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GM For A Day: Jason’s 2021-22 Vegas Golden Knights

Welcome to GM For A Day, the second in a pair of articles in which the founders of take control of the Vegas Golden Knights and reshape the team in a way we each believe will bring the Stanley Cup to Las Vegas.

These articles are NOT meant to be taken as a prediction as to what we believe is going to happen this offseason. This is what we would do, not what we think the Golden Knights will do (that article is coming tomorrow).

Today, I (Jason) am on the hot seat. Let’s go.

Here we go…

*TRADE: Marc-Andre Fleury + 2022 3rd round pick to Toronto Maple Leafs for center Alex Kerfoot + 2022 2nd round pick and 2023 2nd round pick*

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

In a flat cap world, there’s no way I can continue to allocate $12M in goaltending. As general manager, I would entertain every inquiry coming in from opposing front offices. In the long run, the NHL is a cold, hard business and it wouldn’t be a secret that I’m looking to move a goaltender. I understand that it could hurt my negotiations but in the end I’m trying to move money and build some depth.

There are contending teams with issues in net and one that could use a steady tender like Fleury is the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Leafs are loaded with talent but consistently underachieve in the playoffs. Adding a leader that just so happens to be the Vezina winner would be a big confidence boost for a franchise that hasn’t been to the Stanley Cup Finals since 1967.

To make it work I asked for center Alex Kerfoot ($3.5M x 2) to help my club down the middle. I considered asking for defenseman Morgan Reilly but he’s on an expiring contract with an AAV of $5M. At that rate, I would find a way to re-sign Alec Martinez. At a $3.5M AAV Kerfoot isn’t exactly cheap, but he’s only locked in for two more seasons. Personally, I don’t love the trade, but it was necessary. It gave me agita dealing Fleury over last season’s mismanagement. Finally fixing the roster to pay just one one starting goaltender allows for much-needed cap relief, a solid third line center and a future draft asset we can use as capital at the deadline.

*TRADE Reilly Smith + William Carrier to NY Rangers for Pavel Buchnevich + 2023 3rd round pick*

There’s plenty of interest around the league for Reilly Smith which is why it pains me to deal him away. Under new management, the Rangers aren’t willing to commit long-term to Buchnevich leaving him as a viable trade option. TSN’s Frank Seravalli expects the winger’s arbitration value to be around $4.5M. In my plan, the 26-year-old will never hit arbitration and the organization will sign the 6’3″ left-winger to a multi-year deal. My club gets younger and more threatening at the same cost.

Sure, it would be difficult to package away two original Misfits in one deal but new Rangers head coach Gerard Gallant would gladly look after them.

*TRADE: Cody Glass to New Jersey Devils for a 2021 3rd round pick*

I’m expecting to make some noise during draft weekend but nothing major. The Devils traded their 2021 2nd round pick for Nikita Gusev in 2019, now New Jersey agreed to send a 2021 3rd round pick for Glass. It’s unfortunate but the franchise’s first draft pick will have a chance to resurface with another organization. On the bright side, I was able to replace a 2021 3rd round pick that was lost in a botched trade for Thomas Tatar in 2018. Overall, I think it’s a win-win for both organizations.

We are technically not part of the 2021 Expansion Draft but don’t worry we’ll make an appearance. Somehow, I will find a way to trade former Seattle Thunderbird star Keegan Kolesar to the Kraken for an asset to be announced later. Ignore the details for now.

Let’s take a break from trading until the February deadline. Too much wheeling and dealing could lead to mistakes. However, I need to round out my lineup and roster so let’s spend some cash.

*SIGN: Alec Martinez for two years at $4.75M AAV*

We watched how valuable Martinez can be in the regular season and in the playoffs. He battled through serious injuries blocking shot after shot and yet found a way to skate 22 minutes per night. Martinez has brought awareness, leadership, and high hockey-IQ to Vegas. He’s a warrior that I want on my championship team. I was able to sell the 33-year-old rehabbing defenseman with a short-term above-market price offer.

