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The Golden Knights have acquired forward Mattias Janmark from the Blackhawks for a 2021 2nd round pick and a 2022 3rd round pick. The deal was brokered through San Jose who acquired a 5th round pick.

Chicago retained 50% of Janmark’s salary and then San Jose retained 50% of the remaining salary leaving Vegas on the hook for 25% or $562,500.



2021 Trade Deadline Roundup




  1. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Ya’ll kept saying do something for the bottom 6. Well they did, period!

    The common sense people knew they wouldn’t be able to do much unless big money was moved. MAF, Smith, Theo etc,,,,,,

    VGK was just not going to do that. Why? Because we DO have the team to win the cup. Winning the cup is very very hard, for anybody. Talent, luck, effort and HOT goaltending is needed.

    The knights can do all that with this group. That’s all we can expect and hope for is the potential ….. we have that, no matter what the naysayers spout!

    This will be exciting!!!!!

    • Howard

      To Doc – err no, we don’t have a legit cup contending team. I know you want to see them win, I do as well. However, East-West puck-cycling without top notch centering doesn’t win cups but I’ll tell you what – name me a team that played like VGK without top centering that won a cup in the last 20 years – go!

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        Sorry don’t agree. We DO have a cup contending team. Go ahead and discount the play of #20 & #71. No one cn say WHO will win the cup, but the Knights are as legitimate a possibility as others!

    • THE hockey GOD

      a guy whose stats shows that more goals against are scored than goals for isn’t going to be a game changer unless he changes his game someway or somehow.

      VGK gave up too much for this clown.

      Best he can do is be no. 71’s buddy. White guy from Scandanavialand.

      Only way VGK wins the cup is if both of their goalies play in net at same time and somehow manage not to fall over each other or one of them stands on their heads for four weeks straight.

      • adrett

        “Only way VGK wins the cup is if both of their goalies play in net at same time and somehow manage not to fall over each other or one of them stands on their heads for four weeks straight.”

        OMG! I laughed so hard at this, I shouldn’t! really!!
        It’s true, our goalies take up a lot of cap space.. space which is actually needed for a real upgrade at center and maybe one more guy for the bottom six.
        That would potentially solve our PP and scoring issues across the board.

  2. Mikegron32

    Not thrilled about giving up a 2nd and 3rd on a guy who is a rental and will make zero difference if we beat the Avs, Leafs, TBL, etc.
    Just don’t see the point of it other than to give the team and fans the impression they’re trying

    • Mike StG

      Mike- Vegas gave up their own 2nd (late 50-62 pick overall), but kept the NJD 2nd they have (currently #32 pick). The gave up their late 3rd for an early-mid 5th. Not much to give up for a player on pace for a 20g/40pt season (82g).

      Caps gave up 1st, 2nd, Vrana & Panik for Mantha. Now that’s an overpayment. Yzerman cleaned up on that trade.

  3. Mark

    The problem is not the bottom six, they have been carrying this team lately, the problem is the top 6, ask Mark Stone, he admits it. Nosek has really stepped up and Carrier has too. We shall see, but if he produces, good, if he’s a rental its a big price to pay losing draft pics.

  4. Pierre

    Jan mark got a better return that Taylor Hall!

    • THE hockey GOD

      Taylor Hall only has two goals this year, Janmark has five times more !! Such a deal , is a deal.

  5. Blitz

    VGK needed an upgrade at center. Nosek has looked good the last couple of weeks so whether he stays at 3 or goes down to 4th probably depends on Janmark’s fit into the team. Maybe a move to wing and then Janmark center, might be good. Tuch needs an improvement at center. I am happy for the VGK move. It was as good as one can expect. Plus the sharks took some of the cap. As for the picks we gave up? In a cup run year you have to sell the future and gamble. It is Vegas after all. We sold our soul for a high dollar d-man. Can’t complain about a 2nd and a 3rd. The future is already fuct! GO NOW!!

  6. Daryl

    I just don’t understand this love. VGK needed help at Venter, whether it be the 1st line or the 4th. Adding another Winger isn’t going to help anything. And VGK have up a 2nd round pick? It just does t make any sense to me

    • VGKNET29

      From :
      The Vegas Golden Knights have added depth at the NHL trade deadline with the acquisition of Mattias Janmark from the Chicago Blackhawks on Monday.

