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Golden Knights Are Here To Help Community Heal, Again

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Days before the Golden Knights stepped foot on a hockey rink as a team for the first time, they were tasked with something much larger than outscoring another NHL team. Despite still being relatively unknown to many in Las Vegas, the Golden Knights knew they needed to be a part of helping their community heal from the greatest tragedy the city had ever seen.

This is when the team really proved they are Vegas Born. It’s also the same moment the city realized this team is not just some new fad. The Golden Knights became a massive part of the fabric of Las Vegas and they’ve never stopped since.

Yesterday, horror struck our home again, and again, the Golden Knights were there to do whatever they could to help.

The team was 1600 miles away, but their impact could be felt. They rallied together to bring joy to many fans watching the game at home and then they expressed the same message they’ve been expressing since they first came into existence, that they are here and will always be here for Las Vegas.

We are VegasStrong. We are going to help the community heal as much as possible. Vegas is our home and it’s really sad that we have to go through this again but we will be there for everyone who needs help. -Jonathan Marchessault

The city means everything. We were all heartbroken about it. The moment of silence before the game was a class act by (the Blues) to acknowledge that. Just like we have in the past we’re going to rally around the city, try to give back as much as we can, and try to heal it as much as we can. -Keegan Kolesar

First and foremost we’re a family in Las Vegas. Obviously the city has been through a lot in the past and it’s a city that sticks together. No matter where you are from or how long you have lived there it’s a community that always sticks together and comes together to support one another. This team feels the support of the community every single night for the past seven years so we’re always there for our community. It’s a difficult day but we’re here to support our community and stand together with Las Vegas all the time. -Zach Whitecloud

Our hearts go out to the people in Las Vegas. Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery for everybody. Our staff, players, and entire organization are thinking about everyone back home. -Bruce Cassidy

Just another example of why the Golden Knights are the greatest hockey team in the world.




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  1. Former season ticket holder

    Nuff said

  2. The Las Vegas Knights are still and always will be Vegas Strong! It is such a wonderful team of players ON and OFF the ice. I have moved back to Ohio a little over a year ago, but the Knights are still in my heart. We get to see most of the games and I love to watch every game even though the game starts at 10:00pm and most nights are over at 1:00am. VGK IS STILL MY TEAM.

  3. TS

    Vegas, we are SO lucky , having this AWESOME team, born in Vegas, to help when the city has trouble and grief. Not being a Hockey fan at all before the team arrived, and when the Strip Massacre occurred, I instantly paid attention, became an immediate fan. For LIFE. The VGK are OUR team, OUR Pride, OUR shared Bond. I wish fans here would just let the shared love of HOCKEY guide this site!! We are on the SAME TEAM, people!!

  4. Last night ‘s game in St. Louis said it all to the world who were lucky enough to be watching. Our KNIGHTS in a town 1600 miles from home were indirectly acknowledged for who they are and what they have contributed to Vegas from the very beginning “VEGAS BORN, VEGAS STRONG” with that moment of silence for the tragedy that happen. It was a class act on the part of St. Louis and shows what is capable of happening when people come together. It happened in St. Louis because the KNIGHTs were in town and hopefully sets an example for the league in general. Unfortunately, tragedy’s happen all over the world daily and many places are not lucky enough to have and organization like the Knights who adopted the city and the city responded in kind.

  5. JB

    Amen to you all! Vegas born, Vegas strong!

  6. Tim

    Vegas Strong is a powerful statement it resinate’s throughout the community and were damn proud of it.

  7. JB

    I just re-watched our Cup clinching game. Chill after chill. Just fantastic. HOW can we complain about our boys. Basically the same team back. We are built for the playoffs and will show it again this year. Two major injuries right now with hilly and Theo, plus Marty! We will get thru these and March on with vengeance! Right now we just need to keep grinding out points. LA is playing very good and with the games in hand, they may take over 1st in a bit. It will be a great battle for the division.

  8. John R Smith

    I may live in Arizona bet we are VEGAS STRONG love my VGK family

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