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Goalie Interference – Episode 26

The Golden Knights playoff hopes are still alive but hanging on by a thread. We dive into the wacky goalie decision from the WSH game, look at the possibility of winning out, and discuss the re-emergence of Shea Theodore.

As always, the show airs live at 7 PM every Wednesday (or Thursday when VGK play on Wednesday).

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“Feels Like We’ve Been Down 2-0 For A Month”


Lehner’s Plan For Season Ending Surgery Another VGK Communication Breakdown

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  1. Woody

    In our first season we had good young players and great goaltending with no cap problems. Now we have a lot of older overpaid players that are hurt a lot and substandard goaltending with cap problems. I blame it on the front office and the coach.  Why the coach can only play the players they give him?  He stayed with a substandard goaltender and let a good young guy sit the bench.  LT has proven himself and if it wouldn’t have been for him we still have a remote chance of making the playoffs.  The PANDA is the reason we are in the position we are. If he was allowed to continue to play we would be 20 points out of the playoffs. Lucky one player trade was nullified.  Where would we be without him right now?  I can go on and on with poor team management.  I am sick of it all being blamed on injuries and cap

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