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The Golden Knights have completed yet another blockbuster trade, this time adding Buffalo Sabres star center Jack Eichel.

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Vegas has acquired Eichel and a 3rd round pick in exchange for Alex Tuch, Peyton Krebs, a 1st round pick and a 2nd round pick.

The 1st round pick is top-10 protected, meaning if the Golden Knights select outside of the top-10 in 2022, the selection will go to Buffalo, if Vegas selects inside of the top-10, they will keep the 2022 pick and send a 2023 1st to the Sabres.

Eichel is currently injured and unavailable to play with a neck injury that will require surgery. He will undergo an artificial disc replacement surgery in the coming days and is expected to be able to return to play in about 3-5 months.

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In Jack Eichel, we are getting a player that I think is one of the top players in the league, one of the top centers in the league, and he’s in the prime of his career as a player who has just turned 25 years old. It addresses a need in our organization. For me, when you look at what an NHL contending team should look like, he’s a really important piece of that. -McCrimmon

Jack and his team have been working diligently to sort out what their next steps are with respect to surgery. He will have surgery. He will have the ADR, which is artificial disc replacement. It’s unique in relation to NHL players. It’s not necessarily that unique in terms of society, but there has never been an NHL player to have this type of surgery. We have a lot of respect for the work that has gone into this from his agent, his second-opinion doctors, and the specialists and doctors that he’s seen in this field. We’ll defer to their wishes and respect the choices that they’re making, based on knowing how much work they’ve done to prepare themselves for surgery. Obviously, they’re acting in what they believe is in the best interest of Jack’s health, not only in the short-term, but in the long-term. We completely understand and respect that. -McCrimmon


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  1. vgk21

    Buffalo Sabres announced that Krebs is being sent to their AHL farm team in Rochester. see, he is a not ready for prime time, mid-level prospect

    Tuch, however, is a different story. He is a top 3rd line talent in this league, albeit an often injured one.

    • Alex

      This is a good move for VGK – Krebs not good…Tuch will be missed…this move is for next year – VGK given up on this year…

      Now we need to cut Lehner

      • Richie-Rich

        Spot on Alex. Except we need to add PDB and McCrimmon to cut list.

        • Alex

          100% correct RR – they have to go too

          • THE hockey GOD

            bad ice is real, Alex, even the players say so.

            Alex = never played
            never skated, can’t tell difference between a roller skate, a roller blade, or a hockey skate.

            another band wagon hater

        • THE hockey GOD

          McCrimmon just made the deal, doh, wake up hater ! Your brain is not functioning this morning.

          MORE COFFEE !!
          MORE COFFEE !!

          • Alex

            More from this idiot who thinks bad ice is a real thing…

            Dumbest fan base in sports

          • Alex

            No such thing as bad ice…you add exponentially to the dumbest fan base in sports equation

        • Hockey nuts

          You forgot the most important one: spottz

      • knights fan in minny

        hey alex who used to be pauly guess what crt is dead boy

    • Vlad

      Krebs should be sent down. Should never have played in nhl. Way way way over promoted. Will never be a top 6. Ever. God help him if Tkachuk or reeves ever hit him. There aren’t enough spatulas to scrape him up

      • THE hockey GOD

        REAVES is DONE hater VLAD, REAVES is so slow now he couldn’t catch a bus , at a bus stop !

    • I dunno…i may be a relative newcomer to hockey, but since when does it make sense to trade one injured player for another injured one? And a serious neck injury trumps a shoulder injury, I would think. There is no guarantee Eichel will recover fully, knowing the severity of this kind of surgery. Are the Knights grasping at damaged goods, hoping for their miracle on ice??

      • THE hockey GOD


        • Richie-Rich

          It is a done deal now. Fans should support Eichel and pray/hope for a 100% recovery. The time to be critical of this trade is over. Only time now will tell whether or not the gamble paid off or not.

          • Daryl

            We can support Eichel and still be critical of the trade. I don’t think anyone is hoping Eichel doesn’t work out or doesn’t heal. There is more to this than just Eichel himself, it’s also about the other players and talent that has to be moved to make this trade.

  2. Vlad

    A needed move. A great move.

    • Richie-Rich

      The move I want to see is the firing of PDB and McCrimmon. That day will come, believe me.

      • Vlad

        That’s like predicting the sun will rise tomorrow. Eventually you will be right.

    • THE hockey GOD

      you are clearly a schill for Sabres, talking down krebs on purpose in order to promote this very bad deal.

    • Jake

      Vegas did not have a top line center, never has.

      Vegas could not and cannot win a cup without a top line center.

      Vegas cannot score clutch playoff goals without a top line center.

      Vegas cannot score a power play goal without a top line center.