      Janmark, 28, is a natural center who gives the Golden Knights more depth at center – arguably the weakest spot on the team. After trading Paul Stastny prior to the start of the season and seeing Cody Glass isn’t quite ready to take the next step just yet, it appears VGK GM Kelly McCrimmon saw the need to shore things up in the middle prior to a playoff run.

      • Daryl

        So he shorted up the middle with a Center who can’t win FOs? Look at the source of the info. How many negative articles have they written about VGK?

    • Pistol Pete

      But Daryl, Janmark is a center. Whether he’s winger on the 3rd with Nosek as center (or visa versa) remains to be seen and that is only one of many combinations. I’m seeing him as another and possibly even better Stephenson as his career pts/game is higher (.39 vs .32), so yes he can play up maybe even center Stone and Patch. He pegged as fast (not sure if it’s Stephenson-fast) and he’s similar in size, couple inches taller and about 5 lb. lighter. Something I like is that he’s close enough to being “VGK heavy”. VGK is like the second heaviest team in the league. I like what he has to say too. He may just have found the place to maximize his offensive output.

      • Daryl

        He also doesn’t play defense very well or back check. He might be able to help in some scoring but he will also give up scoring chances and won’t help out much in the defensive zone

        • Pistol Pete

          We’ll see about what your saying that Janmark’s defense sucks. If it does they won’t sign him going forward because all forwards on this team are expected to play good defense. It’s core to them being a top team. I agree his +/- suggests he needs to improve defensively. The difference in our view seems to be he may improve. You could be right but if he wants to stay on the Knights he plays good defense. Time will tell soon.

          • Daryl

            Very true…. And maybe being on a different t team may spark something in him and he surprises me. I hope he does

          • I would just ignore Daryl.

            He doesn’t know shit about hockey.

            AND he’s a giant PUSSY (who attacks cancer patients and insults mothers on here)

            Bad combination. Bad look.

            Janmark will probably be OK with VGK. Daryl won’t admit he was wrong.

            The world will turn…

  7. Tim

    First question which second round pick hopefully not the New Jersey pick. Mattias Janmark I know little to nothing about him as with Chandler Stephenson when we acquired him and that turned out pretty good. Sometime a change of scenery does wonders for a player. I’ve got to trust Kelly and George on this one. If we have our first and the Jersey pick is almost a first I can live with giving them our other second. If he turns out to be better then expected I’m sure we can resign him with our Swede connection.

  8. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Don’t know much about this Janmark, but believe the McGMs wouldn’t have gotten him, unless they think he can help.

    Also everyone listing him a winger on the lines they are thinking up. He’s actually a center, who can play wing.

    We got what we got, people. Deal with it.

    How about some backing for the team you claim to be a fan of???

    • VGKNET29

      Bingo! Well said Doc!

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        Thanks VGK !

        Absolutely nothing wrong with: “having your own opinion about the team”. And that goes for all of us.

        Ya know, if you can’t root for this team positively, then why be here? Go to a baseball or nascar site. You might be more happy!

        • NASCAR and Baseball are pessimists?

          Please don’t tell anyone how to root for the team. If they want them to improve the team they are entitled to that opinion. If you disagree, you are entitled to do so.

          • DOC (Go Knights Go)

            That’s right Ken ….. and don’t you tell me what my opinions should be. You’re losing it buddy ….. and control of this site. And who said anything about pessimists?

            You have people saying to me why all the positive and love for the team. And when have I ever said I wouldn’t want to see the team improved?

            “Please don’t tell anyone how to root for the team”? Don’t tell me NOT to root for the team.

            You’re still pissed off about being wrong on Reeves hit and getting called out about it on twitter and elsewhere!

        • Daryl

          I’m confused….. First you tell us we are all allowed our own opinion then you turn around and tell us if we xabt root for this team the same as you we should find anther sport to watch. So which is it???

    • Daryl

      So, because we are fans we should just go along and not have our own opinions on the team? That sounds a lot like the liberals who listened to Biden, BLM, and the other morons (like the NBA and now MLB)

      • Keep digging your hole here…


        • knights fan in minny

          dylan you voted for a clown who bumbles his words and cant walk up a stairs with out falling 3 times joe blunder you blew it fool put your mask on boy joey told you to

          • Daryl

            No, it’s maskS. That’s plural. He wants us to wear multiple masks now. I think it’s so we can look as funny as him

          • Yeah, who needs…


            Especially in the FACE of a pandemic.

