If that’s what you want to call this website. Let’s talk about the lack of loyalty the team has once we haven’t made the playoffs for 5 years straight. You think any of these players have any loyalty to the organizations they play for or are they just taking the best deal possible thrown at them. If there was any loyalty from the players Pietrangelo wouldn’t be testing the free agency market after winning the Cup as the captain of the Blues 2 season ago. He’d be taking a cap friendly contract that allows the Blues to keep the Cup team together. This article is just a giant flashing billboard saying “Hey look at us we know nothing about Pro Hockey”. Congratulations on out-doing your previous stupidity tweeted and posted on the internet.

  24. I understand the players being upset, especially when you have kids, moving can be very hard on a family. These players have young kids, it’s understandable, it’s not like they have 18 year olds, so all of us get it. That being said, Foley really is going to bat for this community, stepping up, giving McPhee and McCrimmon all the support they need. Feelings will be hurt, relationships will end and new one’s beginning. When it shakes out, our team will rally, become loyal to one another, these guys are professionals, it’s a business too. I love Schmidt, Marchy and all the original guys, we will never forget them. Engelland is King Kong to me. Now, no more taking a knee, be stand up guys, you should kiss the ground you walk on, so many men and women lost their limbs, defending our freedoms, they can’t walk, always remember that. You spit in my face again, I walk !! I don’t support ingrates !!

  25. I understand the players being upset, especially when you have kids, moving can be very hard on a family. These players have young kids, it’s understandable, it’s not like they have 18 year olds, so all of us get it. That being said, Foley really is going to bat for this community, stepping up, giving McPhee and McCrimmon all the support they need. Feelings will be hurt, relationships will end and new one’s beginning. When it shakes out, our team will rally, become loyal to one another, these guys are professionals, it’s a business too. I love Schmidt, Marchy and all the original guys, we will never forget them. Engelland is King Kong to me. Now, no more taking a knee, be stand up guys, you should kiss the ground you walk on, so many men and women lost their limbs, defending our freedoms, they can’t walk, always remember that. You spit in my face again, I walk !! I don’t support ingrates !!

  26. Responce to earlier comment Perron wanted to stay was not offered a contract?

  27. Gary Dadey

    I would rather have Pietrangelo than Schmidt. Schmidt had the PED issue last year and this year his poor play cost us the series vs Dallas…All the players overachiever in the 1st year. Players got lazy under Gallant and not sure if they did the same with DeBour

    • Daryl

      So VGK lost because of Schmidt? Good to know

    • Dave S. Collingridge

      Vegas lost against Dallas because they couldn’t score enough goals. I don’t think it was a D problem.

  28. Daryl

    Now that VGK is wasting money on Pietra, who are the next two VGK players to get the boot?

    • Julie

      Hey, Daryl, looks like Fleury stays per McCrimmon (The Athletic).

      • Daryl

        Yep, which means they will need to trade another player to get under the Cap. So basically, we are giving away 3 players to sign Pietra. And it’s not like they can trade a guy like Hague because he doesn’t even make enough. Maybe if they didn’t give Reaves his pay raise they could use one of those AHL players

  29. Michael R.

    As a former Florida Panthers fan, a team that hasn’t won a playoff series in more than 20 years, I am blown away by this 3 year old franchise’s ability to steadfastly remain focused on the main thing: winning. The Golden Knights just added a superstar, a potential future HOFer in the prime of his career, after having just gotten younger and better in goal by adding a top 10 net keeper. Cups are hard to win, but with these moves, Vegas has put itself in position to go for it for the foreseeable future. Fantastic news and congrats to the Golden Knights.

  30. VGK2020

    Pierre LeBrun reports that the deal with Pietrangelo is being finalized right now, at $8.8m, seven yrs

    let the trades begin

  31. VGK2020

    Schmidt traded to Vancouver for only a 3rd round draft pick in 2022

    that is really a comedown for Nate, getting traded for basically garbage return, because of salary cap dump.

    he got outmuscled in front of the net by Radulov, and that spelled the end for him

  32. Real fan

    People can be real fans and not agree with decisions of the organization. What the hell is a real fan and who judges that? ? There are things called morals, ethics and honesty none that I have seen the VGK Executives have shown in recent months. You reward a player with a multi million dollar contract who showed nothing but lazy play and brought you nothing! Now you bring in another player who’s stats are not any better than Nate Schmidt’s… you have gained nothing and could lose everything. Be careful what you wish for may not be all that is cracked up to be. I liked this article, truth hurts!

  33. Miri

    Thanks, Ken, for this article. Something that I’ve always appreciated about your columns is that you always seem to remember that hockey players and coaches are also humans, and not mechanical beings. I suppose it’s too much to hope that the higher ups in the Knights front office would take to heart columns such as this one (among others). In any case, appreciate your addressing this topic.

  34. Mike StG

    The points in the article have some validity, but if you look around the league ALL the teams do the same thing. It’s part of the business. I just find it a little “rich” for SinBin to be raising this issue as a concern. I’m an avid follower of their media, podcasts, Periscopes etc and quite frankly they’re always throwing around suggestions of players the team should unload, even when it’s not the trade deadline or offseason. Stastny is overpaid, Patch isn’t worth it, etc etc. If the team followed their ideas it would have only a couple of players left – Stone and Theodore, maybe Karlsson. But irrespective of that they’re still the one of the best, most interesting sources for VGK info and discussion.

  35. Dave S. Collingridge

    You can’t win a cup with just big names and big contracts – it also takes a sense of loyalty. Loyalty is how Vegas did so well in their inaugural season. Right now Vegas rates poorly on loyalty. Every player is expendable in management’s ruthless pursuit of the cup.

  36. Vegas is going to be nothing in a few years. They might win the conference but never the Cup.

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