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Goalie Interference – Episode 25

VGK rescued a point in Vancouver to keep hope alive in the playoff chase. We’ll chat about the goalie decision looming for Pete DeBoer, the abysmal power play, the return of Pacioretty and Stone, and look forward to the final eight games.

As always, the show airs live at 7 PM every Wednesday (or Thursday when VGK play on Wednesday).

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Chronicling VGK’s Failing Power Play Overhaul




  1. Vic

    Power play….All one needs to do is to watch about 25 other team’s power play to know what is wrong with the VGK. We’ve beaten this topic to death, and the answer is coaching. Repeating the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

    Penalty kill….As Mike indicated, good penalty killers are missing. Other problem…not winning the initial face off. Also, it’s been said, the goalie needs to be the best player on the PK, and this is not happening.

  2. Tim

    To put it in a nutshell the Knights thought they’d win a Stanley Cup in 5 years well that hasn’t happened. Now 5 years later there to slow and to old and younger teams have passed them by. To much money spent on underperforming players that were stuck with, Petro, Patch, Martinez, Dadonov, Lehner.

    • Tim – you you buy damaged products to start with and give them their retirement package it shouldn’t be an surprise what they get stuck with. Apparently FO are not the sharpest knifes in the drawer

      • Pistol Pete

        Umm…don’t think any of them were damaged when acquired. Limited life spans or useful ones possible (possible not certain) to end before life of contracts, agreed. There are some guys in their mid to late ‘30’s still productive though. Easier to see things in hindsight sometimes!

  3. Vic

    This team is not ‘built for the playoffs’ at this time. Sort of like a race horse who excels at 6 furlongs but can’t win at a mile. Lack of hitting, heaviness, special team play and razor sharp goal tending is obvious. There will be some bright spots here and there, but it’s almost ‘wait till next year time’. Hopefully there will be some good player moves and front office moves in the off season to begin the long, painful rebuild. Fingers crossed they make the playoffs so there are a few more games to watch and bet on, but if not, I’ll root for the numerous VGK alumni chasing the cup.

  4. Howard

    Ken is finally starting to get that PDB’s system isn’t very good. Does Mckenna actually listen to Ken here? Here, I’ll re run it – IT’S BEEN 3 YEARS OF A BAD PP WITH PDB with any personel and totally healthy. Mckenna says it’s because of injuries?

    PETER DEBOER is not a very good coach. He’s not the worst, but his system is a fraud (besides PP). I can once again explain why PDB system is a fraud but what’s the point? I’ve done it numerous times.

    • Pistol Pete

      Ken is to the point where if the PP does not get fixed it’s on DeBoer. So am I. As you said below Ken knows his stuff and I agree. Why then has the decision to put the blame on DeBoer come from Ken this late? Because it’s more complicated and difficult than it appears is why. None of us are team personnel in the locker room so we only guess on the dynamics until we learn them. Remember when Ken or Jason wrote the article or it may been a tweet with the revelation that Eichel said it’s up to the players on the PP team to work it out? That does not seem to have worked so far but it was a revelation to us because we did not know better.

      Say what one may about DeBoer and his system but his regular season VGK w/l record is excellent. Definitely ran into postseason problems but still managed to make to round 3 each year. Having noted this I am open to a change particularly if the PP does not perform down the stretch.

  5. Howard

    Just listening to this – Ken knows his stuff. Mckenna I find arrogant, doesn’t listen, and I think he’s not a very good analyst. Ken is right about “team doesn’t trust goaltender.” However, Mckenna just doesn’t listen nor try – absolute arrogance. He should get along well with VGK front office.

  6. Howard

    “Lehner has had so many injuries,” Ok, that stops him from tracking a puck? Are one of those injuries his neck and ability to turn his head? His eyes hurt?

    LEHNER THRU OUT HIS CAREER IS AN INJURY PRONE TENDER > Reason NO OTHER TEAM WOULD SIGN HIM TO TERM (besides the fact he has mental issues he has made clearly known).

    Lehner is being sent out there now because of VGK front office “we need to SAVE FACE, Lehner is the guy we backed with a decent sized term contract while letting MAF go.”

    It’s an enormous ego problem on the behalf of VGK front office. By sticking with Thompson, the ego brothers would basically be admitting they made yet another mistake so – THEY “SAVE FACE” and force PDB to stick with Lehner, “their guy.”

    • Pistol Pete

      In retrospect Lehner was a mistake. They gambled on lining up a replacement for Fleury who appeared to be approaching his twilight and it has not worked out. In terms of hockey IQ, I would not call McPhee “not the sharpest knife in the drawer”.

  7. Pistol Pete

    Yesterday I posted very pessimistic on VGK’s chances, but you know what, I’m feeling more optimistic today. We beat the Flames, Oilers and go on to make it in.

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