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Golden Knights 2021-22 Locker Cleanout Press Conference Audio

(Photo Credit: Ken Boehlke,

The Golden Knights conducted their season-end media availability today at City National Arena. This is the complete unedited audio of every press conference.

0:00 – 31:47 – Pete DeBoer

31:47 – 1:07:24 – Kelly McCrimmon

1:07:24 – 1:23:10 – Alec Martinez

1:23:10 – 1:39:20 – Max Pacioretty

1:39:20 – 1:48:27 – Shea Theodore

1:48:27 – 2:01:44 – Jack Eichel

2:01:44 – 2:13:20 – Zach Whitecloud

2:13:20 – 2:26:48 – Mark Stone

2:26:48 – 2:38:01 – Jonathan Marchessault

2:38:01 – 2:47:46 – William Karlsson

2:47:46 – 2:57:56 – Brayden McNabb


Injuries Aren’t An Excuse, They Were The Plan (And The Plan Failed)


VGK’s Collective Failure Began In Early January


  1. the Hockey God


    • Excellent analysis! It just goes to show that McCrimmon is not capable or smart enough to lead this organization, or any organization for that manner. Compound it with “the egg on your face” Dadanov trade of not even knowing the contract of your players and the incompetence is glaring!
      He has single handedly destroyed this team in less than 2 years… My 81 year old Mom has more eye for talent and definitely a greater moral compass than this hockey executive.
      Whoever sold Foley on his capabilities needs to to as well.

      Some people have to over do things to make themselves look good… And end up exposing themselves.

  2. Where is the audio picture no voice

  3. injuredinjuires

    Please Fire DEBOREEEEE

  4. Longtime Reader, First Time Poster

    Now that I listened to this, McCrimmon is a dick and DeBoer is not as bad as I thought. Maybe there is some hope for next season but I think it will take moving on from McCrimmon the guy just seems toxic to me.

  5. I would love to see TOR who has half their cap in four players win it all and dispel the amateurish assertion a top heavy team can’t win the Cup.

  6. McCrimmon’s comments around the organization’s determination that the first year’s success was not sustainable addresses what has been often discussed here namely the criticism by fans that they have gradually destroyed that structure. It will come as no surprise to those who follow my thinking that the fans are rarely well enough informed to make those types of decisions, in this case the decison to acquire elite veteran talent to keep the team competing at a top level. Making the playoffs year 2 and the conference finals years 3 and 4 is validation of the organization’s strategy for building on the year 1 success.

    • Pistol Pete

      Look I don’t mean to sound condescending with respect to a fan’s ability to offer constructive criticism, it’s just frustrating at times hearing it over and over again. A knee jerk reaction is to strike out against and say they really don’t what they are talking about—you have never run a team so what do you really know. I know that’s not completely fair. Some fans have a wealth of experience watching the rise and fall of teams and have meaningful insights to offer.

      • Pistol Pete

        I may not criticize when I don’t have real world answers, but you’ll learn a lot more listening to these guys than you’ll ever learn listening to me.

      • Terri

        Very true!


        Sorry I am an owner of a business , been a manager etc and the best thing you can do is own up to shit .Hes on glue

    • THE hockey GOD

      culture ? People throw this word around without knowing definition of “culture”.
      IT takes a LOT more than one year to ‘build’ or even have a culture in first place. I fart in general direction of these myopic fools who throw around this term, without even looking up meaning of the word.


      You guys are wrong .and plenty of people that are gone from vgk would argue mccrimmons flower and rainbow delusions of himself .DeBoer already said the token its best not to change anything STUPID ANALOGY ONCE AGAIN .ITS cringe worthy they see ZERO WRONG WITH THIS SHIT keep drinking the kool aid

  7. Pistol Pete

    Per Pacioretty’s comments on the PP, an inference is that the players themselves are a big factor in figuring out what works best echoing comments Eichel made a couple months ago, not that coaching is irrelevant.

    • Daryl

      You run the plays the coaches design and call… as for comments by players, do you honestly think a player is going to blame a coach for anything??? Some questions you can guess the answer as the question is being asked.

  8. THE hockey GOD

    dang am I disappointed, I can not tell you how much I am disappointed. What is with these TV series , that have emmy winners all over it. Then in the season toppers at the end they completely BLOW it. like GaME OF THRONES, so many let downs.

