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Golden Knights Broke The Stanley Cup During Celebrations

(Photo Credit: @GoldenKnights on Twitter)

Some guys things just can’t handle Vegas.

One that I can probably say now, the Cup did break. It’s been all fixed and everything’s fine. Small break. That part you are kind of like, ‘holy shit, is this supposed to happen, does this happen to everyone?’ –Bruce Cassidy on What Chaos Show

Cassidy didn’t go into too much detail about exactly what happened that caused the Stanley Cup to break, but he can rest assured the Golden Knights are not the only team to have damaged hockey’s holy grail.

It’s been dropped when being carried to the team picture on the ice, has fallen off multiple tables, and was burned in a bonfire. And that’s just a few of the many examples.

I know I’m probably in trouble with the NHL but everything’s good, it’s fine. If you’ve ever seen the Cup up close it is dented all over the place and it truly is (the Cup) it’s not some replica cause it’s got some marks on it. –Cassidy on What Chaos Show

Cassidy’s interview on the What Chaos Show is a must-listen for all VGK fans. They go into all sorts of topics including Eichel’s Selke campaign, how much the Bruins being good last year ate at him, and even the slip-up he had to apologize to the Arizona Coyotes about last year.

His explanation of when winning the Cup starts to feel real is a gem too…

The on-ice sets in right away. You’re looking up and the families are coming down, all the families are on the ice, the Cup is in your hands, it’s over your head, there couldn’t be more joy and love in the air. We won it at home, 18 thousand 500 people are still in the building. Then you get away from that and then the parade comes and you are like ‘jeez, we won this thing let’s go celebrate.’ Then you go home and have your Cup day and it sets in again a month later and you say ‘my name in on this thing, right there, it’s all I’ve ever wanted.’ And reality hits again. So it goes in phases. –Cassidy on What Chaos Show

As much as it means to us, it’s always great to get a reminder that it means just as much to them too.




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  1. Jason

    Perfect coach for this team at the perfect time. Funny how life can work out sometimes.

  2. Tim

    No surprise our guys were all drunk on there ass in our celebration led by Wild Bill’s historic speech.

  3. Pp – who tried to drag wild. Bill offstage during his historic speech????

  4. Jesse

    They just gave the Cup more character. No harm no foul. GO KNIGHTS GO



  6. Toe Drag

    Great interview with Cassidy but it gets cut off. Is there a part 2?

  7. JB

    I’ll take KC in SB. Can’t go against Mahomes!

  8. ThG

    NV Liberal DEM SOS Aguilar wants to use sports venues as voting precinct in effort to “increase voter turn out” (hidden meaning, allow more cheating by DEMS, as if they don’t cheat enough already)

    Don’t tell me there isn’t politics in sports.

    Meanwhile an independent inquisition into Genocide Joe’s handling of classified documents was released and found him to be mentally incompetent. I guess that term now applies to everyone in the demopedophile party. because they obviously all knew that from day one. The party of demented, stupid people.

    sez me

  9. Bobby

    The pair sitting in the front row in Tempe, with the “day f***king one” patches on their jerseys/sweaters!

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