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Golden Knights Are Smoking Eastern Conference Teams At Home, But Struggling On The Road

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Exactly half of the NHL’s 32 teams only get to travel to the greatest city in the world one time a year to play a hockey game. Typically in front of a throng of their own fans, you’d think they want to make the most of it by playing a great game against the defending Stanley Cup champions.

Well, that hasn’t been the case so far here in 2023-24.

With last night’s drubbing of the current Metro Division-leading New York Rangers, the Golden Knights have now improved to 7-2-0 against the Eastern Conference at home this year. The win is VGK’s third straight against the East and the second consecutive against division leaders.

The Golden Knights have outscored their out-of-conference foes by a score of 31-21 and they have posted 3+ goal victories in five of the nine games at T-Mobile Arena.

On the flip side, the East has not been kind to the Golden Knights away from home. Vegas has traveled to the other side of the country twice this year to play a total of seven games. The Golden Knights are just 1-5-1 and are currently on a five-game losing streak.

Where VGK have a +10 goal differential against the East at home they are -13 on the road. The Golden Knights offense has been muted away from home as they score a full goal per game less (3.4 at home, 2.4 on road).

There’s good news and bad news with this trend on the upcoming schedule. The good news, the next game is at home against an Eastern Conference rival, the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Pens shut the Golden Knights out in Pittsburgh earlier this year and the game wasn’t particularly competitive. However, Washington did the same thing, and when they came to Vegas, the Golden Knights thrashed them 4-1.

The bad news is that the last four games before the All Star break are all on the road against Eastern Conference teams. To make matters worse, they are scheduled as a pair of back-to-backs. The Golden Knights are 1-2-1 on the second leg of back-to-backs including that shutout to the Penguins.

VGK are playing much better over the past few games, being led by strong goaltending and an offensive resurgence from the captain. They are in a solid position as it currently stands in the playoff chase, but with the teams charging behind them, these next five games will go a long way toward setting the tone for the long break that follows them.




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  1. Emmanuel

    Eastern teams only visit once a year. Strip hangover?

    Western teams, been there done that 2-4 times a year……

  2. Pistol Pete

    Live version of a cut from the latest (2021) album of the best band on the planet.

  3. Tim

    If your talking about the greatest bands of all time look no further then ( The Band ) a very talented group of musicians. I was lucky enough to see the start of Rock & Roll with Gene Vincent who died to young and Allen Freed and the Moondog Show from Cleveland before he made the big time in New York. Yes my friend that was the start and the reason the R & R Hall of Fame is in Cleveland. I was raised in Cleveland and there were record pro-mo trucks that would come to our schools and pass out new records to see how we liked them. Cleveland excepted black musicians where many parts of the country didn’t so they would test there music with us as kids again another reason the H.O.F. is in Cleveland. I go in the service in 1963 and R & R is still the thing but a year later when I’m over seas the start of the British invasion and everything changed. You all have your favorite bands I know my son was into Punk, my daughter Maddona, my granddaughters Taylor Swift and the next generation will have there favorites. I’ve just been lucky to be a part of it since the beginning.

    • Pistol Pete

      You predate me Tim but appreciate you being there in the beginning. Thought the movie Elvis was good; interesting his bond with African Americans which some viewed as criminal during segregation. My start was 1963 Meet The Beatles pretty much but not quite their first American release. I was a Stones fan too and other mid sixties groups such as Sam The Sham and many others. Got totally hooked on Hendrix who I can still listen to after all these years. Volbeat really satisfies my hunger for rock guitar and powerful vocals though they are contemporary. I still listen to some classic stuff but live in the present as well.

      • Tim

        Your high school years had to be fun you probably graduated in 1971 so you were in the middle of the summer of love and the generation that had the saying turn on, tune in, drop out. So you have plenty of memories Pete.

      • JB

        Right therein the middle of you Tim and Pete. I was born in 1950. The 60s music still my favorite , but 80s rock is pretty damn good!

        • Pistol Pete

          No Volbeat for you JB? Pretty popular with older rockers. Michael Poulsen founded a death metal group in Denmark 30 some years ago in his teens and created Volbeat around 2005. Interesting blend of metal, rockabilly, rock and roll, pop rock you name it. Well received by the critics. Volbeat Essentials on Apple Music has like 47 cuts every one of them good. I have all 8 albums. Poulsen is currently touring in a death metal group for old time sake ahead of writing the next Volbeat album.

        • Tim

          JB I had a brother born in 1950 in fact on St. Patties day March 17 had to forget his birthday. My wedding hard to forget also December 7th Pearl Harbor will live in infamy.

  4. Pistol Pete

    Penguins are generally a freakin pain in the rear end.

  5. JB

    Yes, the Pens always tuff on us. It would be sweet to end this homestand with three in a row. The 4 gamer out east is going to be murder. Two back to backs. Oh well, see if we can get the W tonight and hit the road.

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