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George McPhee Likes “The Threat Of A Fight” In His Lineup

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

When the Golden Knights came out of the Expansion Draft, George McPhee liked the roster. He said they had lots of speed, plenty of scoring, depth on defense, and a great goaltender. But there was one thing missing in his mind, something he went out and fixed at the trade deadline in 2018.

Vegas acquired Ryan Reaves (essentially for free), immediately placed him in the lineup, re-signed him to an overpaid deal in July 2018, and he’s been a mainstay in the lineup ever since.

Speaking to Pierre McGuire in an interview on NBC Sports’ new podcast “Our Line Starts,” McPhee explained why he likes having a player like Reaves on his roster.

I think we all enjoy where the game is right now. I don’t care if I ever see another fight again but I like having the threat of a fight in the game to keep people honest. -George McPhee to Our Line Starts Podcast

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Reaves has been in three fights in his 104 games with the Golden Knights.

However, the Golden Knights as a team have been in just 11 fights in 144 games since acquiring Reaves, where they were in 11 in 70 games prior to his arrival.

It keeps people honest in this game and can sometimes keep the temperature down when you need to keep it down because we’re carrying sticks and it’s a physical game. -McPhee

Gallant took Reaves out of the lineup a bit in the playoffs the first season, but aside from that, he’s been a constant. Hearing this from the GM (or whatever he actually is now) and knowing the head coach’s affinity for big #75, that will probably continue for as long as he’s able to go.




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  1. the ulimate Hockey God

    I would rather have the threat of players scoring four goals in three minutes, especially against teams that don’t have any goons on them

  2. Mark

    Goon? Ok, I get that. Reaves is more than just a goon, same with Carrier. Carrier can flat out skate and is a blur, speed on speed. Reaves keeps everyone honest, ask Wilson, that headhunter. When Marchy got clocked by Wilson, then Ovechkin clocked Nosek, well Reaves evened the score. Thank Ovechkin for Wilson getting his ass handed to him last year. Some Captain he is. What team could ever contend for the Cup while getting intimidated? Name one? The Charlestown Chiefs had Dave “Killer” Karlsson and The Hanson Bros. We got Reaves and Carrier, with one big difference, our guys aren’t acting.

  3. Don

    I’ve been saying that about Reeves for a minute in mcphee both come from that old grit and grind days of hockey they like having the big man fighter the enforcer they will keep a guy like Reeves that also explains why England still around also England has had an OK season 5 blocked shots maybe 6 couple mistakes Not that bata play but not that great

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