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Golden Knights All-Time Leaders vs. Each Opponent

The Golden Knights have competed in 537 regular season games over their first seven seasons. They’ve played every team at least 11 times.

Here are the all-time leaders in Wins, Save Percentage, Goals, Points, and Penalty Minutes

vs.WinsSave %GoalsPointsPIM
AnaheimFleury (10)Fleury (.939)Karlsson (14)Karlsson (24)McNabb (28)
ArizonaFleury (9)Brossoit (.951)Stone (8)Marchessault (24)Carrier (18)
BostonThompson (2)Thompson (.932)4 Tied (3) *43/61/67/81*Stone/Marchessault (8)McNabb (8)
BuffaloFleury/Lehner (2)Lehner (.939)Smith (6)Karlsson (13)Pacioretty (12)
CalgaryFleury (7)Fleury (.945)Karlsson (9)Karlsson (23)Marchessault (12)
CarolinaFleury (2)Patera/Quick (1.000)Theodore/Marchessault (4)Theodore (9)3 Tied (6) *7/10/56*
ChicagoFleury (6)Brossoit (.949)Karlsson (8)Karlsson (15)McNabb/Karlsson (8)
ColoradoFleury (6)Dansk (1.000)Marchessault (8)Stone/Marchessault (15)Roy (21)
ColumbusFleury (2)Subban (.958)Eichel (6)Marchessault (8)Hague (8)
DallasFleury (4)Fleury (.963)Pacioretty (5)Stone (11)Marchessault (18)
DetroitFleury/Hill (2)Lehner (.929)Marchessault (9)Marchessault (9)McNabb/Marchessault (6)
EdmontonFleury (4)Brossoit (.937)Marchessault (10)Marchessault (18)McNabb (17)
FloridaFleury/Subban (2)Hill (.959)Smith/Pacioretty (4)Theodore (10)Pietrangelo/Karlsson (16)
Los AngelesFleury (5)Thompson (.919)Karlsson (11)Marchessault (24)Hague (38)
MinnesotaFleury (5)Thompson (.950)Marchessault (7)Stephenson (19)Hague (25)
MontrealHill (3)Lehner (.923)Marchessault (7)Marchessault (15)Martinez (7)
NashvilleThompson/Subban (3)Fleury (.943)3 Tied (6) *7/19/61*Stephenson (16)McNabb (36)
New JerseySubban/Lehner (2)Hill (.940)Marchessault (8)Marchessault (15)Pietrangelo (12)
New York IslandersFleury (3)Hill (.952)4 Tied (3) *10/19/71/81*Smith (7)Smith/Marchessault (6)
New York RangersFleury (3)Lehner (.950)Marchessault (8)Marchessault (14)Theodore/Kolesar (12)
OttawaFleury (4)Lehner (.975)Marchessault (8)Marchessault (16)Merrill (19)
PhiladelphiaFleury (3)Subban (1.000)Marchessault (6)Marchessault (12)Stephenson (15)
PittsburghFleury (3)Hill (.944)Marchessault (5)Marchessault (11)Carrier (10)
San JoseFleury (11)Hill (.961)Marchessault (13)Marchessault (30)Reaves (31)
SeattleHill/Thompson (3)Brossoit (.962)Marchessault (9)Marchessault (13)Howden (17)
St. LouisFleury/Thompson (4)Patera/Dansk (.909)Marchessault (12)Karlsson (25)Reaves (15)
Tampa BayFleury (4)Lehner (.931)Marchessault (6)Theodore (14)Hague (18)
TorontoThompson (2)Subban (.917)Karlsson (7)Theodore/Karlsson (12)McNabb (16)
VancouverFleury (6)Hill (.941)Marchessault (10)Marchessault (22)McNabb (12)
WashingtonFleury/Thompson (4)Lehner (.979)Smith (5)Marchessault (8)Cotter (17)
WinnipegHill/Thompson (3)Subban (.932)Marchessault (9)Karlsson (18)Marchessault (24)
  • Marchessault leads the team in goals against 19 of the 31 teams. He leads in points against 17.
  • 19 different Golden Knights lead the team in penalty minutes against a specific opponent.
  • Fleury leads the team in wins against 24 teams but leads in save percentage against just four.
  • Smith and Pacioretty are the only two players to lead in goals or points against an opponent and no longer play for the Golden Knights.
  • Hague’s 38 PIM against Los Angeles is the most against any team.
  • Lehner leads in save percentage against seven teams.
  • Despite earning just 30 wins, Subban leads in wins against Florida, Nashville, and New Jersey.


