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Goalie Interference – Episode 15

The Golden Knights are about to wrap up one of the worst homestands in franchise history. We’ll talk about the panic level, the importance of the upcoming trip, excuses, and much more. As always, the show airs live at 7 PM every Wednesday (or Thursday when VGK play on Wednesday).

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Even The Usually Home Dominant VGK Have Seen Losing Skids Like This


Vegas’ PP Shows Success Against Conference Contenders


  1. Mike Mc I respect your assessment of Lehner, the walrus; however, as you mentioned the eye test from most don’t align with yours. Last week I believed you indicated he needs to kick it up a notch which from what I have witnesses will never happen. You guys are extremely kind on judging his performance – not sure why you don’t call it as it is – his past doesn’t equate to now and whether anyone wants to admit it or not they chose the wrong pony to hang their hat on. Granted he has made some saves but those are few and far between.
    Ken you mentioned something while not saying so directly pointed to some negative under current which exists which I would suggest has something to do with their erratic performance. What’s happening on that team is causing a very uncomfortable situation for many – some talked about some not. Who knows when the next foot will drop, and the FO appears to like it that way – not a happy environment to face every day and is wrecking any chemistry which could exist. You guys were certain they will beat Montreal tomorrow night don’t be so sure. If they show up to play 60 minutes of hockey, they might win but no guarantee. Interesting to read your response

  2. Tim

    To echo your comments about Lehner’s performance they can be objective or candy coat it the fact is he’s our goalie for better or worse so that’s a mute subject. Finishing this homestead for the first time in our existence I don’t feel comfortable against anyone we play. Montreal a bottom feeder this year would not surprise me if they beat us. After the beatdowns we’ve taken on this home stand I hope for the best and expect the worse. Our next road trip can turn ugly real quick four quality teams who are all rated higher then us. There out to beat our brains in and I don’t think the team has the stomach for it. I’m sure there’s a lot of rumblings about who’s getting traded moving there families it has to take a toll on the team. Anyway the goal is to make the playoffs and we should be in the top 3 of the Pacific division or at least I hope so.

  3. THE hockey GOD

    my response to all the RL haters “RL isn’t going to do this”, “VGK isn’t going to do this that or other thing”.

    VGK had the “farce” of the franchise for four years, and he didn’t get the job done.

    Stop whining, I’d like to RL a chance to see what he can do. Despite being a wiggy biscuit, holding his stick upside down, and letting pucks ping, pang, pong off his helmet.

    What they going to do now ? Dump him, and get who ??
    You don’t dump the person you bring to dance on prom date on day of your wedding.
    Did you say ‘over? ‘ Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell, no! Now let’s go (no one follows )
    You never bet against a Sicilian GOAT when death is on the line.
    You don’t spit into the wind.
    You don’t tug on superman’s cape.
    and you don’t mess around with Jim.

    • Tim

      OK THG, lets get some history straight the Germans did not bomb Pearl Harbor. I notice you refer to a lot of 1960’s songs in your posts most people I guess don’t get it but I lived it so your song references don’t go unnoticed. Like the Alamo waiting for Sam Houston to rescue them which as you know didn’t work out I’ll say Lehner is our Alamo and your waiting for him to rescue us and it’s going to have the same result. The rest of the league is going to issue the same order Santa Ana did ( No Quarter )

      • THE hockey GOD

        “lets get some history straight the Germans did not bomb Pearl Harbor.”
        John Belushi
        Animal House, 1978

        jim croce you don’t mess around with jim, 1972

        sicilian quote from princess bride – 1987

        help me rhonda , 1965 beach boys

        Dance With The Girl You Brought Quote

        The original quote comes from many sources:
        • Traditional Southernism: ‘Dance with the one what brung you.’
        • Country music song: ‘Dance with the one that brought you’ (popularized by Shania Twain)-1993
        • Book by Molly Ivans: Dance With Them What Brung You, March 1998

        • Tim

          THG you may be referring to the movie 1941 not Animal House both staring John Belushi.

          • Tim – give up on even responding to him – don’t egg him on – he’s no better than Alex or all the rest who post goofy remarks on this site. I believe THg is smarter than that but some of his BS leads one to wonder. When he says something concerning hockey which has some semblance of intelligence respond otherwise ignore him – bases on stuff lately you won’t have to respond very often if at all. Just a suggestion.