      Now, Vegas has a #1 center, such options are expensive and risky and seldom come on the market. You play to win, not just make money, in Vegas.

  3. Steve T

    Another Misfit gone. Good Luck Alex !!! That original team was fun to watch and root for. This corporate, money can buy any player team not so much. I rather watch Heart and Soul teams. Just my two cents !!

    • Blitz

      You are not wrong Steve. I agree 100%

    • Coyote

      I totally agree with you. Hate this trade, but it happens when a team can’t develop their players or draft well. Tuch, I’ll miss you. Good luck.

    • knights fan in minny

      i have a gut feeling when tuch becomes a free agent he will be back playing in vegas he would look good beside jack

  4. Richie-Rich

    Points to ponder.

    1. The Salary Cap is in place specifically so that teams cannot buy a Cup.

    2. Tuch and Krebs won’t be enough to solve the salary cap math. Goodbye Reilly Smith and Janmark or Reilly Smith and Shea Theodore. Oh, and we can’t get anything but picks or prospects for these two. That’s IF we can move Smith by the trade deadline. If not, Smith walks at the end of the year and VGK gets nothing.

    3. Some say Jack Eichel will return to his former glory. Well, that’s a huge prediction that comes with ZERO guarantee. IF he can play at the same level will VGK have the talent up and down all 4 lines to challenge for a Stanley Cup considering the price they are paying for him? Those of you who were foaming at the mouth to get him will be on the train. In my opinion, Eichel never returns to the same level of performance, and one single hit ends his career.

    4. This year’s edition of the VGK is nothing like the Tampa team of last year. Tampa parked a bunch of talent on the LTIR and brought them back for a cup run. They had the talent on the ice during the regular season to make the playoffs. They also had Vasilesky. We have Rebound Robin The Walrus and a bunch of walking wounded. By the time the walking wounded returns this season and the playoffs will be out of reach.

    5. VGK power play remains non-existent, NADA, 0%, awful. Awful doesn’t even begin to describe just how bad this coaching staff is when it comes to generating offense. Adding to the problem is poor defense and at its best mediocre goal tending.

    6. The VGK roster is disoriented, disjointed, lacks motivation and is in the worse shape both physically and mentally than I have ever seen.

    7. Why would any player want to play in Vegas other than for the money?

    8. At least we still have the Belles and the Drum Line to entertain us!

    • Vlad

      Blah blah blah blah blah

      • Richie-Rich

        Blah blah blah blah – exactly how I feel about McCrimmon and PDB.

        • Pistol Pete

          How about Foley? He’s behind these mega trades. Good to have a proactive owner IMO.

          • Richie-Rich

            Foley’s never owned a professional team – ever.

            He’s a business man and like them he thinks he can just buy stuff. It simply doesn’t work that way with the Salary Cap rules.

            Winning a cup requires a good mix of veterans and players developed from within the organization, something that has been given scant attention to by Foley or his management team.

    • THE hockey GOD

      R R , do the math on the salary cap before you post bull shit.

      • Richie-Rich

        Here ya go GOD….

        The math is truly quite simple. Pick the players that are potentially going to have to be sacrificed yourself.

        • THE hockey GOD

          that’s a big confusing spreadsheet (I like it) , I want you to do the math, analyze the data, and spread sheet before posting.

          See Ken’s new post.

          • Richie-Rich

            I did the math. All they have to do is dump McNabb and Dadanov and replace them with Hutton and Patrick to get under the CAP this season.

            Next season is a bigger challenge since Whitecloud just got a huge pay raise.

            Now that it is done we have to hope Eichel gets back to 100% by March in order to help this team reach the playoffs. Reaching the playoffs isn’t going to happen unless the top 6 are back to health. The other big question mark is goal tending. You have to admit that Lehner has a lot of holes in his game. He’s an average goal tender and at times can play above that, but he’s not going to ever be in the top 5 or be the answer.

            I am still predicting that Brossoit will be the starter by mid-January.

            Then there is the bigger question of coaching (or the lack of). Clearly there is an inability to solve the offensive struggles and especially the putrid power play.

    • Pistol Pete

      I really really really doubt they will move Theodore.

      • Blitz

        I think they do. I think they need to. They brought in a not needed Pietrangelo and killed Theodore in the process. I would prefer they move Pietrangelo, but he has a no trade deal and many many years to go. Theodore has to be moved IMO opinion. He just isn’t playing to his 5.2 million dollar hit and I think he can elsewhere, which provides trade value, at this point.

        I like Theo so I think that sucks, but unless they get a different coach his ceiling crashed down. We have other offensive D men to fill the void at a fraction of the cost.

        Someone has to go and it can’t be someone cheap.

