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Golden Knights Betting Trends So Far This Season

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If you bet on every Golden Knights game this season, 29 times out of the 49 games you would have cashed in as a winner. Unfortunately, the 20 losses have actually outweighed the 29 wins.

In the 29 wins the Golden Knights have been favored in 23. They were -110, or a pick ’em, in three, and were underdogs in three others. Betting on just those wins would have netted you $1,954.53, or an average win of $67.40 per game.

In the 20 losses, Vegas were favored in 14 while being underdogs in five and -110 in the opener against the Kings. Losing all 20 would mean losing exactly $100 each game, or $2,000 total. That means, after 49 games, betting $100 on every game would have you down $45.47.

However, there have been plenty of situations that have been profitable for the Golden Knights this season.

The first is road games, and more specifically, road games in which they are favored. VGK have boasted a strong 15-7 betting record on the road which would have netted an average of $22.15 profit per game on $100 bets. When favored, the Golden Knights have won 11 of the 14 for a profit of $376.35.

The next is against Eastern Conference teams. VGK are 14-7 against the East including a road record of 8-2. That’d be a $316.12 profit on all 21 and $386.70 on the road games.

High-scoring games have also suited the Golden Knights well. They are 15-5 in games with at least seven goals. $100 per game would have netted $653.81 in those 20 games.

Pick ’em games have been great too. The Golden Knights have played in three toss-up games with both sides at -110. They’ve won all three against the Penguins, Kings, and Maple Leafs.

The final scenario is the weakest, but a definite positive in how the team bounces back from setbacks. The Golden Knights are 12-7 following a loss as they will be tomorrow night in New York. That number has come down recently though as VGK started the season 8-2 following a loss and had not lost three straight until this last homestand. They gained $292.91 in those first 10, but have lost $238.05 in the final nine.

The toughest spot this season has been games against the Pacific Division. They have an overall record of 5-10 against the division including a miserable 1-5 at home. They’ve dropped $466.67 in the six home games while losing $571.56 overall.

Unsurprising to season ticket holders, the Golden Knights have struggled at home this year. They are 14-12 and have lost $532.73 in those 26 games.

Another oddity is games that finish exactly 3-2. Vegas have competed in 10 games with that final score, they’ve lost seven of the 10 and have hemorrhaged $46.60 per night in those games.

All in all, the Golden Knights still win more than they lose, so there are ways to make money betting on them. Aim for road games in which they are favored, -110’s, and games against the East, and definitely avoid Pacific Division home games.

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  1. Arnold Rothstein

    I can appreciate the subject matter of this article !!


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      • THE hockey GOD

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          • Tim

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          • THE hockey GOD

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          • THE hockey GOD

            “ignore him”

            says the typical lib tard who is a control freak and can’t stand free speech.

            This guy hates AMerica, and it shows. EVery time he posts hate.

  2. THE hockey GOD

    gary pantyhose bettman “betting” trends in woke NHL

    ” The “progressives” really cannot tolerate dissent, and especially when it comes to their LGBTQ ideology. Expressing solidarity with “gay pride” is not optional. Athletes who refuse to share in the solidarity should be punished, and teams that won’t punish them should be fined.

    On Jan. 17, Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Ivan Provorov infuriated sports journalists when he refused to wear a rainbow jersey for warmups during “Pride Night,” citing his Russian Orthodox faith. “I respect everybody and I respect everybody’s choices. My choice is to stay true to myself and my religion.”

    On the NHL Network, analyst E. J. Hradek trashed Provorov, who moved from Russia to Pennsylvania when he was 13, saying he should go back to Russia and fight in Ukraine. “Ivan Provorov can get on a plane any day he wants and go back to a place where he feels more comfortable, take less money and get on with his life that way, if it’s that problematic for him,” he said. “If it bothers you that much, there’s always a chance to leave, go back to where you feel more comfortable — I understand there’s a conflict of sorts going on over there, maybe get involved.”

    For their part, the Flyers didn’t punish Provorov but offered their usual corporate expressions of support for LGBTQ “pride.”

    “The Flyers should have responded by not allowing him to play in the game,” tweeted NHL announcer Gord Miller with the Canadian network TSN. “Freedom of expression doesn’t give you freedom from the consequences of your words or actions.” Punishment is essential to the Left.