            Brain Trust here, I see. Too much desert sun…

        • Daryl

          They only ones not ci fused are the people living in your head

      • Don’t you have a (Washington) Capitol to storm or something, Daryl Q?

        • Daryl

          Oh so clever… Why don’t you ask your thugs who destroyed multiple cities and caused more damage and cost more tax payer money than anything that happened at the Capitol!!! You are a prime exapme of exactly what I was talking about

          Don’t you have more lies and hate to spread???

          • knights fan in minny

            give him hell daryl

          • More lies and hate to spread? What do I look like…TRUMP?!

            How about that Grifter’s “trade deadline” performance, eh?


            You losers can’t act like men. And take a hard-earned L. Like men.

            Just like your Sad Little Girl Grifter. How’s his Twitter feed these days?

            (cue crickets)


          • I bet ol Engelland doesn’t share your Moron “Politics”…maybe consider removing him as your avatar?

            And show your own face?

            I’m sure it’s a HANDSOME one, too. Just like your Fired Wanna-Be Dictator.

            Ha ha ha ha

            Take that L, baby!

            Take it…

            And Go Knights, Go!

        • Daryl

          I’ll be more than happy to give you a picture and my address. As for everything else you were trying to say you failed because none of it made any sense…. Kind of like the President during every speach.

          As for Twitter, I dint follow any political person or party. I think both parties are a joke which is why I’m an Independent. I use my brain when I vote and just don’t vote for one political party. I couldn’t stand Trump but I did agree with a lot of his politics. Biden is just a moron. What good has he done since taken office? He killed thousands of jobs, destroyed womens sports, and he thinks he’ll take or limit our gun rights

        • Daryl

          I didn’t say anything about the president…. And you just couldn’t help yourself but to reply, even though my comment was to you

          • Huh???

            So, because we are fans we should just go along and not have our own opinions on the team? That sounds a lot like the liberals who listened to Biden, BLM, and the other morons (like the NBA and now MLB)

            “My SinBin account was hacked!!!”

            Crazy Clown…

        • Daryl

          Exactly, mindless liberals who can’t think for themselves liste ING to Biden… I wasn’t talking about what a moron Biden is. You are such a clown

        • Daryl

          Are you talki g about the science that changes almost weekly? The same science who says o e mask now 2 masks to maybe more masks? The same science that said 6ft then changed to distancing didn’t matter then back to 6ft and now down to 3ft? The dance science that can’t explain why some ppl are getting sick from the vaccine or why she have died after getting the vaccine?

          That’s some great science you have there

          • That’s some great writing you have there.

            Real sharp mind on the whole…

            Clown. Show!

  9. Pistol Pete

    One stat where Stephenson reigns over Janmark is career +/-. The DeBoer system fundamentalizes 5 on 5 defense so hopefully Janmark’s +/- improves.

    Stephenson +32 (77 pts/244 games = .32 pts/game)
    Janmark -27 (128 pts/338 games = .39 pts/game)

    Stephenson 6’0″ 199
    Janmark 6’2″ 195

    Tuch and Janmark could be the core of a high scoring 3rd line. Nosek has been doing great so keep him up for now. Personally I think Kolesar is just scratching the surface and will eclipse the historical scoring of VGK 4th liners in any case.

  10. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Right on Dylan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Pistol Pete

      Right. If the Trump administration was a hockey team, they’d never win a division. That’s how incompetent they were lol.

      • Team TRUMP (if he could afford to buy VGK) would be suing the NHL. Pressuring The BettMan to “find 5 goals and 3 wins” in the 2020 WCF series against Dallas.

        He would never shut up about how the WCF was “stolen” from him. RIGGED!

        Also, Putin would be the first-line center…

        Worst President. Ever.

        Biggest Loser. Ever.