*SIGN: Sean Kuraly for three years at $1.3M AAV*

I’m taking a chance on a player after a down season to help strengthen my bottom six. At 6’2″, the 26-year-old can play that fourth line pressure style that coach Pete DeBoer likes to deploy. Plus he’s an above-average center in faceoff percentage, winning 57.4% of his FO in 2021. Kuraly can be featured on the bottom line and on the penalty kill. Another reason the former Bruin interests me is his postseason experience. In four career seasons, Kuraly has participated in 57 playoff games, including a 20 game Stanley Cup chase in 2019.

Here’s the revamped/tweaked lineup for the 2021-22 season:


Pietrangelo- McNabb
Theodore- Martinez


So there you have it. A 21 man roster that costs just under $75M. The team needed to get younger and the players acquired are in their mid-20’s. Continuing the youth movement it’s time to give Krebs a chance to crack the lineup. We’ve seen other teams’ prospects quickly blossom into bonafide NHL players, let’s see if the 20-year-old can be the next league sensation. Between him and Buchnevich, Vegas’ third line would be difficult to defend. It could be the difference between going to the Semifinals or to the Stanley Cup finals.

The roster turnover left me with roughly $6M as ammo for the trade deadline or even before. It’s possible Evgeni Malkin, Tomas Hertl or other impact players are available for a playoff run and beyond. We’ll unload at the deadline and turn this great team into the Cup-winner at the deadline.


Internal Upgrade Options For 2021-22 Golden Knights


Predicting The Golden Knights Offseason


  1. Richard Santomauro

    So, yeah, I get it. This is what you would do. The only exception is that Mr. Foley won’t let it happen. Fleury is going to retire as a Golden Knight. You lost me before you even got started. Why even throw something out there if it isn’t even a possibility?

    Besides, have you seen Lehner on his back? It’s like watching a turtle on a half shell impossibly struggling to right himself. Lehner’s a decent goalie but simply doesn’t have the agility required. Plus, too many off ice issues.

    • DOC (Go Knights Go)

      If Fleury is going to retire as a VGK, it better be THIS off season.

      Otherwise he’s gone baby! 🙂

    • Agreed. Jason, you totally lost me with the comment that Fleury should be traded. Dump Lehner to either Toronto or Nashville and let Fleury mentor Thompson for a year or two. Send Glass off to wherever, as he really hasn’t impressed the FO that much. As far as cap casualty hits go, I would send McNabb and Smith packing and keep Martinez; bring up a couple of players from HSK to fill in the rest of the roster. This shit of spending big for players in the FA market who under underachieve has to stop at some point.

      • Richard Santomauro

        Jason gets a grade of F, Ken did much better.

        VGK is headed to Cap Hell with acquisitions who love the pay but not the play.

        Give the youngsters a shot this year, keep Martinez. Ship Smith, Lehner, Reaves, Holden and Glass if you want to. Give Krebs, Coghlan, Hague, Brown, Sikura, Dahlstrom and Hayes a shot. And bring up Logan.

        • sb

          This is NOT the way to the Stanley Cup. Doesn’t address poor PP. Be lucky to make the Playoffs with this line up. The vet’s would quit on the Team seeing no hope for the future. Just a sinking ship. Talent, talent, talent. Have you seen this team, the Tampa Lightening? Talent, talent and more talent.

    • TOTALLY! After watching Fleury’s acrobatics, Lehner does get flipped onto his shell( I mean “back”) a LOT. If one goes, Fleury stays–he’s the face of the franchise, and he always earns his paycheck. Never a doubt.


    • THE hockey GOD

      pandturtle – good one
      walurtle – just as good

  2. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    There you are, Mr. Jason!

    “We” made great decisions. As I have been saying: Trade Fleury & Smith !

    Plus you came up with finally getting rid of Glass, re-signing “Marty”, and keeping our guy Revo!

    I knew you would out-shine your counter part.


    • Blitz

      There you go Doc, pull that shake weight out and get pumped up. Finally got that GM for a day article. And it trades Fleury. Might have to got double hand shake weight.

      Too bad we are out in the first round next year with this line up, but aww shucks.