    OZARK, without revealing the spoilers, I was NOT HAPPY at all with how they handled my favorite character. I sort of expected this after GEORGE RRRRRRRRRRR MARTIN introduced this concept. Every knows what happens to SEAN BEAN, in every movie. IT is a foregone conclusion. You see SEAN BEAN as actor and you say to yourself. Self, You know what going to happen. You don’t know how or when or why. But you see SeAN BEAN on screen and you know it.

    Same with Nicholas Cage, you see him on screen , and I know he has fans, but a lot of people just see his movies (many on cable reruns) and say to themselves. SELF. This guy can not act. How bad can he NOT act in this movie. Although I did like CON AIR. That I think was his best work. And his best scene ever, although it didn’t take much acting was when he was doing the girl and the mobsters where trying to kill him. And he just kept doing her, and killing them all at same time. Total fiction.

    End of rant, shame on writers of OZARK SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME
    shazzaaam shame

    • knights fan in minny

      is this hockey talk you need to get out and get some friends

      • THE hockey GOD

        fake knight , but real hockey fan

        in minny

        my friends come over and we watch it on our big big screen in my theater
        room over looking a view of the valley with all the lights, when the window shades are open.

        What’s in your wallet ? Punk?

        • knights fan in minny

          the hockey dunce bragging again you know what bragging means compensating for something

          • STEPHANIE

            Lol Oooooo whats in your wallet punk? Lmaoooo what a moron .Get some humility dumbass

        • knights fan in minny

          anybody can say that behind the key board

        • knights fan in minny

          how much did you have to pay these friends to come over and listen to your babble

        • knights fan in minny

          more then enough oh damm i am starting to sound like you that sucks

  9. Pistol Pete

    Listening to Karly sounded almost like he could use a change of scenery? Wonder what his evaluators will conclude?

    • THE hockey GOD

      PP sometimes that is best when stuck in a rut.

      I wish that VGK would have made a run for those two that LAK got this season.

      • Pistol Pete

        We’ll see. They have to move a couple top six forwards counting Dadonov to get under the cap. Brossoit should get them pretty close. May cost some picks.

        • THE hockey GOD

          PP you know what they say wait another year and you get more picks, they “ain’t” running out of picks until they run out of years.

          you can pick your nose
          you can pick your seat
          you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your relatives.

          • knights fan in minny

            and you can pick being the hockey dunce

          • THE hockey GOD

            whiner from minny
            can’t pick hockey dunce because you are the winnah !!

            won a chicken dinnah

            don’t choke on neck bones !

  10. Pistol Pete





  11. Pistol Pete

    ThG with the history of negative sentiment against McCrimmon and DeBoer and a host of other concerns I was expecting a lot of traffic. Hasn’t shown up yet. Give it time? Lol

    • THE hockey GOD

      you never know, the sun is out, the temp is warm, people are going to the beach, walking around town hardly wearing any clothes. And others walking around wearing clothes they haven’t washed in three years. You know how you get in that COSTCO line, and you move into that slot that the dredges had. And they move, but there old clothes stench lingers. IT makes you want to go to the end of the line
      at the register four over, wait another 30 minutes in line, just to avoid that dank unwashed clothes stank smell.

      • knights fan in minny

        what the hell are you talking about look out your window the guys with the straight jacket are coming

        • STEPHANIE

          Pete and THG ahahaha i cant even say his stupid name are prob the same person since THG is schizophrenic.

          • VGK Fan


            They are different people but all the post are the same “coach is great “Management is great” and like to trash MAF, GG, and VGK season 2 and 3.

  12. ulf

    thanks Ken – I haven’t heard it all, but when any of the FO or Coaching Staff mentioned injuries as a reason for underperformance, did anyone in the press corps ask for a followup, given that if everyone was healthy Vegas couldn’t dress that lineup anyway (since they’re well over the cap)?

    • I specifically asked McCrimmon if the way they managed the cap had any impact on continuity and chemistry and he pushed back hard saying that if anything it helped keep them relevant.

      So, yes, I believe I did my best to ask that question. They were not having it.