        • Daryl

          Facts? What a joke… Just like you. Without a doubt Biden will go down as one of the worst Presidents ever. I remember both Hilary Clinton and Obama both saying Trump would never be President and both saying that is a fact… Guess you fit right in when knowing what is a fact and what isn’t. I’m still waiting for the proof that Trump won because of Russia. I have yet to get a single person explain that to me. Just like when I ask how the Georgia voting laws are racists, all I get back is, how are they not. I’m still waiting for that explication as well. Just like showing ID to vote is racists…

          • Do you have hockey skates that look like Clown Shoes?

          • Pistol Pete

            Daryl, c’mon, way too early to call Biden worst president ever less than three months into his term…be reasonable man! Trump had like the most ineffective WH in history. He was so unstable and inexperienced that top people could not work for him it was that bad. At least Biden brings a semblance of normalcy back. Look, Trump is just an asshole plain and simple. Ask Anthony Scaramucci. He understood before the pandemic hit of the heightened risk of Covid vs. the flu, said so himself and then said he chose to play it down to the people. That cost countless lives. You know, mask wearing was discouraged in the WH which is absurd and set a terrible example helping to frame it as a political issue. Nobody really claimed Trump won due to Russian interference in the election however it may have increased the margin of victory. Everybody agrees the Russian IRA and GRU conspired to intefere and did successfully. I read the Mueller Report, facts are facts. Not even Trump’s staunchist supporters can actaully deny it. Anyways enough of this and btw I think Dylan went overboard with you on it. Let’s stay with hockey!

        • Daryl

          Ask that whore you call a wife…. She’s been to my place she can tell you all about it

      • Daryl

        I’ve put the whole thing behind me and moved on. Like I said, I wasn’t a huge Trump supporter just refused to vote for Hilary Clinton. What I liked about Trump was his business aspect which he did a good job with. I also agreed on the border. There were several issues with Trump I didn’t agree wth. As for Biden I’m just not a fan. I don’t agree with a lot he has said or done. Again, I voted for Clinton and Obama. Not a fan of Obama but I think Clinton did a pretty good job…

        But yes back to hockey. These upcoming games are going to be huge down the stretch. I don’t think we have a tough road but that can sometimes lead to let downs and VGK can’t afford let down games. I’m hoping MAF can get some offe sive support

    • Pistol Pete

      Right. If the Trump administration was a hockey team, they’d never win a division. That’s how incompetent they were lol.

      • Daryl

        Well, the Biden Administration would win the Cup… In the female league with a bunch of men playing

        • Pistol Pete

          If you have Prime I strongly recommend “#Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump”. Lots of high IQ folks telling it like it is.

          • Daryl

            Like any other story about the President, you have to take who is presenting the information into consideration. Yes even doctors have personal opinions and those opinions are what we see, not necessarily medical facts. But as I stated above, I’m an Independent and I vote based of policy and not the individual which is why I have voted for Clinton and Obama (in his 1st election). Trump would have been a while lot better off if they took away his Twitter account. He also spoke his mind, because he wasn’t a politician, which also hurt him.

  11. Independent.

    Yeah. Sure.


    And Robin Lehner is a forward. For the Boston Bruins.

    Why so angry at…


    Odd. Very odd…

    • Daryl

      Your reading comprehension is atrocious!!! I was actually defending women, not angry with them. But I can see how you relate to Biden now

  12. sb

    Please. Back to hockey.

    • Ass Clown Daryl randomly injected his bitterness toward BIDEN into this thread. Then he just doubles down on DUMB.

      Wonder where he learned that kind of behavior?

      Take it up with him. He created this Mess…

      While hiding behind a photo of…




      • Daryl

        And you are the dumbass who couldn’t help yourself but to respo d a DNA then double down on how stupid you are. And nobody is hiding behind anything tuff guy…. you gotta love the internet badasses. What Pic do you have up? Iive in Wilmington, NC. Nobody is hiding

        • Yeah. Gotta love The Internet Badasses.

          Especially the ones hiding behind photos of…

          NHL players.

          AKA Real Men.


          • Daryl

            What a fucking clown…. Crawl back to that whore you call a mother. Come back when you have something new

  13. Tim

    This article for whatever reason has turned into a political hot potato. I come on this site to talk hockey and listen to other opinions some good some head scratchers. Not to change the subject but Reeves out long tern I did’t catch what happened. Kolesar also out which to tell you the truth I don’t think were losing much and it gives other guys some playing time.

    • We are not sure what exactly happened to Reaves. He left with about 5 minutes left in the game on Sunday and has been placed on LTIR.

