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Goalie Interference – Episode 14

With a week off before the next game, we look back at the 6 points the Golden Knights have earned during the first 6 games of this 8-game homestand. Also, we’ll talk about our confidence levels in Robin Lehner, react to the Fleury return game, and talk about a really cool thing the Golden Knights do for parents of players making their NHL debuts. As always, the show airs live at 7 PM every Wednesday (or Thursday when VGK play on Wednesday).

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  1. Ken – the problem with inconsistency it becomes contagious and that appears to be happening more than it should. – Confidence concerning Lehner Mike Mc was very kind and you were not much difference – Vegas will not raise the Cup assuming they even get that far depending on Lehner – there is more to his problem performance than just kicking it up a notch. I know many of your poster on the sinbin site want to blame all the goalie problem on defense etc. but the fact of the matter is simple he’s just not that good and dependable. Say what you may Fleury demonstrated to all just what the knights gave away with their dumb move.

    • Julie

      Exactly right, HD – Vegas would rather order at the drive-through than sit down at a restaurant and appreciate the meal. That can be said about all hockey, but it’s more visible with Vegas.

  2. Blitz

    I bagged super hard on the show last week. Still pisses me off thinking back to it. Anyway, to not just complain about the bad. I wanted to post on this show and say I enjoyed the show this week. When clicking, it is mostly great hockey talk. Mike is hockey show gold and Ken often has an odd but interesting prospective. It is a good mix.

    My only question for you for Foley: “Is Fleury still going to retire here?” (tongue in cheek)

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