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  1. Jose

    Barf!! Any article with the backstabbing Marc Andre Fleury on it makes me want to barf. Couldn’t be happier that they won a cup without him.

  2. Must be slow on any worthwhile news to bother digging up this history which in this situation means ZERO.

  3. ThG

    what can we do??

    what can we do?

  4. ThG

    pro noun madness, woke broke bull shit on full display

  5. ThG

    in further move to placate the woke broke crowd MLB, after altering it’s records to include Negro League stats (is using word Negro racist? I don’t know, hard to keep track in ever changing cancel culture bull shit world) MLB is now Further altering it’s baseball stats to include STICKBALL player from the Bronx. Including from around the old stickball blvd street from the old neighborhoods dating back over 50 years.

    Such stats include the following:

    “Buffalo” Leibershwitz (a boy from Jewish neighborhood who was
    pre maturely well, grew a bread when he was just 11, and was about 6 feet tall at time, and his parents never gave him a razor blade until he was 16 and he looked like, well a Buffalo) record: he broke Mrs. Bounogioni’s windows 33 times with his long blasts, often foul. A record that still stands. Unfortunately, after the sound of crashing windows everyone scattered. But Buffalo was too slow and Mr. Bounogioni caught him 40 times.

    Luigi “Bigsy” Capobianci. Luigi was a midget, well I guess you can’t say midget anymore due to cancel culture whining, umm, direction. Perhaps little person , or vertically challenged is better suited? Anyway Luigi was shy about 3 feet for most of his stickball career, and the kids used to have walk rule. Bigys walked 1123 times in a row. Another record that stands to this day.

    Let’s move on to SLip MAhoney, named after one of the Bowery Boys, Well his
    real name was Reilly O’Reilly, but since he resembled Slip Mahoney, the kids in the hood called him Slip Mahoney or just plain Slip for short. Slip got 112 straight hits, some of them in the opposite direction. And some of them were outs. But Slip would verbally everyone so bad, they were afraid to catch the ball and make an out because Slip would not only threaten them, he would actually beat them up if they made him cause an out. So he had a bad rep.

    Gummy Miles, also known as Spitter Miles. In pitch play, not fungo style stickball. Miles had two tricks 1) he would often “gummy” up the ball so bad that the ball often times stuck to the stick making it virtually unhittable 2) spit ball, so bad that ball would slide making it nasty. His record was 1200 wins and 1500 losses. Most of his losses were due to fact that SLip Mahoney would threaten to beat him up if Miles “gummy’d up the ball”.

    “Speedy” Larue and “Smelly” McGrilly. Maurice “Speedy” Larue moved to the hood a few years after the Montreal Expos joined the league. He spoke French and no one could understand what he was saying. But he was fast, so they called him Speedy. Royce ‘Smelly” McRelly was English / Irish kid with 13 brothers and sisters. He was of Irish/ English descent and he had a bad case of BO because well he had 13 brothers and sisters and they only took a bath once a week on Saturday night. And at that time they never threw out the bath water, and Royce being the youngest was the last one in the tub. Hence the name Smelly which rhymed with McGrilly. Smelly McGrilly

    RECORD pickle ball catch steals. What the heck is pickle ball catch (not to be confused with current day pickle ball) was often played after stickball was done. The neighborhood moms would yell their childrens names out in streets when dinner was ready. Often times every one’s mother didn’t yell your name or they did and kids ignored So they played a game of catch, set up with two bases, one player with mit and glove at each base. They would play catch with the ball. And each base had a runner, going in opposite directions. The idea was the runner was to “steal” the opposite base without getting tagged. Speedy and Smelly. Smelly and Speedy shared the record of stealing bases at 10,321. The main reason Speed had the record was , well , because he was fast. Smelly because no one wanted to get to close to him, well, for obvious reasons.