      • Richard Santomauro

        It will be fun watching the Panda rolling around on his back trying to get up or flopping as he tries to move left-right in net. He’s too slow and has zero agility. Worse, he sucks outside of the paint. His hockey IQ doesn’t even come close to MAF.

  3. Richard Santomauro

    It is now time for Reaves to leave. He has no speed, no shot, and contributes very little. I have no idea why you would include him on your 2021-2022 roster. Makes absolutely no sense. The VGK might as well be playing with 3 lines instead of 4 with Reaves on the ice.

    Sure, it’s nice to see Reaves flatten someone, but I can go see that at The Orleans in AHL games. I am not paying $13000 a year to watch thug hockey.

    You got it wrong on Fleury and Reaves. You’ve totally messed up the goalie situation and the 4th line.

    Grade F

    • sb

      Three years late on moving Reaves. I’ll never understand the ?thinking?. Reaves is a 4th line guy playing against 4th liners. Does Reaves flattening a 4th liner lead to a victory? To a Stanley Cup? What does flattening a 4th liner have to do with winning hockey games? This only looks good to those who really don’t understand what it takes to win hockey games. All of Reaves hits ………… did it lead to a PP goal against Dallas or Montreal? A waste of $1.75 mil against the Cap.

  4. SB

    This is horrific

  5. Rangers are my original team. I’d love if VGK could get Buchnevich but the Rangers are not trading him and a 3rd Rd pick for 1 year of Smith and Carrier.

    • sb

      Absolutely correct. That trade will NEVER happen. What is this writer thinking?

  6. Vic

    Reaves and Holden in the lineup…..end of story for me.

  7. These deals are NOT going to happen the way you’ve outlined them. Neither team would agree to them. First, trading Fleury, the face of the franchise, the Chief Marketing Asset for the past four years is UNTHINKABLE. Relax, we will win the Pacific or come in second and make the playoffs with the team we have today. We don’t need a trade unless we can get a sniper for the PP. Fleury has only one year remaining on his contract and Foley has said he will retire a Golden Knight. Let Walsh piss off everyone in Vegas when he pushes Fleury, now a Vezina winner to sign with another team for more money next off season. We can grab a center then.

    • sb

      OK. But kiss the Stanley Cup good bye for one more year as players get one year older. The window is closing.

  8. Tim

    Jason some of your moves are interesting but it all starts with our #1 center. To keep Stephenson our #1 center every trade after that is bogus. Have you forgot what the Stephenson line did in the Montreal series and to come back with the same line doesn’t work for me. As far as Fleury and Bill Foley it’s simple Bill you want a chance to win a Stanley Cup you trade Fleury if not keep him. Signing Martinez 4.75 I could live with that. I can think of better options then Reeves on the fourth line. I’d rather if they’ve given up on Glass trade him for another under achiever like Nolan Patrick of the Flyers maybe each with a fresh start can become productive. Jason I think the posters beat you up pretty good get me that number one center not names Jack Eichel and your grade moves up to a B+. Try Tomas Hertl if the Sharks can’t trade Kane maybe as much as same division trading does’t usually happen we could snag Hertl.

    • Richard Santomauro

      So, raise your hands. Who believes that Lehner can bring a Stanley Cup to Vegas? Fleury gives this team its best chance for a cup with Logan Thompson backing him up and spotting him during the regular season.

      There is no question about it.

      Lehner – off ice issues
      Lehner – concussion

      Lehner was a bad move went he was brought in. Cut ties now and lets not make it worse.

      Lehner isn’t the guy.

      • Blitz

        I am confident that if Lehner gets the starting role w/ Thompson at number 2, Grimace (Lehner) will either not be the starter at the end of the season or there will be some form of drama where its up for grabs who gets the start come playoff time. Maybe even have to bring someone in at the deadline if Thompson can hang. Lehner can’t beat good teams and frankly other than size and positional stuff he sucks with everything else. Yet everybody wants to talk about him like he is an equal with a f-ing legend in MAF that played one of the best seasons of his career and brick walled for this slow starting team time and time again. Get out of town. Again I am confident that this team and org regrets it if Flower goes else where. And as a fan and semi-professional arm chair GM/scout you can take that to the bank.

