Since I’m all about fan connection, let’s bring up Calgary Defenseman Deryk Engelland. Our friends at left Engelland off of the Flames protected list in The Sin Bin Mock Expansion Draft. Meaning there’s a strong chance the Flames will do the same when the time comes, making him available if the Las Vegas franchise wants him.

Engelland played two split seasons here in town for the Wranglers from 2003-05. Sure it’s not much but chances are he knows Terrible Herbst, the Golden Steer and those non-stop Glen Lerner ads. Heck, he may even know Frank Sinatra Way, for the quickest ride to the arena.

I’m looking at Engelland to be that trusty old veteran, a locker room guy. One that can show his teammates around town, where to eat, suggestions where to live. As well as show them how to play in the NHL.

Engelland won’t be demanding much based off his average year and his age. In fact it would likely be a short term, low cash contract. Signing with Las Vegas could make him a fan favorite, and probably a leading candidate to be the team ambassador.

The Creator will have to make decisions on veteran skaters, and defenseman are certainly very important to begin with. It makes hockey sense to sign Engelland to a short contract. Oh, and maybe give him a little extra cash, he’s gonna deserve it for all the autographs he’ll sign for fans at Pierro’s, Del Friscos or even (spot reserved for local establishment wishing to advertise on