    • Hockey nuts

      Salary cap keeps teams from buying a Cup? How’d that go for the Lightning last season?

      • Richie-Rich

        The Salary Cap prevents a team from stacking and running away with points during the regular season. If there were no cap teams would be free to spend whatever they want.

        Last year the Lightning got around the CAP by putting players on the LTIR and then bringing them off for the playoffs.

        • Daryl

          Difference is those players were used to the system and legitimately had a reason to be on LTIR until the playoffs. Eichel will be ready for early enough they probably wouldn’t be able to keep him on LTIR until the playoffs

  5. ulf

    Man, clearly Calgary was not offering Matt Tkachuk and way less teams were making offers than we thought, because this deal is a fleecing by VGK.

    Tuch is entirely replaceable. A decent player but not a game-changer, feeling like a bit injury-prone, and already 25 years old.
    Krebs, we’ll see, but I’ve never been a big fan and Buffalo clearly wants to try to give him as many chances as he can in the minors first.
    And a non-protected 1st with a 2nd for Eichel (injury or no) and a 3rd?
    Total fleecing.

    The heat should be on BUF GM right now. As for the VGK Front Office, it was a better deal than I expected from them and this is clearly a win now move, as long as they can make the playoffs with all the injuries this year.
    Because after this move, there will be a lot of changes on the squad due to cap issues.

    • ulf

      I should mention I’m not even a fan of bringing Eichel in, but lordy that is giving up nothing. It’s a bit of risk health-wise but if he stays healthy and accepts a trade elsewhere, VGK could trade Eichel and get more than what they gave up (not that they will, but he’s higher value than the lowball VGK offered to get him).

      • THE hockey GOD

        i am not a big fan , either, but Ulf praising the VGK FO ??!!? IS the sun shining today ? Am I in the right forum.

        I never would have seen the day that someone would praise the FO on this forum.

        I am drinking MORE COFFEE, did I read that right ?

        Or are you being sarcastic ?

        • ulf

          Ha, nope and I’m not the biggest fan of the FO (or the coaching staff) either. But TBH this trade says more about Buffalo’s FO than VGK’s.

          If this is the best deal Buffalo got, I feel sorry for them. Sort of. They had better offers in the summer and waited too long. VGK took advantage by giving up nothing of consequence for a decent chance at a healthy #1 center for the next 4.5 years.

    • Richie-Rich

      Win now? Have you seen the current edition of the VGK, injuries not withstanding – the power play sucks, defense sucks and goal tending is mediocre at best.

      This team isn’t winning anything this year.

    • Pistol Pete

      Foley did another good deal!

      • Daryl

        What was his other good deal?

        • THE hockey GOD

          joey bagadonoughnuts and a sack of used, pre frozen hockey pucks.

          Buffalo was under a lot of pressure to move this deal

    • Blitz

      I actually agree. The cost was way lower than I thought it would be. Plus VGK might be a bottom dweller this year and get to keep a top 10 pick if so.

      I think Buffalo ran out of time. The interested teams for Eichel all left. Buff gets to wipe 10 mil off the books and a couple of young high ceiling guys to go with it, but I agree VGK is the winner in this deal.

      On the flip side. Fitting Eichel into the cap and still having a decent team around his is going to be tough, maybe even franchise crushing. We will see.

      • Daryl

        I agree with most but the part about finishing so far down they keep their top 10 pick next season. Their conference is too easy for them to win enough games to finish outside the bottom top 10

        • Blitz

          I know what you mean Daryl. On paper the division is weak and VGK can come back, but another blow, they just put Stone on LTIR. He ain’t coming back for a while. Wild bill, and patches gone still for a while as well. We need some help or cohesiveness to have a chance. I thought we were getting there, but Bill went down. Crushing. Hold the line!!

  6. Dean

    Congrats McCrimmon. You’ve effectively extended our rebuild window from 5 years to at least 10. Maybe we can finally win a Cub around 2035 (with a new GM and coach to lead us in the right direction)

    • THE hockey GOD

      what re build period ??

      • Dean

        The rebuild we are in now. If you think this current team is capable of winning a championship, you are in the delusional part of the fan base. We have no depth, a mediocre goalie, and a lousy coach. VGK has effectively taken one of the top teams in the league and destroyed it in just a few years (while also trading away prospects and draft picks eliminating any chance of a rebuild). This implosion is impressive as I didn’t think we could possibly become so bad so quickly.

        • THE hockey GOD

          @ Dean you realize that nearly half the team is on IR ??