        • I am with Blitz. Lehner doesn’t have all of the skill sets a Stanley Cup contender needs. He’s f*cking slow and his play behind the net is horrendous. Sure, MAF made a bad play, but have you seen Lehner “lumber” around outside of the crease? It’s effing disgraceful. His lateral mobility sucks.

          But the worst thing about him is the off ice issues.

          He has to go.

        • Let me put it this way. If Fleury is moved then VGK would be better off starting Logan Thompson and having Lehner back him up.

          Yeah, I just said that.

  9. sb

    Two bloggers and a bunch of commentors ……… not one has brought forward a solution to fixing the PP or raising the level of talent on this team to compete with Tampa. Nothing offerred here brings the Stanley Cup to Las Vegas. All of these suggestions are mere patches to keep a good team reaching the Playoffs one more year. Kerfoot? Kerfoot? A career MINUS player who loses 60% on faceoffs. On the third line with a kid who has never scored a goal in the NHL? Kerfoot? Vegas already has a better center – Janmark – and he’s not getting a new contract from MGT because they realize he’s not the answer, only more wasted cap space. Honestly, I am so relieved that Foley, McPhee and McCrimmon are making the decisions and not what I’m reading here. Nothing in these two articles leads to winning a Stanley Cup.

    • Blitz

      I’ll be honest sb, I think a high end center will help, but we also don’t have more than one sniper and we have crap for dude that will destroy the crease. Petra can’t one-time shot, but is put in a position to fail a lot. Ultimately this team will not improve (or at least drastically improve) until and new PP scheme/coaching is brought in. PETER doesn’t have a good record for PP even before these 2 years w/ VGK. I 100% hope I am wrong, but I think that is how it is. I certainly know this article’s new line up doesn’t fix that.

  10. Daryl

    Oh. boy where to start. I agree VGK needs to get rid of a goalie. I’d rather they get rid of Lehner but MAF wouks probably be easier to move. As far as Reaves, he’s completely useless and needs to go. His recent raise was a complete joke and when every million hurts you, it hurt. Same goes for Holden. I have no idea what made them think his new contract was a smart choice. I really like Smith and think moving him would be a huge mistake.

    More to come….

    • THE hockey GOD

      i think moving lehner is a mistake at this point due to fact that franchise
      would be stuck with a goalie that is too old and a goalie that is too young. I would rather move the old goalie, while he’s worth something. But FO will not do that.

      i agree with the rest of it.

    • knights fan in minny

      daryl what do you think about the wennberg fella have you seen him play still pretty and has good size thats all i know

      • Daryl

        I don’t know much about him nor have I watched him play much. I’ve heard decent things about him

    • Richard Santomauro

      I agree with Daryl. But, unlike everyone else I believe we have the wrong coaching staff, the wrong game mentality. The PP was horrific because it lacked imagination and was mechanical to a fault. That’s on the coaching staff and a lack of focus on it. Granted, we had a compressed schedule and not a lot of practice time. Still, no excuse for it with this many talented forwards. What makes Tampa a great PP team isn’t so much the player but the imaginative way the find ways to open the net with cross ice passing. Bombs from the point and the side boards is about all VGK is able to muster. That’s 100% on coaching. No creativity whatsoever and not much of a focus on it. Talk about how it doesn’t matter all you want, but if VGK scores 1 or even 2 power plays versus Montreal they win that series.

      The problem with the power play is DeBoering and his boring coaching staff.

  11. Rob S.

    “Lighten up, Francis(es)!” This “your article was dead to me after the first (Fleury) trade” is a little over the top, is it not? The entire second paragraph of the article establishes that this is *not* what SinBin thinks the VGK are *going* to do, but what the writer would do. The whole point of the article(s) is to foment discussion.

    So, along those lines, my main comment is that there has been no attempt to fix the PP. Other than landing a true #1 center (which I admit is likely a pipe dream right now), this is the most important fix that needs to be made.

