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Goalie Interference – Episode 22

The Dadonov trade has been reverted, Vegas’ playoff chances are crumbling, and the overall sense of the organization is anything but Golden. As always, the show airs live at 7 PM every Wednesday (or Thursday when VGK play on Wednesday).

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  1. Contact Tracer

    VGK officially shutting down T-Mobile and moving to Circus-Circus ….. FO will operate out of Clown Motel in Tonopah ….

  2. Contact Tracer

    I’d love to hear Gallant’s thoughts. They guy has the nose of a turkey vulture for sniffing out clowns …..

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ CT, if that was case then why did he sign with VGK? (busted)

      • Contact Tracer

        Not much of a deep thinker are you junior.

        Gallant could smell The Hockey Turd from NY. FACT check that! LOL

  3. A former season ticket holder

    To contact tracer:
    Right on , that clown motel is a scary mofo !!

  4. THE hockey GOD

    EF says the NHL is all fucked up on this issue (of course they will never admit it)

    here is no distinct database for no-trade or no-move clauses.

    Those are private, filed by the agent directly to a player’s NHL team. The league and the NHLPA are aware what contracts have protection, but there is no mandate specific details be known to them.

    That’s got to change.

    Some agents and players aren’t crazy about the idea. They think the more people that know, the greater the chance information leaks. Not every American-based NHLer (particularly those born in Canada) wants fans and media to know all seven Canadian teams are on their no-trade list.

    But, the Evgenii Dadonov snafu demands change.

    On a trade call, NHL Central Registry, which must approve all transactions, will ask if there is anything preventing a trade from happening. This is the specific point where teams are required to disclose all information about clauses. This is even more critical now that updated CBA rules dictate clauses travel with any player to a new team.

    Here’s the best information I can provide on Dadonov, according to multiple sources:

    Dadonov’s three-year contract with Ottawa indicates a no-trade list had to submitted by Jan. 15, 2021 for Season One; July 1, 2021 for Season Two; and July 1, 2022 for Season Three. For the first year, Anaheim was on his no-trade, Vegas was not. For the second year, same thing.

    The idea this season’s filing was late is incorrect. There is documentation of a filing on June 30, and communication indicating acknowledgment of that filing.

    The biggest question I have about this situation — and it’s shared by many others — is how did Central Registry come to believe Dadonov’s protection had expired? Whatever anyone may think about the teams involved here, there’s no way Dadonov goes to Anaheim without Central Registry believing it was legal.

    There is zero chance this trade occurs if a piece of paper (or an email) exists with “no-trade to Anaheim” — unless Dadonov provides written permission allowing it.

    Sean MacLeod is Central Registry’s Vice President and Managing Director. He’s media-phobic, and very highly respected. Several executives jokingly referred to him as “beyond anal-retentive,” but that’s a compliment. He’s respected and thorough. He and his staff are the ones who ask all the questions, making sure all transactions are legal.

    On Monday, for example, the complex Carolina/Columbus/Florida Max Domi deal had to be re-worked, because the teams were told it would not be accepted the way it was originally structured.

    Dadonov was traded from Ottawa to Vegas on July 28, four weeks after submitting his list. One of two things appears to have happened on that call. Either everyone was told Dadonov hadn’t submitted the list, or, for some reason, the 2020-21 list was entered into evidence — leading to the assumption Dadonov had not filed on time, thereby voiding any protection.

    It’s possible there are other explanations, but I haven’t heard anything at this time.

    Whatever happened, both Vegas and the NHL thought they had the power to trade Dadonov without approval — until documentation was provided.

    There are at least two, possibly three situations in recent memory where players were traded because their lists weren’t filed on time. Then there’s this, where a player filed on time and was still traded.

    No more. Time for one body to take control of it all.

  5. THE hockey GOD

    Sounds like the agent did in VGK, according to Elliott F.

    “There is no distinct database for no-trade or no-move clauses.

    Those are private, filed by the agent directly to a player’s NHL team. The league and the NHLPA are aware what contracts have protection, but there is no mandate specific details be known to them.”

    Looks like Boris has same VGK hated filled agent as MAF does, and it appears the agent never filed to the “player’s NHL team” (that would be VGK).