    • Daryl

      Did he get hurt after taking a shot or did he get hurt delivering that hit?

    • DOC (Go Knights Go)

      All this political BS happens because Ken allows it. Very simple!

      • Daryl

        Wish we had to register for this site like others…. Then you can block certain posters

        • Pretty sure YOU would be blocked.

          Calling random posters’ mothers…


          Yeah. You would be blocked. Fast.

          What a Child you are!

      • There is one person who started it all.

        And continues to double down like his name is TRUMP.

        Also, he calls my mother a whore.

        And advises me to crawl back to her. And suck on her titties.

        He also hides behind the photo of a retired VGK player.

        While living in Carolina Hurricanes Country.

        Stable guy, eh?

        • Daryl

          Double down huh? Funny that you felt the need to respond to a post that wasn’t even directed at you…. Then you start with the personal attacks then cry later.

          As for my picture, what e, axtly does that have to do with anything? And because I curre tly live in NC I shouldn’t be a VGK fan? Yeah that makes a lot of sense. I guess our players who started elsewhere aren’t really VGK players either? And who’s hiding? What does putting my own picture change?

          • Not crying, Clown Loser.

            Didn’t attack your…



            Get a life.


            As for BIDEN…

            Maybe give the guy longer than 90 days?

            LMAO you are a GEM!

        • Daryl

          It’s been fun but until you man up… And stop crying about your whore, I’m done with you. Keeping coming at me on a webpage

  14. Ken,

    Daryl here is now calling my mother a “fat whore”

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    Are these kind of nasty attacks on mothers allowed here?

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    I am just sitting back and…




    • DOC (Go Knights Go)

      Dylan …. This same charater has:

      Attacked my mental acuity, because of my age.

      As a terminal patient, he attacked and made fun of the medicines I must take.

      Then, unbelievably he told me he didn’t care one bit if my cancer killed me.

      WHY is this guy allowed to post such thigs here, Ken?

      • What a horrible human being. What a sick fuck. What a small dick.

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        F this Loser. Keep fighting the Good Fight, Good Sir. You are my New Hero.

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        Fight on. Go Knights, Go!

      • Daryl

        Way to take Comments out of context…. But that’s typical from you. Go cry somewhere else

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      • Daryl

        Not once did I mention your age, your cancer, or your your mental capacity… But I see your boy took your bait and ran with it…. How about next time try telling all the story I stead of what fits your agenda!!!!

        • The way you take that TRUMP bait?

          I bet you jack off to hockey games and players. You and Ol Pierre McGuire.

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          • Daryl

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          • Daryl

            Sorry I know I said I was done with you but that was just too easy… later

        • Run away…


  15. Daryl

    So, back to hockey…. Is MAF going to get any help next time he’s on the ice? VGK is averaging around 1pt per game the last several games MAF started in net

    • 1 point?

      I think in hockey, they call it a…


      Get out of here, CLOWN!


    • Did you mock Fleury’s dad when he was dying from cancer, too?

      Call his mom a whore?

      Or you just reserve those kind words for people on here?

      Loser. Get rid of the Engalland pic.

      You’re. Not. Worthy.

      Not even close…

    • Daryl

      I think someone is obsessed lol

      • Yeah. That’s it. Obsessed. With…


        That’s a Howler. Like you calling a “goal” a “point.”

        How’s the Meth Pipe today, Skippy?

        Maybe step away from it for a bit, eh?

  16. Daryl

    What do you think of some of the other trades that took place within the Division? Any big trades that stood out?

  17. Pistol Pete

    Major Juniors have cancelled the Memorial Cup rendering Krebs last game about 11 days before VGK’s last regular season game. Is it not a stretch that Krebs will practice with the Knights and might we see more down the homestretch of the regular season? Depending on injuries? Wouldn’t he help with the cap or does that even matter in the postseason?

  18. Pistol Pete

    It’s probably just too early for Krebs. That is likely management’s determination, however who would not like to see Tuch/Krebs/Janmark or Tuch/Janmark/Krebs?

    4th line mix would be Carrier, Nosek, Roy, Kolesar and Reaves.

    • Daryl

      I’d love to see Krebs get some game action…. especially near the end of the season if the spots are already locked up

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