    Personnel-wise, I agree with also shipping Reavo (throw him into the NYR trade?). If we aren’t going to go for a 1C, then play the kids. Have you looked at Pacific Division next year? We could make the playoffs playing the HSK roster. Let’s spend the year figuring out what we have. Finally, let me say it again, you are *not* going to win a Stanley Cup with f-ing McNabb as a first-pair D-man.

    • Richard Santomauro

      Obtaining a single Center isn’t going to fix this team, nor will it bring a Stanley Cup to Vegas. Look, we had a team that basically tied for the President’s Cup. The team went to the semi-finals and likely would have made it to the finals if not for a shitty coaching job and lack of a power play. Acquiring talent from outside the organization isn’t something I am in favor of right now. The FO has been doing that for the past two years. The entire 1st line and the huge Lehner mistake!

      This team needs better coaching, but it also needs to retain the services of Martinez. There are a number of ways to get that done. We have plenty of young talent in the wings. Offload a goalie (my preference is Lehner goes), Reaves, Holden, Janmark, and possibly Mcnabb and/or Holden. Smith is on the bubble just based on his contract situation, better to move him now than have it become an issue after next season. If there is anyway to keep Smith you do it.

      Roy and Kolesar are good 4th line guys. Hague is solid and we have a pair of 6ft 4in defenseman on the Silver Knights to try out. Krebs is likely going the one to give the best offensive boost to this club. I realize everyone is down on Glass but he’s shown some spark at times and may just need more time. I am not against seeing him moved, but I think its premature. Sikura and Brown looked great and also bring a lot of speed.

      Everyone is looking at VGK as if their top 6 sucks. Wow, totally off base on that. You don’t break up the top 6. Getting someone else’s problem and putting him in the top 6? That’s crazy talk.

      3-Tuch-Krebs-Sikura or O’Regan

      *Maybe you switch Karlsson and Stephenson. Obviously if we lose Smith we’re going to likely see Tuch up on line 2.


      * We also have two 6ft 4in Dmen that should definitely get ice time during the season (Dahlstrom & Hayes).

      GOALIES (my choice)

  12. Will

    What about Ryan Craig? He has one job and our PP has always been terrible.

  13. David

    Trading Fluery is a very bad move. If you think Lehner is your Answer you’re not gonna win a lot of games he hasn’t been consistent since he was out with his concussion he’s too big and slow you Gotta keep Fluery bring up Thompson . Trade Lehner eat the 25,000,000 . Trade Smith, Reaves, Hauge, Carrier and even Cody Glass. He hasn’t been right since his two knee surgeries.

  14. THE hockey GOD

    *TRADE: Marc-Andre Fleury + 2022 3rd round pick to Toronto Maple Leafs for center Alex Kerfoot + 2022 2nd round pick and 2023 2nd round pick*

    I do not see either side agreeing to this trade. Getting a no nothing for veteran goalie. And Leafs giving up two no. 2’s I don’t see that happening. To make these deal work they need more than one foot, maybe a couple of feet. And Leafs giving up two no. 2’s for a veteran goalie and getting a no 3 in return? I don’t see it. Sorry. Pass.

    *TRADE Reilly Smith + William Carrier to NY Rangers for Pavel Buchnevich + 2023 3rd round pick*
    First off, Smith isn’t going anywhere. Second Buchnevich is a RUSSIAN he will hate it here, Russians do like Vegas. Vegas does not like RUSSIANS. They are looking to deal him, so why get a player like Smith they would have to protect if I understand the rules correctly. Smith and Pavel are about equal in my opinion. That means Carrier is worth a third round pick ? I don’t think so. Jason is selling too high on this one.

    *TRADE: Cody Glass to New Jersey Devils for a 2021 3rd round pick . I doubt he’s worth a third round pick at this point in his development. Not one from NJ . More like a late fourth round or early fifth round pick.

    Signing no. 23, yes.

    The smartest paragraph is Sean Kuraly C, Boston Bruins
    Pending UFA Sean Kuraly hopes to be back with the Boston Bruins next season.

