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Goalie Interference – Season 2 Episode 3 – October 19, 2022

After dropping their first game of the season, we dive into what went wrong against Calgary, while keeping an eye on the solid 3-1-0 start. We’ll talk about the ups and downs of the defense, the team’s ability to score, star players going missing, and more.

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  1. I think we can feel very good about Thompson being our 1A in goal.

    The top line isn’t producing $20+million per year numbers. I think Eichel needs better speed on that top line. Stone looks to have lost a step. As for Kessel, well he is closer to the sunset than the sunrise. Moving Stone and Kessel down and bringing some speed and power up might be the answer. Move Marchy & Cotter or Marchy and Howden up to the top line and give it a shot.

    Marchy, Eichel, Cotter/Howden
    Stone, Stephenson, Smith
    Kessel, Karlsson, Howden/Amadio
    Carrier, Roy, Kolesar

    Need to check the LW/RW alignment on the above…..

    • Blitz

      I always enjoy the line shifting experiment. I am convinced that the lines cannot be rearranged on this team to make the team better. Each player brings something, but collectively don’t make a good team here. With that said I don’t like your lines at all. These lines don’t say to me that you would have won the calgary game. What is the intent of these lines? L1 I guess is for scoring. Maybe Marchy and Eichel deserve another chance together, but didn’t see it last year. I guess L2 will be your defensive line cause that is the only good one you have. L3 is bad. Your best defensive center with your worst 2 defensive wings. Howden/Bill/Amadio last minutes as a line. This looks much worse.

      Not knocking you Rich, just don’t think shuffling lines is going to make this team better. To me the only thing to try is to keep doing what they are doing and hope to get better or maybe put the misfit line back and try to get Eichel and Stone together, but even that line is incomplete because they don’t have a legit shooter. Ugh.

      This team will beat the bottom half of the league regularly, but not the top half. They need trades now or we will all have to accept what it is.

  2. Jailbird

    I’m willing to give the top line a little more time, but I want to see more effort from them! Good match up with the jets tonight. Getem boys!

  3. Blitz

    I absolutely shit on the first two shows of the season with good reason, IMO. So to be fair I am writing this to say I enjoyed this show. Looks like it is back on track. Jason’s audio was good. The call-in “other” Jason had great questions. Good *discussion* from all. Opinions were discussed and not forced. TV-show-gold 20 year hockey pro didn’t get argued with for 45 min. The nose has been pulled up.

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