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Golden Knights Believe Winning At Home Has A Lot To Do With The Crowd

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

You guys watched the game tonight, look at the fans, they are awesome. It’s going to turn into like last year’s playoffs in Nashville, those fans were crazy and we have the potential to be just as good if not better. -Alex Tuch

High praise, but for a team that’s now 6-1 in a building they’ve called home for less than three weeks, it’s probably warranted.

Home-ice advantage isn’t something every team in the NHL has. In fact, every year about six to 10 teams have a losing record at home. With the Golden Knights spending most of their time at their posh new practice facility in Summerlin, it was almost to be expected that it would take a bit of time for things to feel like home at T-Mobile Arena. Throw in the masses of fans who were coming from Detroit, Buffalo, St. Louis, and Chicago and a case could have been made that the Golden Knights would never have felt at home. Through one homestand, that couldn’t be further from the case.

Obviously, we have a great supporting cast here and every night’s been great, the atmosphere is great. The fans are very supportive, and yeah it helps it’s kind of that extra man on the ice. -Erik Haula

When you score a goal and the crowd jumps in or if you get scored on and the crowd tries to pick you back up with a “Go Knights Go” chant, it helps a lot. -Tuch

It might be the “Vegas Flu” opposing teams are catching (we’ve got an article coming on that too) but even if that’s the case, Golden Knights fans have made an impact on their new team, and the team has responded.

Everything about the energy from the crowd, from the way we’ve been responding to that energy too. -David Perron

I hear a lot of cheering. It’s nonstop. The atmosphere is like a playoff game. I was fortunate enough to be the assistant coach in Montreal for a couple of years when we were in the playoffs. Every game here seems like a playoff game. The atmosphere is unbelievable for our team. -Gerard Gallant

There were a lot of reasons many believe Vegas would be good at home, but not many of them involved a rabid hockey-crazed fan base that can’t get enough. Las Vegas has that, and pretty much every person reading this has been a part of it. Pat yourself on the backs people, part of this start is because of you.


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  1. Jeff

    Can I say this…I posted this in your comment section on September 8th

    “All the computer models and predictions don’t take into account the excitement and motivation that playing in a new city, on a new team, with new teammates, and in front of a city that has been drooling for professional sports brings to the team. It doesn’t take into account the us against the world mentality that could be created in the room if the leadership group comes together as I believe they will under Gallant. It doesn’t take into account just how great of a coach Gallant actually is and how he has a history of taking under valued players and bringing them together as a surprisingly competitive team with an incredible work ethic which I believe, in a league with such parody, is heads and tails more important than any other single stat.

    Those things alone should be good for 10 to 15 wins on the low side. I really believe that this team in it’s first season competes for a playoff spot. I know it’s not a good thing as the future of the franchise is in next years draft class and the youth movement and I’m totally on board with that direction. I just don’t think that you can tell players not to compete so we have a great draft next summer and I certainly don’t think that’s what Gallant will be preaching in that locker room.”

    Anyone still think I was crazy because you ALL did back then?

  2. samia witwit

    Can’t say enough I much I LOVE the VIBE of 17,000 screaming fans…..every single one of them! I couldn’t stop smiling walking around the concourse. I felt elevated. All the fans coming together definitely helps me to heal after our tragedy on Oct 1st. The continued chanting in the concourse after the game is the icing on the cake.

    Did anyone notice how many fans stayed after the game to hear the 3 stars announcement? That’s loyalty! #VegasStrong

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