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Goalie Interference – Episode 1

On the first episode of our new weekly show featuring former VGK TV analyst and NHL goalie Mike McKenna, we go over the season opener against the Kraken, discuss the Golden Knights’ frustrations over Morgan Geekie’s celebration, look into the cap gymnastics, and much more. As always, the show airs live at 7 PM every Wednesday.

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  1. Daryl

    I don’t see how anyone could have a problem with that celebration considering some of the celebrations Stone has had

  2. Vic

    Excellent format and Mike’s observations were on point. Front Office errors are hurting (again) with this cap craziness, short benches, guys on lines 3 and 4 getting little or no continuity, and even FO errors when it comes to on air talent. The power play analysis was excellent, and makes you wonder why the PP coach keeps repeating the failed system.
    Good points on Petra cannibalizing Shea, the signings of Patrick and Janmark, and lack of maturing draft picks.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @Vic, better to have a problem from being over stocked, then being under stocked. Then everyone would complaining about that. So some people can’t have it both ways.

      The injuries are also having impact on this, don’t forget the injury situation. That is what “put them in this spot”.

      • Vic

        The FO mishandling of the cap means this is an ongoing saga with and without injuries. Too much money tied up with the old guys, and the team is passionless. This is a long term problem, and coach has to plug in what he is given. The VGK face another mess with lines 3 and 4 all year as some of the people who occupy lines 3 and 4 are invisible most nights, and play like 7 or 8 hitters. Other than Tuch, I’m not excited about the players returning from their injuries either. Most can be hid on line 4, but will we ever see a good line 3? Tuch and someone and someone.

  3. THE hockey GOD

    Fails to mention that power play units, like CAPS, have been together for YEARS. The VGK unit needs more experience together in order to become a fluid, efficient machine to handle all situations.

    The reason they were not in the finals was due to Billy Buckner gaffe.

    it is known, by all hockey fans back east. Which is where the real hockey world is located.

    • THE hockey GOD

      and the bad ice, don’t forget the bad ice

    • Daryl

      Wrong as usual… I I live in the east coast. VGK lost because they could score a single PP goal. One goalie mistake did not cost them… as I stated multiple times but you are too slow to comprehend, but VGK did come out and win the next game which essentially negates your stupid claim

      As for the PP, the Pens PP works just fine when Crosby and/or Malkin are out so there goes your theory they need more than 3 years to enat a good PP

      • THE hockey GOD

        winning the “next’ game was still not good enough to overcome the loss and win the series.

        IT is known, and every back east fan , with a brain, knows it to be the fact. That was main reason they road him out of Pittsburg !!

        And as this video confirms MAF and his agent were out for themselves at expense of the team and it’s fans, MAF’s agent expressed his (MAF’s) sentiment with not only the back stabbing cartoon, the fact that his agent speaks for him, and his behind the scenes talk about MAF wanting to retire (when he really had no intention to do so) costing the VGK and it’s fans valuable trade value with the loss of viable player(s), pick(s), or player(s) and pick(s). Good riddance. He wasted 7 million dollars of cap space and didn’t bring the cup in his playing time here. He also sucked big time in the CAPS finals. Constantly out of position , over playing his crease, and not coming up big when needed. GOOD RIDDANCE.

        • Daryl

          Your really are clueless… As a Pens fan, the majority of us didn’t want Murray over MAF. Maybe your souls talk about what you know, like being old and losing your memory.

          See,you have it all wrong. It wasn’t MAF mistake that cost them, it was RL giving up 6 goals to COL. They just couldn’t get over that.

          Sometimes I honestly think you say shit on here in hopes of getting a rise out of sunshine because there is no way someone can be that stupid!!!

