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Goalie Interference – Season 2 Episode 16 – January 18th, 2023

Mark Stone is having back issues again which has changed the outlook on the season. We discuss what happens with Stone out, Eichel’s need to step forward, the Pacific Division, and much more.

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Eichel Must Lift Teammates With Stone Out; He Hasn’t So Far This Season


The Anatomy Of Cassidy’s Continued Line Shuffling Amidst Injuries


  1. Jailbird

    If we don’t come together tonight vs the Wings, we could be in for a long fall. Let’s see what our team is made of, if anything? Almost afraid to watch this game! Come on boys!

  2. Emmanuel

    McKenna has some interesting things to say but I find him insincere, not sure I believe everything he says.

  3. Former season ticket holder

    Tuch… 22 and counting!!

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