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Goalie Interference – Episode 28

In the final episode of Goalie Interference this season, we dive into Foley’s more vocal role, the relationship between Lehner and DeBoer, pressure, identity and so much more.

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McPhee Not Concerned About Lehner/DeBoer Relationship Because “People Get Over It”


VGK Set To Advance Next Postseason Against Weak Pacific


  1. Ken, jason, Mike have a great summer l truly hope you guys come back next year. I am disappointed in Foley keeping the current FO in place as nothing will improve if that remains the case. A couple of people need to go before PDB and he needs to adapt to the players they have if not he goes as well. Lehner needs to go and the organization needs to step up and acknowledge they screwed up. They desperately need to bring some credibility and integrity back to the organization. Not words action.

  2. Blitz

    Really enjoyed this show this year. Hopefully see Mike back next year, but if not I am sure it will be because he is back in real time game action. And that is cool too. Enjoy the long off season.

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