    “I love Boston. I love the city. I love the fans … I don’t know anywhere else,” Kuraly said on Friday. “This is where I call my home in the NHL.” He added that there haven’t been any contract talks between the two sides yet. Obviously, there is still plenty of time to change that. Kuraly has played all 270 of his NHL games with the Bruins. He had four goals, nine points, 88 shots and 99 hits in 47 games during the 2020-21 campaign.

    I doubt he’s leaving, but for that price he may because he took a hit in contract to stay in Boston. So your price may be a tad high.

  15. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Hey Jason ….. Don’t worry about what the “BS masters” are saying.

    Most all of them have never played hockey, maybe never even skated on ice at all!

    This is main reason many are leaving this place and going elsewhere in about 6 weeks or so!

    The complete ignorance shown by these blowhards and their bloated comments, just gets sickening after a while.

    You at least, put good old common sense into your writeups. Keep up the good work!

    • THE hockey GOD

      oh man “JASON’s BOY” brown nosing it again. Continuing with fortifying his bromance. That post above makes it very clear, it stands on it’s own making the case.

      Are you related to pauly fubar ? Going to start calling you Doc Fubar now. The Fubar twins.

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        For some time now, Hg, you have been running out of steam on your smack! It’s really weak and know one else even cares anymore, about your Jason references!

        I guess you’re just jealous , son. No other way to explain your fascination with me? Unless it’s what I mentioned earlier. You are a “happy” little lad!

        Ha ha ha ha

        • THE hockey GOD

          i will try to up my game, but everyone knows you are the anointed one. I thought the bro mance reference was top of the line.

    • Daryl

      Anyone whose notice how anyone who doesn’t agree with Jason or Doc then is because we don’t know anything about hockey? It’s as if only Doc knows anything about hockey. It’s actually kind of funny…. and sad at the same time

  16. Pam

    Keep MAF. Keep Janmark. Bring Schmidt back. Get rid of Reaves.

  17. Steve

    Those of you who say trade Fleury look back he is the main reason the knights have made the playoffs every year lehner dont have the speed or as flexible as fleury .trade Lehner bring. In thompson. Fleury deserves to retire as a knight .and when he retires they need to retire his number and hang it in the fortress

  18. FG

    The real question is will VGK pull a Haula (who was traded right before his wedding), and trade Reilly Smith right before he captains the VGK softball team against the Raiders next Saturday?

    Here’s a better idea to improve the team. First trade as many pieces as possible to free up cap space. Unfortunately this means Fleury first since he has the highest cap hit. Then Reaves, Carrier, and Holden can all go. Resign Martinez.

    Then only acquire captains. Landeskog wants to come. Sign him for 7 years at $7 million. Then trade for Shea Weber and put him on LTIR. Since VGK can go over the cap, trade for Stamkos. Boom first line center and the PP is much better. At the deadline of course this year trade for Getzlaf. Cup in 5 and 6!

  19. Mike StG

    Couple of interesting and hopeful developments:

    1) NJD may be considering Lehner as an option in goal with Blackwood. If so, I’d love to see Zacha (C/LW) or Bratt (LW) as a return. Either would be a great, young add to L3. Both are in the +40 pt range (assuming an 82g season).

    2) I count somewhere between 12-14 quality UFA defensemen available this offseason. Given that number keeps growing it bodes well for hopes of re-signing Marty. Hopefully term isn’t a sticking point, as I doubt that VGK would offer more than 2 years. In the last 2 days, Suter, Yandle, and Edler added to the list of available UFAs.

    As far as Jason’s GM moves, all I can say is I’m glad GMKM are in charge. 🙂

    • THE hockey GOD

      yeah mike stg

      i saw the same thing about D Men being available and posted as much. I agree with rest.

  20. ulf

    I’ve gotta say I love Ken, but this is a much better and more realistic set of deals for VGK to make, for the most part.
    Still doesn’t solve the problem of a true 1C and that’s going to be the major problem, but the lines you set out with Stephenson on L2 with a rapidly ageing Patches is the more likely scenario.
    Also a decent price for Martinez who I do think would rather stay a VGK.