    Agents hate VGK, look out when VGK moves no. 67.

  6. Tim

    Dadonov back at practice must be extremely awkward for all involved or are they holding him out looking for another team? We sure know how to go from the penthouse year one to the shit house year five. I know a lot of fans are pulling for the Rangers because of Gallant and Revo and many fans are rooting for Flower in Chicago and now in Minnesota I know I’m one of them. Let’s face it The Knights are a corporation and run like a corporation including the way they treat there personal. There is no honor or loyalty it’s cold calculated business decisions and as you can see there not working out very well for them. We give Flower away for a cap hit Chicago sends him to Minnesota for a first or second. Now the Dadonov embarrassment I haven’t liked the the team the way it has operated after year one. I think Gallant saw the writing on the wall and I’m glad he landed on his feet in New York.

    • the hockey God

      tim , you jumping band wagon for good and moving back to hinter winter wonderlands ?

      • Tim

        THG, As we move on with the season it’s become clear my observations from the last couple of years are right you can’t treat people like shit and not to expect it won’t come back to bite you in the ass. Your comments on the subject are as follows it’s a business people get traded live with it. I on the other hand believe in honor and integrity and there ain’t much of that going around the Vegas Golden Knights. In plain english there cold hearted mother fuckers and now have been exposed by the world of hockey. Bill Foley being a West Point grad has to be lived about now with his reputation being dragged through the mud.From the Misfits 2017 to the 2022 version of a collection of pieces but not a team you reap what you sow. As Ive also stated Vegas is a funny town you don’t win and the people move on. Check the college basketball team and football team no one cares so don’t take the fans lightly they can disappear in a heartbeat.

  7. Jim

    The cancellation of Monday’s Evgenii Dadonov trade is a decision that could have an impact on the rest of this season and into the future. Because the Golden Knights’ place in the Western Conference’s playoff picture has become significantly more precarious than it was in the earlier months of the season, activating Alec Martinez and captain Mark Stone off of long-term injured reserve has suddenly become far more necessary than the team may have anticipated it would be. But without the cap space that was set to be cleared by Monday’s voided trade, the team is going to have a far more challenging time trying to get their players back from the long-term injured list. So, this means that the Golden Knights could pursue other trades to clear the cap room. In his 32 Thoughts blog, Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman details what that could entail. He floats the Arizona Coyotes as a potential suitor for taking on Dadonov’s contract but states that the potential Dadonov-to-Arizona trade would be less appetizing to the Golden Knights than their voided trade to Anaheim was.

    Friedman writes that “Arizona will make itself available” should the Golden Knights want to pursue that avenue of a solution, but it could be expensive. Frank Seravalli of Daily Faceoff reports that the cost of a team taking on Dadonov’s contract from the Golden Knights could be “a first-round pick” plus more. For Vegas, that is a steeper price than the second-rounder they were set to send Anaheim. With the trade deadline passed and any trade of Dadonov now making him ineligible to play again this season, what little leverage Vegas did have has likely evaporated. Even worse for the team, Dadonov’s no-trade protection, the center of most of this conversation, could further cut into the number of teams willing to engage with Vegas on this type of deal. So the central question for Vegas will be: if getting rid of Dadonov’s contract to be able to activate Martinez and Stone is essential to reviving the team’s fading playoff hopes, how much is this season worth to GM Kelly McCrimmon? How much is it worth to owner Bill Foley? The Golden Knights have been remarkably aggressive in their young existence as a franchise, with a relentless commitment to maximizing their team’s ability to win a Stanley Cup with their current core of players. This season has been perhaps their most challenging, and the Dadonov situation brings them to a fork in the road. Will they pay what could be an exorbitant price to trade Dadonov and activate some reinforcements? Or could they potentially refuse to pay that price, and end up missing the playoffs for the first time in franchise history?


    it all comes down to incompetence in f.o.

    and now the f.o. shills will chime in

    • THE hockey GOD

      The only shill here is you.

      It comes down to NHL screwing Anaheim and VGK at trade dead line. They approved the trade because they thought it was valid, then they disapproved it. The NHL registry did not do their “due diligence”. Anaheim was in same position that VGK was last year with the Ottawa/ VGK deal. Is Anaheim incompetent too ?

