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The deal that was rumored all day yesterday has been completed. The Golden Knights have traded their 2020 2nd round pick and the Blues 2021 2nd round pick (from Colin Miller trade) to the Los Angeles Kings for defenseman Alec Martinez.

Martinez is a 32-year-old left-handed defenseman who has the ability to play both sides on defense. He comes with a $4 million cap hit through the end of the 2020-21 season.

Statistically, Martinez has struggled a bit offensively with just one goal and eight points in 41 games. He does average over 21 minutes of ice time and has a ton of playoff experience including scoring the game-winning goal of the 2014 Stanley Cup Final.

Martinez is expected to join the team and play tomorrow against the Lightning.

He’s a nice addition to our group. He’s a seasoned guy that has the ability to raise his level at the important times of year and we’re excited to have him. -Pete DeBoer

Kelly and I had some frank conversations about the strengths and weaknesses of the team. I don’t think it’s any secret that getting a defenseman has been a priority or at least at the top of the list. If they were going to do something that was going to be one of the first things they did. I think those conversations were pretty frank and pretty early in the process. -DeBoer

His skating, he’s a strong guy. He’s a warrior, he’ll block a lot of shots. He can chip in offensively and he still play some power play. -Brayden McNabb


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  1. Tiki Owl

    Obviously Engenlland’s PT will continue to decrease. Looking beyond this year would there be some thought given to him having a coaching position with the Silver Knights nextyear.

  2. Vgk4life

    Really? We need people better than Merill Engelland and Holden…. so we pick a 32 year old defensemen that is near identical in all regards to the aforementioned. Wow. Good thing we fired Gallant.

    • John

      Holden is part of one of the top defensive pairings in the NHL this year.

      • Vgk4life

        Nick Holden the Plus 1 with 10 points is one of the top defensive pairings in the NHL?

        Is that sarcasm? Sometimes it’s hard to convey such things online, but I hope you’re not serious. Please tell me you’re not serious….

        • im serious. considering Holden and Theodore have been the third-best defensive pairing in the NHL by expected goals percentage (64.7)

  3. SC

    They want experienced playoff guys, not rookies getting their feet wet, or 3rd pair guys pretending to be something more.

    Martinez will probably help them most on the PK, as he blocks shots, and gives them a 2nd option to McNabb, with #5 likely on the way to retirement.

    Now get rid of that crappy Eakin, and put Stephenson back at center.

  4. Tim

    Martinez has diminishing skills so say all the hokey pundits. I guess we’ll wait and see but 2 seconds is a high price for a 32 year old D who’s slowing down. George and Kelly know what there doing most of the time so lets hope they haven’t laid an egg. I don’t think there done with Foley’s win now attitude. I questioned the DeBoer hiring being he was our mortal enemy but so far he’s made some good moves.

  5. We may not have like the deboer hiring but it appears the boys are responding. We will never know they may have got their attitude adjusted by the shock of the change but regardless of the reason you have to admit it’s been a refreahing change. We let Miller go and now replace him with someone older which l can’t imagine was a good move. The new guy may find a second life now with a new team which would be helpful as you all indicated he was heading the other way with LA. You know what they say once a king always a king once a knight enough.

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