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Like Reaves or not, McPhee just pulled a pick and a player out of thin air. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

According to multiple reports, the Golden Knights were the third team in a deal that sent Derick Brassard to the Penguins and Ian Cole to Ottawa. Vegas acquired Ryan Reaves and the Vancouver Canucks 4th round pick (via Pittsburgh). The Golden Knights only gave up Tobias Lindberg in the trade. They also retained $2 million of salary of Derick Brassard’s contract.

Vegas Gets:
Ryan Reaves (F)
2018 4th Round Pick (Vancouver)

Pittsburgh Gets:
Derick Brassard (F) ($2 mil retained by VGK)
Vincent Dunn (F)
Tobias Lindberg (F)
2018 3rd Round Pick (Ottawa)

Ottawa Gets:
Ian Cole (D)
Filip Gustavsson (G)
2018 1st Round Pick (Pittsburgh)
2019 3rd Round Pick (Pittsburgh)

George McPhee was able to utilize the salary cap and a player he acquired in the Calvin Pickard trade prior to the season to bring in a 4th round pick and Ryan Reaves.

McPhee is scheduled to meet with the media in the 1st intermission of tonight’s game.

Ryan Reaves was traded from St. Louis to the Penguins in a deal that was completed at the 2017 NHL Entry Draft. Reaves has played in 58 games this season averaging 6:45 TOI. He has scored four goals (one against Vegas) and has four assists. He has racked up 84 penalty minutes and has a -9 +/- rating.


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  1. Joe

    Great, a slow big guy that is penalty prone. And I don’t want to hear about needing him to beat the Ducks or Jets. You beat the Ducks by out skating them and letting them take bad penalties. Winnipeg is big and fast. Big and slow makes things worse. Hopefully he is flipped by Monday.

    • Ryan

      You’re just a bundle of joy

      • Joe

        I call it like I see it. This trade keeps Brassard off the Jets and netted another draft pick. That was the upside. The downside is a player that doesn’t fit the system, but he is a “big body” and has GRIT!
        I was really mad at Carpenter in one of his first games (I think it was against Minnesota) for dropping the gloves after someone on the Knights got hit cleanly. It’s one thing to sit for five minutes if you are sticking up for a teammate that just got cheapshotted, but starting a fight after a clean, hard hit has been a problem in the league for a while. That being said, he has been awesome since and I fully acknowledge that. I’ll admit I am completely wrong if Reaves pans out, but it is not something I am worried about. His track record proves it.

        • Joe- this guy played for Kelly McCrimmon and is well known to the VGK scouting dept. He may not be blazing fast but he is NOT slow and he has shown flashes of more offensive skill.

          I see it as a cheap gamble. He is a gritty guy who has shown very good stats in the playoffs.

          At best he thrives in a different organization and coach and becomes another diamond in the Golden Knight rough.

          Likely he adds some veteran depth in the Injury roiled 3rd line.

          Worst case he doesn’t pan out, but GMGM still was able to turn a low ceiling minor leaguer and some money/cap space (cheap for Foley and the Knights ) into a draft pick.

          Little down side and moderate upside for a cheap price…

          Say what you will… I really don’t think keeping Brassard out of the West made any real difference.

  2. Vgk4life

    This is exactly what our team needed. Protection for our top guys. Reaves can actually skate. If he gets a chance like Engelland, people are going to be surprised that he can do more than just fight. His presence alone makes guys play bigger.

  3. RJ

    I’m kind of in the middle here. I feel like we definitely needed wing depth, but this isn’t the depth I was talking about. I do not think we need an enforcer per se, but I can imagine being glad we have one 3 games into a ‘physical’ series with Anaheim.

    Ultimately, the cost here was virtually nothing, so I don’t have any beef. This is a very small trade involving very minor pieces; but it is also the biggest regular season trade in the history of the organization, so I can understand why people are thinking this will make or break us.

  4. This is Expansion Draft 2.0. GMGM uses cap space to facilitate Cap Bound teams. He turns cap and one asset: a low ceiling minor leaguer; into two assets… a draft pick and a roster player.

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