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Goalie Interference – Season 2 Episode 32 – May 11th, 2023

With the series tied 2-2 the tempers have begun to flair. We’ll talk about the fallout from Game 4, how each team will have to react, the adjustments each can make, and dive into what we’ve learned about the series so far.

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Vegas Defense Set Early Tone For Game 4 Dud


Power Play Taking Strides, Despite Results Since Game 1


  1. David Thew

    Our Knights played with no energy. They looked lackluster. I think that after the win in game 3, they thought they could coast. They “hopefully”, now know that Edmonton has come to play. The Knights need to play more disciplined. Stop giving Edmonton Power Plays! They need to win game 5 at The Fortress. Their home record is not very good. But they need to come out hot from the start. Play fast. Score 1st. Feed off the crowd. Anything less and the Knights will be in for another blowout.

  2. Jailbird

    Actually they came out playing well, until the two penalties and pick pocket of Theo. Also, they had one of the best home records after the break.

  3. David Thew

    Their home wins and losses was horrendous. 15 home losses. The only teams who were worse was Calgary and the Kraken. Not stellar. Theodore played very undisciplined last game. He needs to clean that up. You can’t play that way and expect to win. Our Knights need to control the puck and keep it in Edmontons side. They need to come out fast and hard. Score 1st for once.

  4. Jailbird

    Awful quiet here today. Everyone nervous? I’m not. About 70% of teams who win game 5 , win series! Sooooooooo, completely in our hands. At home. If we want to advance we will go out and take this game ….. period! Simple!

    • Bobby

      This is true, we battled to secure Western Conference home ice, to play in front of our great fans!

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