    As this is being written more stickball street records are being researched.
    Sez Me

    • Emmanuel

      Anyone who has researched baseball’s first 80 or so years knows that league was the equivalent of AA with about a dozen to 20 legit major league level players. Some of the teams barnstormed and would pick up local players to fill out the roster. If I remember correctly the league was down to 5 teams at one point. It was most definately NOT a major league or anything near it.

  6. Chris

    You guys just have no f-ing life, do you?

  7. Richard Lasica

    It’s amazing Marchy’s 2nd highest goal total is against a non-divisional opponent, St. Louis (assuming he doesn’t have 13 vs the Ducks).

  8. ThG

    cats didn’t touch it this time around ! Cats favored to take it all, made the right move.

  9. Vic

    Coach PDB has a great game 7 record, but he needs to work on how to win a crucial game 6.

  10. ThG

    As the world enters the month of June, just about every business you see has something celebrating Pride Month. However, one bar in Idaho went against the grain, declaring June “Heterosexual Awesomeness Month,” a celebration of all things straight.

    Old State Saloon in Eagle, Idaho, wrote up a Facebook post announcing the event, offering drink specials and other festivities throughout the month.

    “Come join us all month to celebrate heterosexuals, for without them, none of us would be here!” The post began. “Each Monday will be Hetero Male Monday and any heterosexual male dressed like a heterosexual male will receive a free draft beer. Each Wednesday is Heterosexual Couples Day and each heterosexual couple will receive 15% off their bill.”

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    Thursdays will also have “Her Hetero Happy Hour,” which offers happy hour prices for straight women throughout the day.

  11. ThG

    Transgender athletes playing in girls’ and women’s ice hockey is reaching a boiling point in England as parents express fear about their teenage daughters going up against biological males in the sport.

    Female ice hockey players as young as 14 years old have played against transgender girls in the sport, The Telegraph reported Saturday. One anonymous father told the outlet that his 15-year-old daughter was playing in a game where a transgender competitor hit a female opponent around the head and neck.

    “I’m watching my 15-year-old daughter taking on fully grown men and thinking this isn’t right,” the man told The Telegraph. “It’s dangerous, it’s unfair and there’s no good reason for it. Any of these men could play in mixed teams that exist, but they insist on playing in the ladies’ team.

    “Ice hockey is a physical game, and if you’re going head-to-head with a man as a 15-year-old girl, there is obviously a strength difference. There’s also much higher levels of aggression in male ice hockey and then these players go to play in women’s teams. I was seething when I saw the female player being hit.”

    An adult female hockey player who plays in an amateur league also expressed concerns to the paper.

    and the democraps support this shit ?? Warped and sick fucks that they are.

  12. Tim

    Since it’s the silly season with not much hockey news let me introduce you to the Cleveland Guardians baseball team. Currently the third best record in all of baseball with every game being exciting and with lots of scoring. I emphasize the word exciting. Speaking of exciting the Knights better pick it up next year or be left in the dust. There’s no doubt that Edmonton and Vancouver have exciting teams who will be a tough out next year and if we don’t address our no offense strategy L.A. will probably beat us out for third place and we won’t get to the playoffs. Right now life is good the sun shines every day and the Guardians are showing the world how the game of baseball should be played.

    • knights fan in minny

      guardians suck

    • ThG

      what’s a guardian ?

      best contribution to baseball from Cleveland. is the movie Major League with Charlie Sheen.

      “that was a tad…outside”.

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