          WAKE UP DUDE

          more coffee , more coffee for you

          • Dean

            Doesn’t matter how many injuries they have…..this team has gotten worse every year since season one. Stanley Cups are won by having a great team…..not by having a top heavy lineup with zero production from your third and fourth lines. At least until this season, the team had Fleury who was capable of producing a miracle (however unlikely it was), but when the team mismanaged the goalie situation and couldn’t even get a bag of White Castle sliders for him, the window which was slightly ajar definitely became closed. This deal does nothing more than cement it shut and prevent any chance of it opening again for quite some time.

        • THE hockey GOD


    • Pistol Pete

      Blame Foley then. Don’t you get it? He’s been having the final say all along.

  7. Pistol Pete

    Just from what he showed in creating the VGK Bill Foley is an EXTREMELY proactive owner. IMO he accepts full responsibility for the Stone, Pietrangelo and Eichel deals and does not put it directly on his President of OPs, GM or anyone else. Some owners might but not this one.

    • THE hockey GOD

      i will agree with this statement PP, after he doesn’t fire GM and co GMGM and cave into the many hater posters here who say otherwise about the VGK FO demanding their heads on a pike. So the BUCK stops at FOLEY, then , we shall see. WE shall see.

  8. Carl

    George McPhee is as impotent as the VGK power play. Zero Stanley Cups for 21 seasons. This deal ain’t the answer to the McPhee power play drought. Trade George to Toronto where Cup-phobia is a way of life. He’s worth at least that EBUG Zamboni driver.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ Carl remind me again who built the WASHINGTON CAPS ? And NY Islanders?

      Foley approved the deal, it’s his money, so the buck stops with FOLEY- ownership. Stop being a hater.

      • Carl

        0 for 21…

        …you were saying?

      • Jason Mason

        Caps won the Cup 3 years after McPhee left, and he only worked for the Isles 9 months. The Isles are a good team, but they haven’t produced a Cup as a result of McPhee’s short lived advisory position there. If they do I’ll give him as much credit for at you will, whenever that might be.

        I’m probably misunderstanding your comment, but I think you’re saying the VGK will win a Cup, and McPhee should get a lot of credit, but it won’t happen until a few years after he moved on.

        • THE hockey GOD

          i am saying GM is not impotent, that’s all.

          he once PUNCHED another coach in face, and GM is not that big of a person. HE’s a skinny little dude and one of the most respected executives in NHL.

          Stevie Y is the best in my opinion, right now. IF they dump these guys I would try to get Stevie Y. THE BEST. Bowman’s used to be, but they are done, done, and done.

          • Pete Lamont

            No offense, but Steve Yzerman has always been The Golden Child in Detroit since he was drafted in 1983 by the Wings. Once retiring as a player in 2006, he was being groomed to replace Ken Holland as GM. Even when he went to Tampa Bay, most in Detroit knew that he would eventually return to lead the Wings.

            Now that he’s back in Detroit, I think he’s there for life.

  9. Bad Vlad

    Considering the corner Vegas is in which is a completely separate story ….

    This is a great move.

    Tuch is injury prone. Sounds like his shoulder injury is a major injury. Wouldn’t be surprised if it gets injured again shortly after he returns. A bump, clip, hit whatever. Shoulders so easily re injured. I like tuch but he isn’t Wayne Gretzky.

    Eichel is a huge risk as well. First hit he could be done. Forever. One would assume that risk was investigated in depth. Dear god let’s hope so anyway

    Anyway both injured. But upside w Eichel way more

    Krebs… well kudos to his agent. They could sell sand to arabs for how they promoted Krebs. And he failed miserably to live up to his hype. Look up Cole Silingers stats. And look at Krebs. It’s too bad Krebs opinion of himself didn’t translate to his play. He needs a year or two in the echl and a couple in the ahl. Then maybe another shot. Maybe. Too many people chose to ignore his past performance objectively. And his past performance clearly predicted his performance with Vegas

    If Eichels health works out this could be a home run for Vegas

    The coach… the gm… well that’s another story

    • ulf

      well said, that’s about the size of it.

    • Pistol Pete

      Agree with you buddy. As ulf just said…well said about the size of it.

    • THE hockey GOD

      it’s apparent you didn’t like Krebs funny non hockey looking face

      say it.

      admit it


      PS his agent had nothing to do with this. BTW Krebs has played a TON of games this year. Too many , in my opinion. He’s been up and down with AHL, playing games when VGK were not. They played him TOO MANY games in short period of time. Plus covid last year didn’t help his playing time at all. Plus he kinda , sorta, looks like a young version of GM. That explains it !

  10. Margaret Mercer

    Way to go. Let’s get rid of Marchy, Wild Bill, Riley Smith and Carrier. Then you can change the name, cause we won’t be the Knights anymore. Did McFee at least have the intestinal fortitude to let Tuck know or did he find out on Twitter?!? Very sad. Our game is getting worse with all of your “executive ” decisions.