  4. LVsc

    so, is the new Vgk neutral zone trap just a coverup for the lack of physical forecheckers who bang in the corners in the O zone? with Tuch, Roy, Carrier, Howden etc out there was very little bodychecking in the O zone corners by Vgk

    • THE hockey GOD

      @LV i guess we will find out when tuch, roy, carrier, and howden come back. The coach will likely change up tactics based upon the ability and character of each line/players abilities.

      As a coach that is what I would do, change up each line’s individual’s style of play. For example, don’t have all lines having the same number of fore checkers going in. Vary it, one or two or three.

      • LVsc

        that is the way it usually was. on the Stephenson line, he does the forechecking using his speed, Patch is the shooter, and Stone is the backchecker.

        on the misfit line, they all swarm on the forecheck with quickness, not physical play.

        the 3rd line was Tuch the wild stallion doing his thing.

        and the 4th line used to be all corner board work by carrier and reaves

  5. Tim

    Mike having inside knowledge of the of the Knights was interesting. Ken I guess you finally got the message were not winning the Stanley Cup. THG as I’ve told you before team harmony is important and it looks like we lost that element with half the team scared shitless they may be traded in this crazy pursuit of the Stanley Cup. Your answer to that is it’s part of the business. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in that locker room. I played and coached all my life and that was baseball and I can tell you the best team doesn’t always win team chemistry is more important ask the New York Yankees 175 million dollar payroll and there sitting at home. The Knights keep chasing there tail with a mix match of parts on there third and forth line isn’t going to get the job done.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @tim, i never questioned that team harmony is not important.

      Based upon the first game of the season I see it’s still there. Especially after that show boat on other team did his little act, then our veterans came right back and scored. That shows team harmony, grit, and determination.

      Based upon Fleury’s action, I don’t see him as a team player. That back stabbing cartoon and his lying about being traded hurt the team. See my post above. Good riddance I say.

      I bet if you were a fly on the wall you would not see any locker room “dis” harmony. This team is excited about revenge for the last few years in the playoffs. With the seven million dollar “bust” in the nets, that wasn’t going to happen. He had many chances, and he blew it.

      As this video says they have just as good a chance with walanda in the nets. Winning the SC is not easy, it takes years. Some teams never make it. There are great teams in this conference. It take not only grit, determination, and luck to win it in some cases.

      We’ll see what happens, probably have a dead cat bounce plop tonight after coming down from their opening night win, and facing Kings on their opening knight, and getting two more rookies in line up, and playing with maybe three lines tonight if they are lucky. All of which has nothing to do with “team chemistry” or “team harmony” but more to do with salary cap and many injuries.

  6. goalie trade

    lines tonight-

    3rd line= Dadanov-Patrick-Kolesar
    4th line= Krebs-Lechysyn-Rondberg

    everything else stays the same

    The ex-VGK guys Fleury, Reaves, and Gallant had a rough night in their first games yesterday.

    Fleury saw how difficult it is playing behind one of the worst defensive teams in the league in Chicago, and the meek Rangers got blown out by Washington Capitals

    • The REAL hockey god

      The only reason they have had ANY success is because of Fleury. Period. Good luck to the Knights now. Gonna need a lot of it.

  7. Blitz

    That was a great show! Ken/Mike excellent! I enjoyed the difference in personalities and the content. Good questions from the callers. I watch/listen to a lot of VGK content. It is so much better to listen to “real talk” vs VGK paid staff telling you what the team wants you to hear. I have zero clue why Mike and VGK parted ways and I don’t suspect I will ever know, but the dude is pure media gold and VGK is on the losing end (I miss Stormy too).

    The one minor knock I have, Ken, is that compared to Mike you sounded like your broadcast location was in the bathroom. Loud/Hollow. I never cared when i’ve listened your solo shows, but going back and forth between you two was a bit rough. Just some feedback, take it or leave it, no matter. It was a great show and format!

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ blitz, I have no issue with loud, hallow, bathroom or bottom of Campbell’s soup can’s sounding broadcasts.

      Just as long as the smell doesn’t come through my speakers.

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