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Goalie Interference – Season 2 Episode 27 – April 5th, 2023

VGK lead the conference by three points with four to go. Will they hang on? Does it matter? Plus, so much more including matchups, lineups, and even a look into the future.

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Golden Knights “Lack Power Play Shooter”


  1. Pistol Pete

    Dorofeyev should never ever be in any bottom six. He’s listed on the roster as 6′ 1″ 194, so he’s not small, in fact the same height and a pound heavier than McDavid and bigger than both Karlsson and Smith. When he was drafted he was listed on Elite Prospects at 163 so assuming that and the current listing are accurate he’s put on about 30 lbs. Elite Prospects has him now at 176 but I assume the NHL listing is more accurate. Possibly the earlier 163 was not accurate.

    For the Kings I am hoping for:


    • Pistol Pete

      Actually, Cassidy scratched Amadio not Kolesar for the NSH game.

  2. Pistol Pete

    I really hope they are practicing to integrate Dorofeyev’s one-timer into the power play. Have him on the bumper rotating from the middle over to a circle for the one-timer. That used to work for Martinez. Martinez may have been coming down from the point to pick up the one-timer from the circle. Not sure.

  3. Pistol Pete

    If Eichel and Dorofeyev works, and I expect it will due to Eichel’s ability to hold the puck in the O-zone and potentially set Pav up, I absolutely expect Pav to be on the first PP unit with Eichel and Marchy. I’m believe too that Pav and Eichel together 5 on 5 will cause Eichel to maximize his shooting.

    As far as Pav defending compared to being with Smith and Karlsson, Eichel’s 200 ft. game has improved markedly under Cassidy. I have noted Pav throttling it on the backcheck and with Eichel already using his speed to backcheck I expect Pav will continue to follow suit to keep up with Eichel as he has with Smith and Karlsson.

  4. Pistol Pete

    Another way to frame the potential of Dorofeyev and Eichel together is that Eichel is a major O-zone time player due to his ability to hold into the puck and be a set-up guy. That is exactly what Pav needs. If that works it will apply to the power play as well.

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