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Goalie Interference – Season 2 Episode 6 – November 9, 2022

In our third episode in a row since the Golden Knights lost, we chat about mistake-free hockey, depth, the 3rd line, special teams, and much more.

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Silver Knights’ Poor Play May Solve The Golden Knights Excess Goalie Problem


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  1. Jailbird

    The will be a tuff game tonight I think. I don’t have this Hulu crap, so going to have to listen on radio. Play hard boys!

    • Tim

      Jailbird, I’ve told everyone before get a Fire Stick. I pay 40 dollars every six months get all hockey, baseball which is all I watch but all other sports are available. I also get Hulu , Netflix , Prime all movies TV etc. Best 40 dollar investment. Cox, Direct TV etc are ripping you off.

      • Blitz

        Fire stick is just a device with various apps, alot of which you pay for, so what or who are you paying the 40 bucks to, to get all of that content? I am not understanding that part. I pay $10 a month for espn+, but still don’t get games in my area most of the time because of blackout rules. So let me in on your magic.

        • Tim

          Blitz, I’m telling I’m a Cleveland Guardians fan watched all 162 games for my 40 dollar 6 month fee. I watch all the Knights games but many times it’s the visitor announcers but I don’t like Dave Goucer;s constant stat update over and over so that doesn’t bother me. Tonight I will either stream the game or go to Hulu I always have more then one way to watch the game. Anyway that’s just a tip if it doesn’t work for you no problem stay with ESPN+. One channel I don’t get is AT&T the Knights home channel.

          • Blitz

            I believe you, I just want/need to know who you are paying, for reals. Who do you physically pay to get all this? Amazon? Are you doing individual services? Do you have a VPN? I’m sold, I just need to know where to start.

  2. Jailbird

    I have had Amazon fire tv for years now. But would still have to pay extra to get Hulu, espn+ and others? It’s ok I can do the radio thing a couple times a year.

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