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It was a tough day in VGK land as every one of the six free agents walked out the door and the team added only a backup goalie.


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  1. Kathy Mitchell

    How much longer is Lehner under. contract and is there any chance he will play again?

  2. ThG

    really,? lots of whining here and conjecture, no one promised anyone a rose garden, if they sign these players they lose other players, it’s fault of NHL SAL CAP system

    who’s in / who’s out:
    Marchy out, Brisson in–marchy blew it in game 7
    Stephenson out, Hertyl in
    Thompson out, Samsanov in (thompson had big holes in his game)
    Marty out, Kayden K in (Marty slowed down a lot)
    Amadio out, Doro in
    Carrier out, Holtz in (carrier injured all the time)
    Patera out, Symth in
    hannifin in, who is out ?

    Have some space to sign another forward

  3. Donald J Trump

    you left out fact that Marchy waited until day before the draft, didn’t accept the deal on the table, got a better offer elsewhere. If he really wanted to stay he could have taken the deal and not waited. Based upon Daryl Engelland staying with the organization, it is unfair to say that he could have stayed. He smelled the money, and knew he could make more elsewhere. Plus he bashes the organization for his own actions. It’s not a one way door.

    Is it any wonder these other NHL players are bolting to Smashville, Tn ? Another state with no state income tax ?! They are all giving themselves a big raise by doing so. It’s all about the money for these players. They recognize a good deal when they see it.

    If a few years, VGK will be in this position too when all big $$ contracts expire. It’s a process.

    • Frank

      Only problem is this. I thought we’d offer at least what Nashville did. Seems cheap. yes, age is a factor…. but the AAV was not life ending (especially if you consider that the salary cap will go up each year). We had the space to sign him. The other five…. well I think we all knew those guys were goners. Can’t fathom the deal Stephenson got in Seattle. Think they overpaid by a large margin. Marchy, conversely, was a steal by the preds. We let him go for a song. Good for the other guys (Amadio, Martinez, Cotter, Thompson, Carrier et al) getting some decent contracts. Hope all our former VGKers do well. The Marchessault deal is one that stings. At the end of the day though, it’s a business and I’ll stick with the owner/GM who brought us incredible success in only our first few years.

      • ThG

        you never know, the VGK seem to have a “knack” for letting players go
        and then majority of them don’t do much. Examples: Smith, Schmidt (88),
        MAF, among others that I can’t think of now.

        Their metrics must show some tailing off, or these guys just got their just reward deals. Also, there is the jinx factor. Players often under perform (in many sports) the next year after signing their massive contracts.

        • Vic

          Agree. Have to know when to hold and when to fold. It’s a business as most people understand. Players do what is best for them, and sometimes it means millions of dollars. Not shedding any tears.

        • Frank

          I agree, we have had impeccable timing thus far on letting players go, and then picking up some gems (who overperform) to replace them. MAF is a great example. Schmidt and Smith are others who left and didn’t have near the success without us….. Time will tell. Hard to see a guy go that was the heart of the team….. since day F*cking one. But as everyone has astutely pointed out…. it’s a business.

  4. Ken Hates The Front Office

    Good Lord…. Ken’s hatred of KMGM and GMGM on full display in this pod. Honestly approaching the realm of delusion.

    I applaud the FO for avoiding ALL of the deals that the departing players got, with the possible exception of Amadio; Amadio might have stayed for $2.2-$2.4M/year (instead of the $3.3M or so he was projected to. get).

    I think the FO largely nailed it considering what they had to work with. They turned Cotter and LT into a 7th overall pick in Holtz, Schmid who’s had success in the NHL and postseason, a good looking Russian goalie in the draft, and a 3rd round pick next year.

  5. JB

    Just very sad Marchy is gone but this happens. We will pick up the pieces and go on! He and Butch never saw eye to eye.

  6. Michael Shevlane

    In KM’s words:

    “In the case of Marshy, it was really important for him to get the term of five years, that wasn’t something that we were comfortable with and quite frankly the data doesn’t support (it),” McCrimmon said. “He’s going to be 38 years old in that final season — and Marshy can (contribute offensively), because he’s proved people wrong his whole career — but it wasn’t a position we were comfortable with, the five-year term. That’s where it got to, and we couldn’t bridge that gap. He moves on, we wish him well.”

  7. Emmanuel

    Victor Olofsson signed by VGK? Dont see a confirmation.

    Also newest rumor, Theo & WK for Marner, Utah also in play.

    • ThG

      that is about 1 mm cap hit on VO, had terrible season last year.

  8. vgk21

    unfortunately, Vgk roster is now saddled with several one dimensional types who do not play physical hockey, do not carry the puck very much, are weak defensively with big minus records, and are known mainly for one timer shots that depend heavily on the passer to create the opportunity for them. They are perimeter plyers who do not crash the net or create traffic for the goalie.

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