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Golden Knights Are Excellent In Bounce-back Games

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We rarely see a dud of a game from the Golden Knights. Tuesday night in Carolina was the first time Vegas had trailed by more than three goals at any point in a game and it was the only game this season where the outcome had pretty much already been decided by the first minute of the final period.

Inside of a game, the Golden Knights are one of the league’s best at keeping games close. They are even better from game to game though, especially after a terrible game.

This year, Vegas has lost a game by at least three goals on five occasions with the most recent game being the fifth. The Golden Knights went on to win the next game on the schedule all four times this year.

Loss vs LAK 4-1 -> Win vs SJS 5-0
Loss at WSH 3-0 -> Win at MTL 6-5
Loss at PIT 3-0 -> Win at DAL 2-1 (OT)
Loss at BUF 5-2 -> Win vs OTT 6-3
Loss at CAR 6-3 -> ??? at TBL

This isn’t a new phenomenon for VGK either. They were blown out in three playoff games last year and went on to win the next game all three times.

Loss in Game 1 vs WPG 5-1 -> Win in Game 2 vs WPG 5-2
Loss in Game 2 vs EDM 5-1 -> Win in Game 3 at EDM 5-1
Loss in Game 4 at EDM 4-1 -> Win in Game 5 vs EDM 4-3

Vegas lost 11 times last year by at least three goals. They went on to win the next game six times and picked up points in nine. Thus, in the last 18 times the Golden Knights lost a game by at least three goals, they have won the next game 13 times and picked up at least one point in 16.

Not too shabby.


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  1. ThG

    first the west article, now the bounce back article

    the jinx is in

    as VGK face the real beasts in the East

  2. I guess day the all encompassing day to day is better than the equally all encompassing week to week …I personally have lots of confidence in Patera as I thought he played extremely well against the Sharks regardless of the 4 goals.. the question we will need answered is can he do it for a stretch of games….and as important can we get back to controlling neutral zone play which in turn lends to increased offensive input while still adhering to Cassidy’s system!

  3. Henderson Knights

    Hill is listed as early January, and LT is listed as day to day.

    It will be Patera and Saville in net tonight.

    Maybe it is what is needed to focus the players on defensive structure, which has slipped badly for the past several games, even games they won.

    • TS

      Henderson, you may be right..the Boys should rise to the occasion, giving Patera the protection he’ll need. No careless giveaways, no dumb penalties, no let- downs. Fingers crossed for today…

  4. Coyote

    Look at the teams we had to play after the losses, though. Only Dallas is decent.

  5. Emmanuel

    The 3rd & 4th string G’s performance will give us clarification whether the excellent G stats are due to team defense or G talent.

  6. Emmanuel

    By the way does anyone know what over-the-air channel VGK games are broadcast? I’ll be in town for 7 weeks. I dont have cable.

  7. Frank

    True test on the road with both starting netminders out. Hopefully the boys get back to basics and play solid defense and complimentary offense…. we’ll see!

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