    • THE hockey GOD

      hey MM welcome to jungle

      NOW you talking about how a real re build would be done. KUDOS from bringing some solid brain power to this forum !

  11. Vlad

    artificial disk replacement surgery success rate

    I should never have searched this

    • Richie-Rich

      87% success rate – depending on the disk.

      If I am the GM, am I going to throw $50 million dollars on the table? The odds are better than craps, but then again – $50 million bucks…..

      • Ulf

        I guess you could argue who are you giving up to risk that?

        Either Eichel plays, or you get $10m in cap space by putting him on LTIR for the rest of his career.

        All you gave up was an injury-prone decent 2nd line winger, a prospect who may or may not turn out, a protected 1st round pick (in a good draft), and a 2nd. The only one that really hurts is the 1st rounder, but with VGK’s history in that department it doesn’t hurt that badly at all. Everything in the above list is replaceable. A healthy Eichel – if he’s healthy – is the best item in that deal by a big margin. And so is $10m in cap space.

        As much grief as folks give the FO (and they do deserve it), this is like lowballing someone in a deal to see if they take it, and they end up taking it.

        Buffalo really must have had very few teams in on this, or they’re worse at their jobs than McC and co!

        • THE hockey GOD

          yes Ulf when he is shown to be damaged goods, VGK then can go after
          a) mcdavid
          b) mcdonald
          c) mckinnon
          d) mcmathews
          e) russian player Yuri Kutzurnutov

          wait for it.

  12. LVsc

    Jack Eichel

  13. LVsc

    Calgary never offered Tkachuk, just as I suspected. confirmed by Adams the Buffalo GM.

    makes Weekes look weak with his rumor bs

  14. Tim

    The trade is finally done and the general opinion is it was a good trade for Vegas. Tuch is decent but has been hurt off and on Krebs knows the game see’s the game but can’t put the puck in the net. Losing a first round draft choice means nothing to management as George McFee once said prospects and draft picks are like perishable goods move them or they spoil. My only gripe with this whole process has been the duds we just signed. Howden on the first line is a joke this Hutton or this guy they just signed who was released from Toronto is a joke. When you’ve been released from 2 or 3 teams does that tell you something. Now there filling in our lines and you saw the results in our last game. In the AHL last year and this two of our best scores were Lucas E and Pavel D and not giving them a shot over these has bins baffles me. Could they be any worse then the product we put on the ice in Toronto? I know there had to be anxiety in the locker room not knowing if your being uprooted and that won’t change anytime soon. When everyone comes back they’ll need to shed payroll and obvious choices are Reilly Smith, Marshie, Theadore to name a few. You know this is going through there minds and it has to effect the locker room and on ice performance. Speaking of on ice performance these lines are so fucked up no continuity and I’m sure why they said top ten draft pick protected. Well this is our team cheer for it or not your choice myself not being nostalgic but we are not the Golden Misfits anymore were corporate America and it just doesn’t have the same feel. As in corporate America keeping the employees constantly in fear of getting fired isn’t my idea of how to run a team. You all have your opinions these are mine.

    • THE hockey GOD

      agreed, they picked up a bunch of , in words of Cosmo from Seinfeld “fancy boys” — did you see video of one of them on some social media dance competition :O

      I am hopeful for the one they got from Toronto Amadio, he may be a keeper. Toronto did not want to lose him.

  15. LVsc

    from NBC sports—–

    “One thing is for sure here, and we saw this a year ago with the Tampa Bay Lighting: Never let the salary cap play a role in your hypothetical trade discussions or free agent signings. Teams will always — always — find a way to get the player they want.”

  16. LVsc


    Recovery time from neck disk replacement surgery.

    at 6 weeks

    You will likely be able to return to most regular activities at this point. If you like to jog, swim, or play golf, you should be able to resume these activities by 6 weeks (with your surgeon’s permission). Contact sports are a separate matter, however. Decisions about sports like football, hockey, and even basketball are made on a case-by-case basis. That said, most people can return to full activities at home and at work by the end of the sixth week of cervical disc replacement recovery.

    • Daryl

      This surgery is about 2 month shorter than the other…… Experts have said the overall long term recovery rate is really good but the short term is worse than the other surgery. Anitgervecpertvsaid this surgery is better for the player but the other is a safer bet for the team which is why Buffalo wanted him to have the other

      • Mike StG

        The other factor in ADR vs fusion is the high probability that fusion would need to be redone within 10 years. Also, if ADR did not have a satisfactory outcome the fusion option would still be available as a last resort.

