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Gallant Says Schmidt And Theodore Play Best On Right Side; Where’s That Leave Coghlan And Whitecloud?

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

When the Golden Knights traded Colin Miller it appeared to leave a massive void in right-handed defensemen. With Miller in Buffalo, it left the Golden Knights with just one right-handed defenseman on the NHL roster, Deryk Engelland. Nate Schmidt, Shea Theodore, Brayden McNabb, Jon Merrill, and Nick Holden all shoot with their left hand.

However, that’s not to say the Golden Knights don’t have players who can play on the right side. In fact, Gerard Gallant confirmed a pair of them he likes on that side.

From what I remember (Schmidt) played real good on the right side last year so that’s where he’s going to play again this year. When he plays good over there that’s where you want him to play, where he plays his best hockey, similar to Shea Theodore. -Gallant

He did leave a bit of room for leeway though.

But I’m not saying they can’t play the left side in some situations. Just in case that happens I don’t want you to come back to me and say “why are you playing him over there?” It changes, but they both play well on their off-side. -Gallant

Here’s where things get tricky. The two best rookie defenseman through two weeks of camp have been Dylan Coghlan and Zach Whitecloud. Both are right-handed and both play primarily on the right side.

Last year, Engelland played 72 of 72 games on the right. Schmidt played 40 of his 62 on the right while Theodore played just 21 of his 80. But, late in the year, Gallant made the switch pairing Theodore with McNabb and Schmidt with Engelland swapping Nate and Shea. His comments on Monday indicated that he likes both on that side, leaving just three left-side spots available.

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Then came Tuesday, just one day after the press conference praising Schmidt and Theodore’s ability to play on the right, and the lineup showed Schmidt on the left alongside Coghlan. The pair played well together tallying a 67% shot share as well as taking four total shots between them.

Nic Hague’s first preseason game saw him score a goal and rally back for an excellent poke check on a breakaway. It was certainly his best game of the four (including the three in Irvine), but if it were up to me, he’s still not quite up to NHL speed yet. Hauge played on the left with newcomer Brett Lernout. Bischoff and Schuldt have also played their games on the left, but neither has done much to stake claim to that spot.

We know a rookie has to make the roster, but did Gallant tip his hand that the plan may not be to put one in the lineup straight away? With Schmidt, Theodore, and Engelland locked into the right side and the left-handed rookies failing to knock the door down, the opening night job might be headed right back to Nick Holden (who was better on the left than right last year).

There are still three preseason games left before Gallant wants his lineup to be set (and five total remaining), so the righties, Coghlan and Whitecloud, have time to continue making their case, but the strong message towards Schmidt and Theodore playing on the right makes it seem like the decision has already been made.

Potential lineup with Schmidt AND Theodore on Right


Potential lineup with Schmidt OR Theodore on Right




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  1. Stan Kovaleski

    There is no one slower than Engelland and if he plays a lot I think we are in trouble. Younger, faster players were blowing around him last year. Nice guy but winning the cup will be difficult unless he has his best year ever playing with us. As one sports writer put it last year, when he was paired with Schmidt, Nate had to play back more than normal to cover for his slowness. This also took away from Nate’s aggressive style.

  2. Chris stacey

    Not a fan of the style that Engelland seemed to use more often last year. He is not a goalie… quit trying to be a primary shot blocker and screening the goalie. Is the lack of speed to get to the puck creating this? Just an observation.

  3. Mike StG

    Agree with Stan. Engelland can be last pair or 7th man. Shouldn’t be 1st or 2nd pair, he can’t keep up with the speedy Top 6 forwards of your average opponent. Last year with Nate he would play nearly at center ice trying to compensate. Playing Nate & Theo on right works better if Schuldt or Hague make team. If Coghlan or Whitecloud make team they should split time with Deryk in last pairing.

  4. DOC

    Everyone loves Engelland, going back to his heartfelt speech on opening night in 2017 after 1 Oct. I felt perhaps he would be a great fit as an assistant coach, working with the defense. Maybe even also as an “emergency” or 7th or 8th defenseman if needed. This would allow him to stay with the team, which most would like to see.

  5. joe

    Schmidt should be back with McNabb, just like in cup season 1, as they are the shutdown pair to play vs the opposing team’s top line. Then Theodore can do his offensive thing vs the opposing 2nd line players.

    Engelland was a 3rd pair guy even in Calgary, and that is where he belongs.

    the team needs a PP point man with Miller gone, so I expect Coghlan or Hague to get a spot, with Holden as the 7th guy.

  6. broon

    Just me, but I keep thinking Holden will be traded or waivers before season start, freeing up another spot. Then its Schuldt to replace full time and then Hague/ Coghlan/Whitecloud as a PT slot.
    Engelland stays as this is his final year.
    Digging the way camp is rolling so far, I pray no injuries happen, fingers crossed.

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