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Golden Knights And City Of Las Vegas Make NHL History Yet Again

Photo from Kartane in SinBin Discord

I could use a break from the puzzling decisions the Golden Knights’ front office made last week, I’m sure the fans can as well. With that, let’s completely ignore roster management and highlight yet another accomplishment by the 31st franchise. After holding the 2024 NHL Draft at The Sphere, the Vegas Golden Knights and the City of Las Vegas have hosted every one of the NHL’s major events. It’s a rare feat as many established teams haven’t had the opportunity to complete what Vegas has in only seven full seasons.

Major NHL Events Hosted In Las Vegas

  • 2017 – NHL Expansion Draft
  • 2018 – Stanley Cup Finals
  • 2022 – NHL All-Star Game
  • 2023 – Stanley Cup Finals
  • 2024 – NHL Draft

Front offices, agents, rookies, and fans all packed Las Vegas’ most desired venue for the league’s annual entry draft. The host team Golden Knights picked Trevor Connelley at #17, while also continuing to show off our beautiful city to the hockey world. The NHL Draft makes it the league’s fourth major event Las Vegas has hosted since 2017. The Stanley Cup finals (2018, 2023), All-Star game (2022) and the NHL Draft (2024) have now all taken place in Southern Nevada. Some teams haven’t seen any of these soirées in their hometowns, let alone all of them.

Sure, the Golden Knights have a leg up on most of the other 32 NHL destinations, but the league only awarded the city with the All-Star Game and NHL Draft. The team and the players were the reason the Stanley Cup Trophy was handed out in Sin City. Just think about this, since VGK’s first season there have been six individual champions, a third of them hoisted the Stanley Cup on the Golden Knights home ice. Vegas may have been on the wrong side of one of those T-Mobile Arena celebrations, but they made up for five seasons later.

Teams To Never Host A Stanley Cup Final

  • Columbus Blue Jackets: 2000 – Present
  • Minnesota Wild: 2000 – Present
  • Seattle Kraken: 2021 – Present
  • Winnipeg Jets: 1999 – Present
  • Utah/Arizona: 1996 – Present

There are teams established before the turn of the century that have almost nothing to show for, while the Golden Knights have secured the 2023 Stanley Cup trophy and participated in four conference championships since 2018. The NHL likes to spread the wealth when it comes to exhibitions and off-ice celebrations. The league rewards franchises with major events like the All-Star game, Award Show, and the NHL Draft but it ends there for five NHL franchises. The Golden Knights created their own destiny by reaching the final four in 2018, 2020, 2021 and 2023. VGK crossed the two toughest events to host off the list in their inaugural season.

Photo from @GoldandSteelVGK on X/Twitter

Due to VGK’s wild success, it feels like the league would prefer to throw all of their annual bashes in Las Vegas. It allows them to be more creative. Okay, maybe it’s not just the team that attracts the fans, players and league officials. Let’s face it, the NHL Draft at The Sphere was likely the most memorable in hockey history and it wasn’t caused by the newly drafted prospects. Las Vegas and The Sphere stole the show.

Although it’s unique, toss in the 2017 Expansion Draft. Only seven cities (Boston, Buffalo, Calgary Las Vegas, Montreal, Seattle, Quebec City) in league history have had the honor to host an expansion draft. Go ahead and add several NHL Award shows if you want. Sure, it’s a league event but on a much lesser scale than the All-Star Game, Western Conference final, NHL Draft and the Stanley Cup final.

We’ve known it and now they know it, Las Vegas offers it all. And it’s clear the league happens to have a platinum rewards card.


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  2. Vic

    Good summer read, Jason, Many of the older fans from elsewhere never had the experience of winning the cup. Others have gone decades without a cup, and without some of the other fanfare. Amazing track record for this franchise.

    We snipe about all sorts of problems the team has, but what a ride it has been. We’ll see if the front office keeps the VGK competitive for as long as possible. After that, who knows?

  3. TS

    Vegas knows how to put on a good show!

  4. JB

    I agree Vic and TS! Also, we have been fantastically spoiled by the Knights success. It’s hard to keep from expecting that every season. But the NHL is a very tuff league. Every season is a new story. This coming season will be quite a ride I think. We must prepare for some good and bad stretches . Hopefully we can get thru a season with no significant or longterm injuries. That will be the key, so we can build the chemistry we will need come playoff time! I’m looking forward to it!

  5. Emmanuel

    I always thought the first major league team would be an NBA franchise. I think this being a gambling town delayed a major league team coming to Vegas, now nobody cares, gambling has been embraced.

    • JB

      That’s right. It used to be you couldn’t even mention the Super Bowl here. Had to say the big game or such.

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