        • Daryl

          Exactly, which is what I said in another post. It’s better for the player long term but the other is safer for the team. I’m not advocating either way, just saying I understand both sides

    • Mike StG

      LVsc – there are also downsides to the typical fusion surgery. With the two vertebrae fused it changes upper body movement, which can affect skating, mobility, shoulder movement – thus passing, shooting, etc. Essentially a player has to relearn those movements and try to adjust their game with the limitations created by the fusion.

      The ADR replaces the damaged vertebrae with an artificial one that allows it to function and move independently as it would normally.

  17. Howard

    Tuch is a very good player and a potential super star. Krebs showed me nothing.
    Disk replacement in a hockey player? There is a chance he may never play again or could be a hit away from it.
    VGK seems to have traded away their magic by the Steinbrenner of the NHL.
    That being said-keep Martinez (top NHL defenseman) and get rid of puck of the stick-Reilly Smith.

  18. Daryl

    It’s basically do or die… Buffalo could/should have gotten more

  19. Mike StG

    To the naysayers:

    1) This is NOT a rebuild. lol
    2) This is a move that puts a final piece in place to make this team a viable contender for the next 4 or 5 years. So whether or not they win the Cup with Eichel this year is irrelevant. He’s 25 y/o and signed for 4 more years after 2022.
    3) Eichel isn’t a porcelain doll. Listen to Elliott Friedman’s interview with doc about ADR surgery, which discussed the risks, compares it with more traditional fusion surgery, and also listed other contact sports (eg, football) where players have had the ADR. The “one hit and his career could be over” comments lack any basis in fact.
    4) They won’t have to decimate the current team to get to the cap next year. If they trade Dadonov, don’t re-sign both Janmark and McNabb, then it’s a decision to either let Reilly Smith walk as UFA or trade Martinez. The team could afford to lose the 2 defensemen given what they have in the pipeline. They would probably be better off keeping the Misfit line together. I hate saying that because I love having Marty on the team. But I also love my #19 Smith jersey.
    5) Krebs has promise, but getting Eichel they don’t need him. They’re solid from C1 thru C4 for years to come. They can draft for future centers who will be ready for the NHL in 4-6 years.
    6) Tuch is a loss, but he was never going to reach his potential stuck on a 3rd line in Vegas. He’ll be a 1st or 2nd line winger on BUF where I hope he enjoys great success.
    7) The current signings of Hutton and Amadio were simply to get some NHL level players on to the roster. With the ridiculous amount of injuries they didn’t have sufficient depth in HSK to roster a competitive group. At least 3 or 4 rookies played their very first NHL game during Vegas’s first 9 games. And they’ve been playing 3 rookies every game. Plus by poaching HSK players they created a shortage of players on the AHL team. Many players from last year’s HSK signed elsewhere. Based on what McKenna said yesterday in the SinBin cast, they weren’t getting a shot to play for VGK since there was no room on the roster, so they moved on.
    8) Given how the bottom 6 were unable to provide scoring support in the last 2 playoff series losses, the FO beefed up the bottom 6 in the off-season. There’s no way they could or would have made decisions assuming they would get Eichel. The next best option for improving the team was to improve the bottom 6. Now that they got Eichel there will obviously be changes to the rest of the forward group. It’s an ongoing process of improving the team, not making a mistake and then trying to correct it.

    As I have said on posts on other articles, I wasn’t really a supporter of a trade, but my belief was that they’d have to throw another piece into it – specifically Theodore. This is actually a really good deal for Vegas. And I’m excited to see how it pans out.

    • Daryl

      This ended up being a good deal for VGK. As for your #3 comment, I disagree though. They’re is a basis for being hit and being done. It has happened with players in football. And you can find a doctor who says anything… We could fill this entire article about conflicting medical opinions o COVID. The one doctor who spoke on behalf of Buffalo commented on how the other surgery was a safer bet for Buffalo with a better overall success rate in contact sports which is why they wanted that surgery. The surgery Eichel is getting is better long term and better for the player meaning less likely of future surgeries.

      It is still a huge chance he won’t return to glory days and could be knocked out o the league but with all the rule changes it should help. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get a major boarding play.

      As for your other comments, I agree VGK was looking for depth but I don’t think they improved their bottom 6 enough to make a difference. In order to have a legit run at the Cup, they will need to improve here at the trade deadline to really have a chance.

      VGK has now traded away their top 4 draft picks every year… What team has ever done that before?

      • Mike StG

        The doctor I’m referring to is one of the consulting surgeons who has performed hundreds of the procedures and has done many on professional athletes. Not just ‘any doctor who can say anything’.

        I also heard a program yesterday where it was pointed out that the same BUF ownership group had taken a similar position with players on the Bills
        (insisting that the team decide on treatment), and that it was less about the procedure than it was about controlling the decision. Maybe a reason RL spoke out on the subject, having played several years in Buffalo… who knows?

