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Gear Up For A Lot Of Shea

From here on out the games matter, and once the 1st round starts, the games really matter. For Pete DeBoer, when the games matter, he rides his best players much more than Gerard Gallant did.

Last year, in the series between the Sharks and Golden Knights, in all but one game of the series a Shark led in TOI. Most games, multiple Sharks did.

Game 1
Burns – 28:25
E. Karlsson – 26:25
Theodore – 24:00

Game 2
E. Karlsson – 29:08
Burns – 28:36
Pavelski – 25:35
McNabb – 25:10

Game 3
Burns – 25:10
Braun – 22:34
E. Karlsson – 20:54
Engelland – 20:11

Game 4
Schmidt – 23:39
Burns 23:16

Game 5
Burns – 26:10
Vlasic – 23:43
E. Karlsson – 22:20
Hertl – 21:14
Pavelski – 20:59
Couture – 20:27
Dillon – 20:25
Theodore – 20:03

Game 6
Burns – 42:04
Vlasic – 37:14
E. Karlsson – 36:40
Braun – 36:12
McNabb – 35:34

Game 7
Burns – 39:37
E. Karlsson – 33:46
Hertl – 30:22
Kane – 29:30
Stone – 28:53

Game 4, where Vegas won 5-0, is the only game in which a Golden Knight led the game in TOI. In Games 2, 5, 7, there was a Sharks forward with more time than any Golden Knight.

This continued throughout the playoffs for DeBoer and he’s expected to do the same with his top guys now that he’s in Vegas. Which means get ready to see a lot of Shea Theodore.

It’s going to be interesting what happens with the lines and the D-pairings and what guys are relied on for, but it’s going to be fun. -Shea Theodore

In DeBoer’s 2nd game behind the bench for the Golden Knights, Theodore racked up 28:43, the most he’d ever played in a regular-season game in his career, and the most by any Golden Knight this season. In DeBoer’s 23 games with Vegas, he played Theodore an average of 23:16. Under Gallant, Theodore reached that number just 11 times in 49 games and his average was 21:47.

When you are out there and playing is all you are thinking about I feel like sometimes you can go forever. It doesn’t hit you until a couple hours after when you really start to feel it. -Theodore

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Theodore’s role at 5-on-5 with Alec Martinez appears to be increasing. He’s the lone defenseman on the Golden Knights’ top unit. He was being used as a penalty killer in many drills during camp. And if the Golden Knights are ever behind, Theodore is unequivocally the best offensive defenseman to help the team level the game.

Add it all up, and Theodore’s career ATOI of 20:41 in the playoffs is likely to jump by about 25%.

No Golden Knight has ever eclipsed the 38-minute mark in a game. Knowing DeBoer’s history and Theodore’s elevated role on this team, Shea will probably topple that number multiple times.




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  1. A VGK Fan

    About last night’s game, I hope y’all see why I suggested Reilly Smith would be the Captain for the teams…absolutely the hardest worker on the ice every single time. No talk, all walk. I would say he is neck and neck to Stone as the most complete player on the squad, plus he has the speed the Stone doesn’t have. Karlsson was looking good with Smith, it’s like they didn’t miss a beat after 5 months

    • Nickatknightime

      Agree. Reilly Smith for Captain. OG. Will be the only original “A” on the team when Engelland is done. He would be a lead by example Captain like Toews.

    • Amen – someone else who appreciates what Smith brings to the Knights. He is go go go all the time.

  2. Julie

    Ken, can you help me understand Stone and 9.5m? I don’t recall much he did before getting injured. I have been researching his time in Ottawa. But I hear how great he is but I don’t know….what am I missing?

    • He’s the best player on the team, and it’s not even all that close IMO. He’s nearly a point per game player, he’s the best passer on the team, he has the best stick on the team (meaning his ability to steal pucks), and he’s one of the best defensive forwards in the league. I actually think $9.5 mil might be a steal for him.

      Next game (or if you can go back and watch a previous one), focus really closely on just him. You’ll see him make a ton of plays you may not have even noticed happened. Most of the time, when he’s on the ice, something good is going to happen.

      • Julie

        Ok thanks! Will do. Btw, I know it was an exhibition game yesterday, but I was sooo happy to see VGK play and glad they won. And I liked Reilly in the interview afterwards with Fleury when Fleury answered a question in French and Reilly said “good answer”.

      • Nickatknightime

        A lot of what Mark Stone does is subtle. Little moves to put someone out of position or take the puck away. High hockey IQ, great passer, pretty good shooter. Lead the league in takeaways. Him not being a Selke finalist is a crime.

  3. Doktor Hockey

    Smith might be a good pick for captain, if; A) – He was signed for more than two years … B) – We didn’t have Stone!

  4. Tim

    Riley Smith I’ll get on the bandwagon not a bad choice. Theodore seems to be coming into his own. Our defense is swarming but offense is a long way from Stanley Cup contention. It’s amazing how one guy can screwup your lines if Patch settles in with Stone and Wild Bill that frees Stephenson up to be on the third line and Cousins on the forth line with Nosek as a great depth player. I just think we lose a lot of our sizzle with Patch out.

  5. Doktor Hockey

    Other than losing both goalies or something odd like that, this team CAN win the cup with #67 out. BUT, it’s going to be a LOT tougher without him, a lot!!!!!

  6. phill elenko

    Love Riley a force for sure but Stone seems to have a bit more impact , The puck is always heading the right direction strongest two way player.on the ice He can play in traffic and he makes things happen out there , watched him play injured the last 3-4 games and he wasn’t himself but still ground it out hope he is ready to go , I would be interested to know what someone from the inside thinks of the leadership skills between the two ,Hard to assess from the bleachers, if Stone checks that box and i suspect he does im all in on Stone

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