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Goalie Interference w/ Mike McKenna Coming To!

Starting next Wednesday, October 13th, will premier our brand new interactive “TV” show called Goalie Interference. The show will feature Ken and Jason from and NHL veteran goalie and former VGK intermission host, Mike McKenna.

The show will air live every Wednesday at 7 PM Pacific Time and will be streamed on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. On VGK gamedays, the show will shift to Thursday.

Every episode of Goalie Interference is sponsored by the Jimmerson Law Firm.

Plus, the show will be interactive meaning you can join us on camera to ask question or add your opinions to the show.

See you Wednesday!



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  1. Richard Santomauro

    Well, this should be interesting! Sounds great and should be interesting for the season!

  2. Blitz

    This is really excellent!! I like Mike McKenna and glad he is still around.

  3. Mike StG

    Agree! This is something to look forward to. McKenna’s insights were instructive and interesting last szn. I was VERY disappointed when (for whatever reason) he wasn’t going to be back this year. This is a big “get” Ken. I know Mike is also on DFO but having him comment on Vegas hockey in the live format is terrific.

  4. Julie

    I like Mike! Excited to see/ hear him!

    • Julie

      It will be interesting how he handles the Lehner situation since they were teammates awhile back.

  5. George L.

    I’m very excited. The goalie breakdown segments he did while a commentator were outstanding

  6. THE hockey GOD

    nice job, VGK should have kept MM and Stormy too !

    • THE hockey GOD

      maybe JAson will let him talk and stop interrupting every five seconds !dun dun dun.

      • Mike StG

        ThG – “Let’s be honest”, that’s not likely to happen. 🙂

        We love you Jason!

  7. THE hockey GOD

    LA Kings lost no. 1 pick for few months with broken ankle.

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