      Is NHL incompetent for allowing the trade, then not allowing the trade?

      You can’t have it both ways. Or in this case, three ways.

      The problem here is with NHL/ NHL registry, the trade deadline, and ridiculous NHL SAL CAP issues.

      VGK have other options. Wait for it.

    • THE hockey GOD

      VGK will not do a bad deal with the YOTES, the YOTES are the cheapest team in the NHL. They do not “do deals”. They are known for being cheap and not being flexible. Don’t count on it.

      A better trade partner that have shown some interest recently would be the Red Wings.

  8. THE hockey GOD

    I believe Foley , ownership, owns the brunt of the decisions he made regarding the salary cap situation, the MAF situation. He has built a solid team that just ran into an incredible amount of injuries and covid this year. Shit happens.

    He wanted a fast track to Stanley Cup. He got it, the buck stops with him.

    This no. 62 fiasco, in my opinion is not fault of VGK FO, or ANAHEIM FO. IT lies squarely with screw up with NHL and specifically with whoever APPROVED the deal in first place. And secondary with the botched up NHL “system” of how NTC’s are “reported”, or in this particular case how it was “not reported” and/or how it got dropped into a gray area. Because both TEAMS , ANA and VGK , did not know about NTC, and on top of that so did the NHL. NHL REGISTRY. So the question is WHY DID NOT EVERYONE KNOW ABOUT THE NTC.

    The agent said he filed it, yet no one knew about it. Who did he file it with ? OBviously it went to OTTAWA. Did Ottawa pass it along with the no. 62 contract? Someone / somewhere the ball is dropped.

    EF states that NHL doesn’t want these NTC published. So they are at fault. EF states that the reason is that vast majority of NTC include teams in CANADA. HELLO ! why is that . Canada the inventor of hockey have vast majority of players that don’t want to play there !! Whoa, they don’t want that getting out there in public domain. That is rich. (they don’t want to because of taxes, the same for CA ). So much for the NHL “diversity” policy, reeks of double standard and hypocrisy, doesn’t it ?

    PS the story is fast moving and subject to further revelations.

  9. LVsc

    some interesting tidbits…..

    the 6 guys on IR (RL,MP, RS, and BM)and LTIR (MS and AM) are age 30,33,30,31,29,34 ………………
    that means expect things to get worse, not better

    and Jack Eichel does not have an NMC or a no trade clause. he is now their biggest trade chip.

    71, 81,63, 67, 90,and 23 all have modified NTC clauses

    and Stone and Petro have NMC, no move clauses.

    • THE hockey GOD

      LVsc, where you getting this info ?

      here is more from jesse g., a tad old, but still in play.

      The NHL’s 2022 trade deadline is on March 21, and as the Golden Knights inch closer to that day, they’re juggling a lot.

      Vegas’ total cap hit of $91.5 million soars far above the limit of $81.5 million. As of now, the Golden Knights have close to $15.5 million sitting on long-term injured reserve, which allows them to be cap compliant. The majority of that belongs to Mark Stone ($9.5 million cap hit), who is out with a back injury that has bothered him for some time, and with no concrete timetable for his return. Stone has seen several specialists and has received very little clarity. Speaking with sources around the team and league, the sense I get is that most expect Stone to miss the rest of the regular season, but that is not definite at this point.

      Alec Martinez and his $5.25 million in cap hit also are on LTIR. Like with Stone, Martinez’s head injury is making it increasingly difficult to pinpoint a specific return date. The initial injury appeared to just be a laceration from a skate blade. It was serious, requiring more than 50 stitches, but usually those types of injuries don’t keep players out for long. Martinez’s symptoms seem to border on being concussion-related, and whatever is keeping him out of the lineup seems to have the team searching for answers. On Nov. 16, coach Peter DeBoer said he didn’t think Martinez’s return would be too far away, and it’s obviously taking much longer.

      The Golden Knights’ predicament extends beyond just the difficulties of replacing two key players in their lineup.

      • THE hockey GOD

        well that was a bit of let down, I should have read it first. oh well,

  10. LVsc

    info from the authority, CAPFRIENDLY

  11. Daryl

    We all know the FO is not at fault for anything… Just ask the hockey goof

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