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Right before the rosters freeze for the Expansion Draft the Golden Knights pulled off a trade four years in the making. The former #6 overall pick, and the first in Vegas history, Cody Glass, has been traded for the former #2 overall pick, Nolan Patrick.

Patrick has played 197 NHL games for the Philadelphia Flyers and scored 30 goals with 40 assists. He struggled in 2021 posting a -30 rating while tallying just nine points in 52 games.

Glass will head to the Nashville Predators as part of a pair of trades that included defenseman Ryan Ellis going to Philadelphia.


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  1. Another Brandon Wheat King… Me thinks management may be extra familiar with this guy.

  2. the hockey guy

    Nolan Patrick has been acquired by Vegas in a three-way trade.

    Patrick, who started the day as part of the Philadelphia Flyers, was technically with the Nashville Predators for a moment before he was immediately flipped to Vegas in exchange for Cody Glass. Patrick was taken with the second overall pick in 2017, but he hasn’t developed as hoped. Unfortunately he missed the 2019-20 campaign with migraines so that was obviously a big factor, but he also didn’t have a significant role with the Flyers when he was healthy. A change of scenery might help spark him.
    Source: Elliotte Friedman on Twitter
    Jul 17, 2021, 3:26 PM ET
    Nolan Patrick C, Philadelphia Flyers
    Nolan Patrick apparently wants a fresh start outside of Philadelphia.

    Patrick seems to be requesting a trade from the Flyers in the off-season. The second overall pick in 2017 has battled migraines and a mediocre start to his NHL career and a fresh start elsewhere could give him a new lease of life. Patrick had four goals and nine points in 52 games with a minus-30 rating after missing all of the 2019-20 season with migraines. Patrick is well down the depth chart in Philadelphia and although his trade value is quite low, the Flyers may decide to move on and package him with others in a bigger trade.

  3. Vic

    In the investment world, this is called a ‘wash sale’.

    • Our GM coached him in Brandon and he went 4 picks before glass. I think it was the draft pick they actually wanted in 2017. Being that they both haven’t developed as planned with the original teams I feel like this is management making a correction at a minimal cost.

  4. Tom McCarthy

    I think we need to start by getting rid of Deboer

    • steve

      was terrible from the start which was why sharks fired him ! i agree gallard didn’t do what it took in playoffs but this POS. isn’t it . They should of immediately jumped on Quineville the day he was fired

    • Contact Tracer

      You nailed it Tom. I think he would prosper with the Brandon Sweet Kings.

    • I agree.
      If Vegas would have looked at Deboer’s record, he’ll get you to the playoffs, no further.
      Before coming coming to Vegas, he has a terrible record.
      Started off bad with the Fleury situation.
      Made very bad decisions in this past post season. Maybe that’s why the Sharks didn’t want him anymore.

  5. Richard Santomauro

    Another roll of the dice.

    Since 2017 Nolan Patrick has played in 197 games and has scored 30 goals along with 40 assists for a total 4 YEAR POINT TOTAL of 70. He brings a -37 plus/minus to Vegas. Average TOI is 14:06.

    Again, statistically this guy is not the guy.

    • Richard Santomauro

      Granted, Patrick missed the 2019-2020 season. Another guy with health issues like Eichel? The Vegas walking wounded……

    • Agree.
      Unless Vegas uses him in a multi player trade.

  6. Mike StG

    I like this trade. Patrick’s skating and 2-way game is better than Cody’s. But the main reason I think Glass can’t get there is his lack of self-confidence. It was evident in comments he made at the very first camp. This year he saw a sports psychologist to work on it. I just don’t think he’ll ever reach his potential unless he gets his mental attitude straight. He’s had 3 or 4 years and still hasn’t overcome it, and getting sent down to HSK late last year didn’t help.

    Time to move on. And it’s entirely possible that McCrimmon’s familiarity with Patrick is or becomes a factor. He, like Glass, has top 6 talent. And I’m not sure the Flyers system or putting him on the 4th line did him any favors.

    I’m looking forward to seeing him at C3 with Tuch and either Krebs or Dugan on wing. I also think Howden will be a good addition on L4 with Roy & Carrier.

  7. trade

    hey, you guys all said you did not want Eichel, SO, this is what you get. young players who have failed to develop, and looking for a second chance.

    will these moves advance the Knights further in the playoffs? no, they won’t, unless Patrick has a miraculous turnaround from his complete flop season. highly unlikely, with a player who has suffered head injuries and missed an entire season because of them. the thing I noticed last season about Patrick was his lack of physical play like he used to provide as a rookie. He is now more gun shy going into the corners more on tiptoes than he originally used to play. Not a good sign for any resurgence by him.

  8. Howard

    They might flip these guys in a package for Eichel. Sabres want a center in return – do not be surprised if this indeed happens. I’m not for it, but VGK’s MO suggests it’s very possible.

    • Tim

      Howard two things people need to quit talking about one Eichel and two Stanley Cup neither one is going to happen.

  9. vgk21

    McCrimmon—-GMKM: “What I think you’ll see next…Seattle is going to be in charge for a few days and then Thursday and Friday leading up to the NHL draft I expect a lot of those (trade) talks will resume. I expect it will be real busy in the National Hockey League for that period of time.”

    McCrimmon—-GMKM on Nolan Patrick: “I believe in his upside. I know what his level of talent is. … He’s going to be a guy who brings real good two-way play to our team.” #Vegas

  10. Tim

    I’m sure Nolan Patrick getting traded to Vegas with Kelly M as GM has to put him in probably the best situation of comfortability. He can relax and maybe find his game. Kind of sad to see Cody gone after all the hype when they drafted him. Watch Cody get it together and come back to haunt us.

  11. Lateralus

    what a terrible f’n trade. they ruined Glass’s development and then traded him for pucks. how do you drive a guy’s value down to nothing and then trade him??? they have NO clue what Glass’s ceiling is. but we KNOW nolan is hot garbage.
    this franchise needs to stop wasting & trading 1st round (hell, ALL of their) draft picks. they’d better pray that Krebs hits. you can’t keep trying to win the free agent wars with high contracts without having a system of players on cheaper deals. which is the purpose of the draft. controlling your players for a longer period of time and not having to overpay them as free agents. those 61 and 7 deals are going to be ROUGH in 4 years.

  12. Lenny Undertoe

    You just need to ask yourself one question, why were the flyers so eager to dump a second overall pick? One thing I can say with the utmost certainty, this kid (Patrick) does not have it.

  13. Tim

    Playing for the Brandon Wheat Kings Kelly must have a good handle on what went wrong. Cody looked lost on the bench so give this kid a shot how much worse can he be? They’ve made good moves and bad moves lets hope this is a good move.

  14. Let’s hope.
    Actually, it’s always a crap shoot on how a player will do the following year.

  15. For all of you knocking this trade. I think it’s a good one, the Flyers are not an offensive team, more of a defensive one. I hated to see Glass go but Patrick wasn’t a good fit in Philadelphia. I think it’s an upgrade.

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