    “He’s a shameful human being whose homophobia is only going to get more shameful over the years,” Adam Proteau of The Hockey News proclaimed. He compared Provorov’s action to racism or anti-Semitism, and then boasted, “I’m going to keep on keepin’ on, and all the wonderful people on the right side of history should do the same. Don’t ever let vicious opposition intimidate you.”

    Journalists should know that sometimes, religious people are trying to put themselves on the right side of God, not the so-called “right side of history.”

    The gold medal for intolerance of Christians in this competition goes to Canadian “Breakfast Television” commentator Sid Seixeiro, who demanded the NHL fine the Flyers $1 million for allowing Provorov to skip wearing the jersey. He underlined, “I’m not kidding!”

    He added that religious people are typically hypocrites who lead disgusting lives. “One last point! Nothing scares me more than any human being who says, ‘I’m not doing this because of my religious beliefs,'” he said. “Because when you look at people’s lives who normally say that publicly, you’d throw up at what you saw. You’d throw up at what you saw! I’ve seen that a million times in a lot of different ways, so don’t give me that … Don’t feed me the religious beliefs line.”

    In other words, Seixeiro won’t tolerate a religious-beliefs excuse for anything because he thinks religion is bunk. His critics on Twitter are asking, “Why do their beliefs trump my beliefs?” The Left thinks that you should never tolerate two sides of any political view like they’re equally valid. Their views must be the ones that everyone must celebrate or face negative consequences.

    Here in America, we still have freedom of religion, even if our sports journalists no longer believe in it. Here in America, people still watch sports for the action, not for the political woke-stakes. Here in America, we can’t imagine why someone would want to live in the suffocating censorship that’s emerging in Canada. Let freedom ring.

    Author of article, pointing out the hypocrisy of the left is Tim Graham is director of media analysis at the Media Research Cente

  3. THE hockey GOD

    Logan Thompson Was Down on Himself For Loss to Devils
    Vegas Golden Knights goaltender Logan Thompson condemned his performance against the New Jersey Devils on Tuesday.
    AIDAN CHAMPIONJAN 25, 2023 10:00 AM EST

    hey say we are our worst critics, and that could not have been more true for a frustrated Logan Thompson who felt the burden of a 3-2 overtime loss to the New Jersey Devils on Tuesday.

    The Vegas Golden Knights goaltender made some terrific saves to keep his team in contention with one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference, but it wasn’t enough for him to feel any sense of pride for his performance.

    “They score in the first 4 minutes of the game and then the list minute, so that’s on me,” Thompson told the media after the game. “I got to just be — I got to be better.”

    The self-disappointment stemmed from a number of recent games where Thompson felt he had let his team down.

    “It’s unacceptable,” Thompson said. “I haven’t been good in my last 10 games. I got to start [playing] winning hockey. That’s what I’m here to do. I haven’t done my job. That last goal — I can make a save on all those goals, so it’s pretty unacceptable, and I got to be better.”

    He is right, he has to be better. IF that was RL in nets, the loser whiner complainers on this forum would want his head on the block.

    Most unsophisticated, double standard, whiny, loser posters in NHL. Right here folks, come one , come all, see the losers post smelly garbage.

  4. Walt

    The Provorov #9 sweater is selling well. If I owned the VGK, I would have a Provorov night where all players on both teams must wear the Flyers #9 sweater. Proceeds from the sweater sales would go to the Provorov ‘I’m the only one with balls and a brain’ fund.

  5. Why even bother and who cares. Much better things to do with hard earned bucks.

  6. DOCDG

    Wrong math, I don’t know of a bookie that does not keep the 10% vig on losing bets.

    You have to give them $110 to make a $100 bet. If you win you get paid your $100 plus the $100 you won plus the $10 vig. for a net profit of $100.

    If you loose they keep the whole $110. Over 20 games that comes to another $200. You lost $245.74, not 45.74.

    • I did the math as if every bet was $100. So when you win a -110, to win $90.91.

      On our odds page we do it to win $100 when they are favored. So that is more similar to what you are saying.

  7. DOCDG

    Thanks for clarifying that, it is a lot harder to compute but makes sense that way.

    • I’ve found that people who like to sports bet like to operate using units and round numbers, where people who don’t just want to know “how much would I win if I bet x amount every game.

      • Arnold Rothstein

        that’s the way I do it

        i have no beef with the content of article


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