      • THE hockey GOD

        “it helped keep them relevant.” translation “we were in the hunt until the hunt ended and we weren’t in it ” or “that dog don’t hunt no more.”

        don’t know what relevancy has to skating on one leg, with one arm tied behind your back, and an eye patch over your left eye, you still “ain’t ” putting dat der puck ball into the basket.

        you know what they say about relevant?

        it has core pre fix “rel” as in “relative”

        ergo your relatives are relevant but your hockey players are too, even
        when they play hurt, until they are not kept relevant when they are put on the IR.

        Say what?

        • knights fan in minny

          you need help babbler

          • THE hockey GOD

            go stalk someone else, put some non smelly clothes on , because you stink

      • gerald dombrowski

        I think think these players patchoretty, stone, machesaiu, karllson,and Lenard never recovered from couvid and were sent back in to play but the way they played sucked and that includes that movie star jack eichel as far as I’m concerned management doesn’t know how to save money,all these players were good players and when this season started they sucked right from the beginning, hockey is just like a business if you don’t produce they trade you , just like you job , if you don’t produce your history

        • THE hockey GOD

          to Gerald Dombrowski, that is a very insightful comment. I keep saying AND COVID, but it’s completely ignored. I don’t think it came up once. But COVID does devastating things to body. Janmark was another who never made it back. And Kelly McCrimmon also got it.

          BTW I liked your role in the Bowery Boys movies!! “ex-vaudevillian Bernard Gorcey, who memorably played sweet shop owner Dombrowski in The Bowery Boys movies”.


        Yea theyre not going to admit shit .just wearing rose colored glasses and theyre all sticking together cuz Foley hasnt removed them .

      • Marie Roberts

        Good Question, of course McCrimmon is going to not answer the question it’s no surprise to me that all the LTIR players would reappear in the playoffs. They Cap Circumventing at best. He reminds me of a car salesman. He is very arrogant and talks in circles. Sorry, other teams have the same problem about injured players missing games. Dysfunctional comment was totally off base. I honestly couldn’t work for him in an office environment.

    • Pistol Pete

      ulf do you know who that could have been they would dress if not for the cap?

      • THE hockey GOD


        they could have been somebody

        they could have been the champs,
        anybody !

  13. My impression on Lehner (he should have benched himself):

    —Coming off a three week injury layoff he showed enthusiasm that he wanted
    to help the team win and told Deboer he was fit to play.
    —DeBoer starts him vs. VAN 4/3. He plays 5 games going 2-2-1. Some observers
    remark he appears to not be 100%.
    —After the OT loss to VAN allowing 5 goals DeBoer starts Thompson vs. CGY and
    EDM. Thompson goes 1-1.
    —Returning home Lehner continues to show enthusiasm and still tells
    DeBoer he is fit to play. DeBoer starts him vs. NJD and he has a poor game
    losing it. DeBoer starts him vs. WSH and pulls him after allowing 2 goals in the
    first period (the second goal was disallowed).

    Conclusion: It was apparent when Lehner came back from injury he was not 100% but he continued to tell DeBoer he was fit to play. DeBoer is inclined to start any player who says he’s able to play. This is common practice for a coach. Lehner was not fit to play and should have deferred to Thompson. It’s possible the VGK makes the playoffs if Lehner decided to bench himself. He should have imo.

    • THE hockey GOD

      I thought the “organization” (mob sters?) said he had to play or else??? They made him an offa he couldn’t refuse. Now who couldn’t pass up a nice italian sub or pastrami on rye?

      Jimmy John freshly made, healthy cold cut ,sandwiches.

      Don’t tell Tony Bolognavich, “The King of Cold Cuts,” (whose meat is processed in basement of a chemical plant) and whose business is undercut (pun intended) by Jimmy John’s sandwiches. Garrett (Robert in Everybody Loves Raymond) shot the scenes in January in Los Angeles.

      Minny needs a dictionary to keep up, because when he reads my posts all he sees is blah blah blah, jibber jabber, drool, and his brain freezes up.

      • knights fan in minny

        off topic babble did you eat paint chips as a kid that rubber room is ready for you wacko

        • THE hockey GOD

          as i predicted your brain froze up again

          • knights fan in minny

            the white coats are coming to get you hockey dunce you better hide babble king when are you going to bring back your other personality alex aka pauly we know its you

    • knights fan in minny

      time for lehner to move on logan is the future and needs game time

  14. Aj

    To “the hockey God” – You’re as poser!!! Google it!

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