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Goalie Interference – Season 2 Episode 1 – October 5, 2022

Goalie Interference is back for another season and in the season premiere episode, we’re chatting about Bruce Cassidy’s systems, preseason performances, prospects pushing for spots, and a ton more.

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Bruce Cassidy Details His Ideal Minute And Role Distribution Among Forward Lines


Power Play Tailored To VGK’s Strengths Still Working Towards Finished Product


  1. Obvious

    One positive …. Cassidy’s system will reward him with early retirement

    Considering fat bastard relishes pointing fingers at everyone else for the mess he has cobbled together

    • THE hockey GOD

      your comment is on hold and must be approved by the Layahlalayahoo censor, err, moderator because some members of this “commie unity” might find it offensive.

      If you want to re word your post, please do so.

      Adolf Putin

    • knights fan in minny

      MORE nothing from a bitter piece of shit fat bastard obvious

  2. Ken, Mike, Jason – great to see you guys back in action – always enjoy your insight- this team has issues there is no questioning that and unfortunately because of some very poor decisions acquiring overpriced players they are limited in their ability to change that. This team has become weaker and weaker, it will not be a surprise if they don’t make the playoff again – disappointing yes but not surprising. Looking forward to your podcast after their first game of the season 10/11.

  3. Blitz

    Just got done watching the show. Year two and still the audio sounds like shit, but at least Jason isn’t baby sitting during the show (well this show any way). As a fan, and a listener/watcher of several sports shows, I have to say I hate distractions when i am taking the time from my schedule to watch. Mike is professional and sounds good and has good acoustics. I am guessing Mike put money and effort into getting his setup dialed in. You are big time now. Got lots of viewers. Generally put out good content. Got great sponsors! Put your big boy pants on and buy a quality headset or whatever audio equip. Also limit the family distractions. I don’t know what your average viewership is for this show, but just remember its that many people that don’t care about how cute your distracting kid is.

    Sorry to be stiff. I mean it as critical feedback from a long time content consumer. Take it to the next level. No more 14.99 ear buds that had good reviews. You got this.

  4. Emmanuel

    Has it occurred to anyone that a player no one expects might have a big/bigger season? My money would be on Roy but it’s very common that someone emerges from the bottom six and has a 20/20 season.

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