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Golden Knights Being Disrespected In National Power Rankings

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The Golden Knights have won seven of their last nine games. They’ve won on the road, they’ve won at home, they’ve beaten bad teams, decent teams, and good teams. They’ve won both ends of a back-to-back. They’ve allowed two or fewer goals in six of the nine games.

They’ve done it all without Mark Stone, Max Pacioretty, William Karlsson, Zach Whitecloud, and at times. Alec Martinez. And this isn’t even considering Jack Eichel (or Alex Tuch before the deal)!

Vegas sits 16th in the NHL standings despite playing a roster that at times has sat below the salary cap floor.

Around here, I don’t need to tell anyone how remarkable this run has been and beyond that what it means for the future when players do start making their way back into the lineup. But apparently, I need to alert the national media because the Golden Knights are being insanely disrespected in the power rankings.’s Super 16 is a weekly column that lists the best 16 teams in the league by compiling votes from 14 of their writers. Vegas did not make the cut in the most recent installment and only appeared in the rankings of six of the 14 writers. The highest spot they garnered was 13th.

Sportsnet came out with their latest power rankings on Thursday and the Golden Knights came in at 24th. ESPN is even worse… 26th!?!

Bleacher Report has Vegas at 21. The Seattle Times has the Golden Knights at 22, just three spots ahead of the Kraken.

To borrow a phrase from the late great Vince Lombardi, “what the hell is going on out here?”

Literally everyone knows the Golden Knights are so much better than they are being ranked right now. You can point to the results, but really, they’ve been better than anyone could have imagined given the injuries.

I’m not trying to make the argument for the Golden Knights to be #1, or even in the top 5, but bottom third of the league? C’mon. 21st? 24th? 26th?

Do better national media. Do better.


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  1. knights fan in minny

    martini is playing what a warrior

    • Coyote

      If he does play, that will cement him into my all time badass list. I hope he does not, however. Let him rest. It’s not a playoff game.

    • knights fan in minny

      oops read something wrong my bad

    • THE hockey GOD

      yep, KFIM, I bet he wears a full face guard because if he busts a stitch he will be going back to dressing room

      like Dutton in season four episode one , firing his home nurse after five minutes, and you can take that one to the train station.

  2. Henderson One

    Who cares!!! Love to be underestimated and disrespected. We are the Misfits Version II

  3. Ken it matters not let them fly under the radar there is no prize for being on that list.

  4. Frank

    Good to be underestimated in the regular season. We get everyone back healthy at the right time…. Watch out!

  5. Richard Evans

    I have been amazed. ESPN has dropped the Knights 8 places while going 6-2-0.

    Pure idiocy.

    • THE hockey GOD

      who or what is ESPN?? they have worst analysts, half of the broadcasters mess up the team on the ice. Terrible.

  6. THE hockey GOD

    power ratings are fair considering who they have played , who they have beaten, and who they have lost too, and who the teams they have lost to>> lost to, and who the teams they have beat >>>lost to, and who the teams they have beat – beat in their next few outings.

    whewww ! That was a mouthful and a half.

    it’s all relative, now where’s doc? Is he up in attic with crazy aunt or down in basement with Uncle Cletus ?

    • Daryl

      I am impressed THG… I was about to write something similar but no point since you have already stated my opinion as well.

      Also, the season is very early so who really cares what the power rankings are today. Actually, who really cares about power rankings… standings at the end of the season is really all that matters

    • robert Hobrough

      or in the kitchen with sister eunice dont know if this is the right spelling

  7. Tim

    Rating the teams after a month is a little ridiculous and who gives a shit where were rated now. The good news is Stone and Martinez are back and I’m a little surprised Cotter’s not playing over Amadio but they know best.

  8. I never comment because these comments are full of right wing anti-vax idiots who can’t seem to realize ALL politicians are evil including Trump. But seriously how in the hell can we not be rated higher? Our depth has proven to be amazing. As our top guys return (Stone tonight??) we will only get better. We should be rated top 10 no matter what. Maybe the idiots making these rankings are wild fans still blaming the ice for their loss?

    • knights fan in minny

      here we go another nut job who worships joe blunder failure biden what are you afraid of johnny crack head put your mask on and remain afraid yopu bone head

    • Daryl

      Typical liberal view who has no clue and doesn’t understand hockey…. proven by the comment that certain players will be returning. Returning players have no bearing on the power rankings and whether a team will get better nor not. And if you honestly think this team is top ten right now, then that’s just more proof you are completely delusional!!!

    • GK Fan

      Never read your comments since your a dimbass

  9. Spab

    It’s about what they’re doing now not when stone and patcheretti get back. Right now their goals for and a lot of other stats are pretty bad. They’ve also had a heavy home schedule and easy teams.

  10. The Power Ranking is based on many things: the overall strength and health of the team, the W/L Record, team depth, etc. ..based on the totality of factors, the Knights are still missing key pieces to their longterm success. These writers see that we have some weak spots in our game, but we will surely improve as we get returning starters back on ice. Yes, we’ve won lately, but we’ve had major lapses in play, as well. I’m not satisfied with the lower ranking, either, but the team WILL certainly earn better rankings as the season progresses. If we’re posting the W’s now, with a depleted roster, we will surely KICK SOME QUALITY ASS when we get our stars back!!!


  12. MD

    These ‘power ratings’ are more useless than a kickstand on a tricycle (or tits on a bull).

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