          • THE hockey GOD

            no Tim’ it’s in there, when they all got kicked out of school when Dean found out there grades and Bluto gets up and gives his rah rah speech. Runs out, no one follows him. Check it out on you tube under

            Bluto’s Big Speech – Animal House (9/10) Movie CLIP (1978) HD

      • THE hockey GOD

        “Like the Alamo waiting for Sam Houston to rescue them which as you know didn’t work out I’ll say Lehner is our Alamo ” What’s your historical reference for the “farce” of franchise, MAF? Operation Frtiz/ Barbaorossa ? 😉

    • Blitz

      You should stick to movies cause your analysis of goalies is shit. Stop labelling everything as “this hater” or “that hater”. That is a libtard tactic.

      Alot of people on here don’t like RL/PDB/etc and that is their right. Walk it off.

      • THE hockey GOD

        my analysis , as ex goalie, is nearly the same as the goalie on podcast; and among others on this site such Galdom who agree with me, and more importantly the many experts around the league who watch everything 24/7. So I like to throw the libtard term hater , back at them. IT gets them all riled up. When their analysis falls flat with almost nothing to back it up. Then it falls into that emotional category because no other category will explain their senseless position in my mind. When and if RL pulls a “bonafid” boner like the “farce” of the franchise did (more than once, btw); then I will be one of the first to call it out. Meanwhile as you say we are all entitled to our opinion under the bill of rights, first amendment. We are also all entitled to vote for an idiot like fartin’ lyin’ joeflation.

      • Daryl

        Come on now Blitz…. We all know thg is an ex goalie and he knows everything. Jessie Granger is a goalie as well, but when his opinion differs from thg, then it’s b/c Jesse isn’t from Canada. TSN will give an analysis, ESPN will give an analysis…. It doesn’t matter as long as there is just one Canadian analyst who agrees with thg, then thg is going to be correct

  4. THE hockey GOD

    I am beginning to suspect that the team/ team doctors will squeeze every last drop of this covid scardemic to put players on IR to avoid the elephant in the room. And it’s not Jumbo in the center ring, it’s SAL. Sal Cap. Youse all know Sal ? He’s Paulie’s friend.

  5. Turk Broda

    watch Mtl use the same rope a dope trap that worked in the playoffs, and worked for the Blackhawks last week here.

    Mtl just got back Toffoli and Josh Anderson, and they won their last game, and now Stone is out again for Vgk.

    so I would not be surprised if a rerun of the Chicago game happens tonight.

    and PDB and RL should be on a short leash right now. You have PDB complaining about the forwards not going to the net…. gee, where have we heard that before? oh, that’s right, right here on this comment board…but the guy who stands expressionless like a dummy behind the bench prefers the fancy passes, the cross ice forced plays, and the dmen roaming all over the place, so WHO has been encouraging and approving the soft fancy perimeter system to his players? that’s right, it is PDB and his SJ buddy who are on the SPOTT right now.

    If you can’t beat weak teams at home, if you can’t hold leads at home, if you can’t get your players to play tough and hard and greasy and gritty in front of both your net and theirs, then you just might be in line for a pink slip.

  6. Tim

    hdbiker I’m afraid you may be right there’s a side of THG I don’t get.I’m a straight up guy and I’ve addressed this with THG before. I told him when he first started posting he was out there then he made 180 degree turn and posted logical thoughts on hockey. Now he’s going back 180 degrees the other way again I don’t get it but thats his trip so who am I to say.

    • Tim – his comment as an “ex-goalie” definitely leads one to wonder – if that was the case, he would be much brighter about goalie performance, which as everyone on this site realizes he is not. By the way Tim when addressing his posts make the THg a little “g” the capital “g” only enlarges his head and lord knows that certainly isn’t necessary. Keep smiling I believe the Turk Broda post is right on – Vegas will have their hands full tonight with Montreal. I hope we are both wrong and they win but I have serious reservations that will be the case.

      • THE hockey GOD

        maybe retired goalie is a more palatable term ??? As for the size of my head, it is no larger than normal, kind of roundish, no smaller than normal. It it he perfect size ! And it certainly is not flat, like some people around here.

      • Daryl

        You can’t really blame thg for defending RL at every turn…. If he really was a goalie, then in his eyes a goalie can never do wrong and it’s always the defense in front of him

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