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Former Wynn, Sands Exec Hired As Senior VP And Chief Marketing Officer

Remember what we were saying last week about there being a noticeable lack of Las Vegas locals on the staff of the Las Vegas hockey organization?

Well, it appears we’ve done it again. It’s another episode of Predicts The Future. (On our last episode: SinBin claims staff is too old, days later 25-year old scout hired)

A press release was just sent out announcing the hiring of Nehme Abouzeid (we’ll figure out how to actually say that later), as a Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for the Las Vegas Something Knights.

Abouzeid was most recently the Executive Director of Brand Marketing, Advertising, and Entertainment Marketing for Wynn Las Vegas. Prior to that he spent nine years with Las Vegas Sands Corporation.

Let me put it more bluntly for those who missed my point of the bold words in the last paragraph. Dude is from Las Vegas.

But wait, check this out.

Known as a creative marketer and versatile executive who excels at maximizing revenue across the integrated hospitality enterprise, he has been named to the “Top 40 Under 40” lists of Global Gaming Business Magazine and Vegas Inc., the city’s top business journal. -Press Release

Dude’s also brilliant, which is nice.

He has an extensive knowledge of the sports industry, a wealth of experience marketing a world-class brand and, as a long-time Las Vegas resident, he knows our city and our community. This is definitely a combination that will support the long-term success of our franchise. -Kerry Bubolz, Las Vegas Hockey President

Catch that part in the middle?

I feel like a kid on Christmas. I rolled out of bed, looked inside my stocking, and found exactly what was on my list… a Nehme Abouzeid! There is a Santa!

What should we ask for next? Maybe a team name!?!

All joking/back patting/bragging/pumping up our ego/dominating the Vegas hockey blogging game, aside, Abouzeid truly does appear to be an absolutely brilliant hire. He’s a guy that knows Las Vegas, knows how to market to locals and tourists alike, and truly understands what it takes to be noticed, and stay noticed, on the Las Vegas Strip. We’re pumped to see what he has in store for this organization.

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  1. DaveVegasNews

    Great news on his hiring.

    Curious Ken, maybe it is just me but do we think the 22nd will even happen at this point? Will we get a sudden but weak marketing attempt at it days before, feeling like 22nd wont happen, jmo.

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