        There are risks associated with fusion as well, plus the impact to upper body movement and the high probability that it would have to be redone within 10 years. If ADR doesn’t work then he can always go the fusion route as a last resort.

        And, God forbid, if something should happen and he never plays again then that was probably always going to be the outcome, and they put him on LTIR and find the best replacement possible with the $10M cap space they’re left with.

    • THE hockey GOD

      agree, agreee , agree, with everything except the very last paragraph, which
      Ulf points out, if it doesn’t work out they will have 10 million to spend on next lemon, rrr, super star.

    • Blitz

      Thanks for the prospective Mike. That’s a good post. You are always the calming voice in the sea of angry d-bags (that often includes me). 🙂

    • Pistol Pete

      Thanks for another well thought out intelligent analysis. I could not agree more. This was a smart move by Foley and they will find the best way to address another $8m in cap.

  20. LVsc

    the fact that the #1 draft pick traded to Buffalo is LOTTERY PROTECTED is a good thing for the Vgk

    but, it is also an admittal by McCrimmon that the Vgk may not make the playoffs this year.

    However, i think that IF enough injured players return to form soon enough, they will make the bottom of the playoff rung in the West.

    • Daryl

      The Pacific is so weak that VGK still has a chance to make the playoffs… I think it will be close but if they can get a few healthy players back a little sooner than expected, it is possible

      • THE hockey GOD

        I am still predicting the KRAKEN will finish ahead of the VGK this year.
        dun dun
        dun dun dun

  21. Daryl

    My biggest worry at this point is who else do we get rid of? And it would have to be a star player and most likely 2 players. When all these injured players return, and all are scheduled to return before the playoffs, VGK will be well over the Cap limit. So while VGK basically gave up very little on the trade itself, it’s still undetermined how much they actually have up

    • Mike StG

      None Daryl. They activate Jack after szn is over – no cap limits.

      • Richie-Rich

        The chances that VGK makes the playoffs this year are slim, very slim considering the injuries, lack of offense, lack of power play, lack of defense and mediocre goal tending at best from The Walrus.

        Getting some stability on the roster will be the key to the future for the VGK. That starts next season. This season is lost….

        • Mike StG

          RR – just how long do you think the injured players will be out? Patch, Karlsson have foot fractures and Whitecloud’s break is on the hand. All 3 will be back before the end of 2021, probably mid-December. At the end of 2021 the team will have played 36 games, which means that 46 games will be played in 2022. If they come back the 3rd week of December there will still be 50 games of an 82-game season left to play.

          Maybe Stone ends up being out longer (or maybe not). But at this point he seems to be the only player who may not be back by the start of the 2022 calendar year.

          • Richie-Rich

            Let’s face it Mike. The start of this season, even with the top 6 completely healthy looked pretty bad. We have to hope that we don’t fall too far back in the standings. On top of that almost every aspect of hockey needs to be looked at and fixed (offense, defense, goal tending, power play, all of it).

            The VGK has only been around a few years, but I have never seen them play this bad, not even during the mini-slump that got Gallant fired.

      • Daryl

        As I said to you on the other post… I don’t see how that will work out in VGK favor. This is a completely different situation than in TB. Eichel hasn’t played in 2 years, he will be with a new team and under a new coach/system. There is no way he can come out and perform worth a darn in the playoffs under those circumstances

  22. Richie-Rich

    So, here is what the ideal roster look like in terms of players and salary cap for 2021.

    LW-1 Pacioretty $7,000,000
    C-1 Eichel $10,000,000
    RW-1 Stone $9,500,000

    LW-2 Marchy $5,000,000
    C-2 Karlsson $5,900,000
    RW-2 Smith $5,000,000

    LW-3 Janmark $2,000,000
    C-3 Stephenson $2,750,000
    RW-3 Dadanov $5,000,000

    LW-4 Carrier $1,400,000
    C-4 Roy $ 750,000
    RW-4 Kolesar $ 725,000

    LD-1 Pietrangelo $8,800,000
    RD-1 Martinez $5,250,000

    LD-2 Theodore $5,200,000
    RD-2 Whitecloud $725,000 next year its $2,750,000

    LD-3 McNabb $2,500,000
    RD-3 Hague $791,667

    G1 Lehner $5,000,000
    G2 Brossoit $2,325,000

    This is $4,116,667 OVER THE CAP


    1. Hutton, Bischoff or some other HSK for McNabb. That saves $1,750,000 and brings the cap overage down to $2,336,667.

    2. You replace Dadanov with Patrick and you get under the cap by $1,433,333 at $80,066,667.

    • Mike StG

      RR – it doesn’t matter. They don’t have to move anyone or do anything else until the off-season. They just do what Tampa “18M over the cap” did last year. Activate Jack after reg season ends when the cap is lifted.