    I think there are serious questions about who’s coming up in the VGK pipeline (absolutely no top prospects), so unless McP swings for the fences on a big deal, mortgaging the future in order to get it done, I think we’re heading for a Nashville situation – always looking good and on the cusp, but eventually heading for a rebuild.

    • Krebs was a 1st rounder, 17th pick in the draft. Come on man. Let’s stop shopping for other teams problems. At some point you start building your team with your picks. We haven’t learned the Suzuki lesson? And who knows what could have been with Gusev?

      • Mike StG

        Richard, I like Krebs a lot. I could see him eventually being 2C or possibly 1C in a few years. Yes he went #17, but he was originally projected to be in the 5-7 spot. The ONLY reason he fell to #17 was the skate blade cut to his Achilles in one of the late season games he played.

        Achilles injury sounds scary, but the more typical Achilles injury is a tear in the tendon from constant stress over time. So it’s usually associated with older players, often hoops – think Klay Thompson or Kawhi Leonard. In Peyton’s case the tendon was cut by the skate blade of another player. Vegas did their medical due diligence and felt the injury wouldn’t present a long term or recurring problem for Krebs. I think he’s elite and will be a big top 6 contributor in the future.

      • ulf

        Oh I agree, we should have not been teased by the first season and shipped away young talent at all to try and buy a Cup in 6 years. Patient collection of picks and TOP prospects (not the ones VGK currently has) is a much better path to ongoing success.
        Now the team is loaded with high priced players that have been bet on as the ones to take the team to the holy grail. But just looking at a few of their playoff histories will show this is the wrong group.
        The misfit line is fine but no more than a line 2. Patches should also be on line 2, he’s old and historically is not a fantastic playoff performer (2 exception years). Stephenson is a L3 shutdown center on most other playoff teams. Etc. etc.
        No one of note in the pipeline. So The Owner has committed to buying a couple of other hands or his promise of 6 years won’t happen.
        Either way unfortunately there will be a needed dry spell soon, but at least they’ll start collecting good young players instead of middling young players.

    • We have two very good quality centers already in Stephenson and Karlsson. Both of them are top 1C in my book.

      • Daryl

        Sry, I disagree Richard. I think are decent Centers but neither are #1 Centers, at least not on almost any other team. Also, neither are very good at QBing the PP

        • ulf

          agreed, Stephenson and Karlsson are supplemental parts, not the driving engines a true champion needs.

          • Richard Santomauro

            There are no better options available statistically unless you are looking for a 3rd or 4th liner. Stephenson and Karlsson will be the #1 and #2 centers for Vegas next year barring an injury.

    • DOC (Go Knights Go)

      You’re right ulf.

      Jason puts more thought and time into his thoughts, unlike others here!

      • Daryl

        Doc has THG syndrome

        • THE hockey GOD

          WTH is THG syndrome ? I am not related to Jason, like Duck is, I mean Doc. There is an obvious connection there, nefarious or not.

          • Daryl

            LOL… The reference was more about the name itself, as in he k ows everything and nobody else knows anything

  21. Neal

    What a nut job….trade a # 6 1st round draft pick who’s really not got a fair look in the NHL for a 3rd round draft pick.

  22. I love that on the podcast is just complaining about this dudes choices. The whole article was a joke and does nothing for anyone. Worst take and I’ve heard tons. I’ve listened to the posdcast 2 times, once during the bubble and then another time before the post season. Both times it was one dude constantly complaining about the team and knocking the other dude for his insights on the club and or any thoughts he might have. One guy is annoying and a complete KIA and the other one is just unlucky to have to work with those conditions. I can think of 3 other VGK podcast right off the top that have better content and aren’t such a struggle to make it through the entire show. Dude with the good attitude, good luck and keep that positive mindset in such a condescending work environment.

    • THE hockey GOD

      one dude is always interrupting the “other” dude, and spinning off into space making outlandish comments. I think there is an ADD issue there. Something the old timer can related to.

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