      Why would they move assets out just so Jack could play a few games before the szn ends?

      • Richie-Rich

        I think it is going to be difficult to get to the playoffs this year without him and that’s a big IF he can come back at all this season. He’s going to need a tune up and I don’t think it would be smart to throw him right into a playoff situation with a new team.

        Look, now that this deal is done, I am over it. I wish Eichel the best of luck and godspeed for recovery. Now, it’s all up to Coach DeBoer to get this team to the playoffs. Good luck with that considering the current situation, lack of coaching, mediocre goal tending and a disjointed and dysfunctional roster that is lacking in every aspect of hockey.

      • Daryl

        You would really leave Eichel on the IR until the playoffs…. and expect any type of good play from a player who hasn’t played in two years, is now on a new team, and is playing under a new coach/system? There is no way that would work

        • Mike StG

          Daryl, first of all it DOESN’T MATTER if they win the cup this year. Eichel was acquired as a long term acquisition, not just to try and win the cup this season. Whether he plays or not this postseason is not that important.

          Second, where do you get your information? Eichel hasn’t played in 2 years?? That’s ridiculous. He last played on March 7, 2021 against the Isles. This is November 4, 2021, so it was 7 months ago, not 2 years. Maybe by the time he’s back on the ice will be 1 year. Season is over April 29th.

          • Daryl

            Eichel will be back this year before the playoffs, probably sometime mid March. That means they will have to lose 2 more starters. Then come next year, with the raise that Whitecloud received, they will have to lose another player. So yes, it does make a huge difference. They put all their eggs into one basket and that is Eichel will be able to return as his before injury self. If that doesn’t happen, VGk will have screwed themselves for year and years to come.

            As for my 2 years comment, I guess I should have said 2 seasons. He only played in 21 games last season and will only play a handful of games this season. That is basically 2 seasons of hockey.

          • Mike StG

            Okay Daryl. Whatever. If anyone can turn getting Eichel into a giant negative it’s you. Congratulations on throwing shade on even the most positive of developments. Damn, if they had just re-signed Engo and passed on Petro they coulda won 2 cups by now. Lol

        • Daryl

          Ok Mike… HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE!!!!! What moron would bring up Engo or Petra when we aren’t even talking about either??? You act like I’m the only one who doesn’t think this was a good deal overall!!! According to you, this season doesn’t matter and they are just going to throw away this season and concentrate on the next. This trade will literally cost VGK a total of 3 starters this season and a future starter for next season. Explain how that is a good move. What team has won the Cup relying solely on their first line or first two lines??? That is EXACTLY what VGK is doing with this deal.

          You can go back to blindly supporting everything this FO does… you and THG make a great couple!

          • Mike StG

            Daryl, this reminds me of you and your inability to say anything positive without having to inject negativity. Your posts are always such a drag. Sorry, but that’s how I read them. I try to stay positive while occasionally (but not always) acknowledging the negative. 🙂

            Gloom Despair And Agony On Me (tall girls) via @YouTube

          • Richie-Rich-Knows

            Daryl is right. Tuch and Krebs is just a piece of what will be necessary to fit Eichel’s bloated salary in under the cap. There are other factors to be considered as well.

            Whitecloud just got a massive pay raise, an additional $2,000,000 which will further complicate fitting Eichel in.

            Then there will be the matter of Reilly Smith’s contract. This stupid FO did nothing to move him in the off season when we could have been well rewarded. So, either they were planning to trade him during the season or were intending to pay him a long term contract after the year. If that’s the case what will it take to sign him? Will he take $5,000,000 for a long term deal? If not, then add an additional $1M, $2M or more to the salary cap math problem. If he walks and we get nothing in return, that’s completely effed up.

            Then there is also the matter of Janmark who is also an UFA at the end of the year. He’s been a solid player for the VGK. His cap hit is $2,000,000. Will he also be trade bait before the deadline? If not, does he walk at the end of the year for nothing in return? If not, how much will he cost in terms of CAP?

            Lastly, both Brayden McNabb and Ben Hutton will be UFA at the end of the year as well. I like McNabb, he’s a good defender and a big body knocking guys off the puck in the neutral zone. Not sure about Hutton. But, both of these contracts will have to be dealt with as well.

    • Daryl

      You didn’t include the money for Patrick and any other player that vgk would have as a healthy scratch.

  23. Richie-Rich

    Interesting fact. Jack Eichel in 5 seasons has a plus/minus rating of -80.

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